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Lip Reading.
Cotfam, Harry, 99 Henderson
Neustadt, Louis, 19 Brougham
Parow, Lina E., 108 George st,
Picard, Mdlle. R., 24 Shandwicl<
Pougnet, J., 17 Melville terrace t-. t -u m iir n- ,
Pyrolle, Mdlle. J.. 40 Shand-I P"'^,"'/"!'."' ^^ ^„'^l'?SV°" '*
wick place
Thiems, Daniel, Ph.D., D.D.,
119 Warrender Park road
Vincart, Mdlle., 2 George street
Wilmot, G. Bernard, B.A., 103
Nevvinci-ton road
Zoblinsky, Mnae. {nca Eisner),
8 Merchiston terrace
C^ill, Miss Keid, 64 Inverkith
Bucherer, Dr C. W., 79 Lothian
Canrobert, Henri, 11 Leopold
Edelmann, Miss, 1^ Pitt street
(Edinburgh School of Foveigi
Tongues), 3 Coates crescent.
See Adv.
LATOUR, LOUIS (Edinburgli
School of Foreign Tongues),
3 Coates crescent. See Adv.
Liebscher, Miss, 47 E.London st,
Macleod, R. A. , 37 Chambers st,
Meister, Mdlle. Charlotte, i
Frederick st. and 12 Gillespie
Neustadt, Louis, 19 Brougham
Parow, LinaE., 108 George st.
Pryde, James, M.A., 2 West
Newington place
Thiems, 'Daniel, Ph.D., D.D.,
119 Warrender Park road
Zoblinsky, Mme. {nee Eisner),
8 Merchiston terrace
Gordon, M. E., 23 St. James
square and 16 Chapel street
Grant, J. Francis, 130 George st.
Mathewson, Miss Kate, 98 Mont-
gomery street
Murray, Misses, 13 Thirlestauc
Porter, J. Gordon, 61 Lothian
Italian and Spanish.
Albeggiani, Signorina, 3 Leam-
ington terrace
Canrobert, Henri, 11 Leopold
place (Italian)
Gamgee , Miss, 9 Rothesay place, j
(Italian) j
(Edinburgh School of Foreign
Tongues), 3 Coates crescent.
See Adv.
Finlaison, John, 21 Jeffrey st.
Mackay, J. S., 69 Northumber-
land street
M'Kean, James, 9 Hailes street
Macleod, R. A., 37 Chambers st.
Miller, Rev. Robt., M.A., Aun-
ville, Canaan lane
Prj'de, James, M.A., 2 W. New-
ington place
Robertson. Alex., M.A., 30 Si
Andrew square
Skerry, G. E. , F. R. G. S. , Literary
Institute, 26 S. Clerk street
Thiems, Daniel, Ph.D., D. D.
119 Warrender Park road
Thomson, A. B., M.A., 22
Lauriston place
Young, D. C. , 4 Baxter's place
See Adv. Index
Teachers of the Mandoline,
Organ, Pianoforte, Violin,
and Singing, are given under
their respective headings.
Anderson, J. S., 46 Gt. King st.
Ashton, A. T. Lee, 3 Merchiston
Bank gardens
Bain, J. (clarionet), 22 Forrest
Barton, James, 28 Gayfield sq
Begbie, Alex. S. (violoncello),
4 E. Newington place
Begbie, Mrs. A. Sherwood (harp).
4 E. Newington place
Beretta V. (flute), 7 Maryfield
Bernini, Enrico (clarionet), 24
Barony st.
Chatham, Johanna, L.R. A. JI..
Jelly, Miss Adelina H. (Heriot! ^ 1^. Goldenacre teiTace
mtt College), 7 Montpelieri^°^^":'.J°\^ ^^;' ' /^"imnrepl.
park (Spanish)
L.VTOUR, LOUIS (Edinburgh
School of Foreign Tongues),
G Coates crescent. See Adv.
Clapperton, Miss Mary E., 72
Thirlestane road
Crombie, Henry J. C, 5 Tor
phichen street
Crosbie, F. M., 16 Royston ter.
Dace, A. W., 122 George street
Dick, Mrs Jas., 22 Millerfieldpl.
Drover, W. S. (violoncello), 11
Gilmore place
Duff, Miss Jane, 15 Strathcarn
Dunn, James B., 10 Lauriston
Dunn, Jn. (guitai-), 22 Welling-
ton street
Fotheringham, Miss E., 5 Archi-
bald place
Geddes, Miss G. R., 3 Mont-
gomery street
Godfrey, Gavin, 32 Polwarth ter.
Gordon, E. 0., & Co., 23 St
James' square
Gordon, M. E. (guitar), 23 St
James' sq. and 16 Chapel st.
Grant, Jliss Louisa H., 60 L'astlo
Greig, C, 122 George street
Grieve, John C. (harmonium),
4 Middleby st.
Hardie, Jas., 117 Kicolson st.
Holder, Frank, .'') Broughton ]■].
Jelly, Miss Adeline M., 7 .Mont-
pelier park
Johnston, Miss Agnes, Mi-s. Bac.
Edin., 1 Osborne terrace and
10 South Charlotte street
Jupp, A. Scott, 111 Lothian rd.
Jupp, Andrew, 3.5 Loitli street
Laubach, F. (viola) 26 Dublin
Liebscher, Miss, 47 E. London
stret t
Lnmsdcn, James Craig, 7 East
Preston street
Martin, John (harmonium), 30
Newliaven road
Miller, J. Dodds, 68 Lauriston
Mitchell, Francis W,, L.Mus ,
15 Levcn terrace
Moncur, Mrs, 30 Forth street
Peterson, F., 36 Chalmeis street
Robertson, John, Mus.Bac.
Cantab. (St John's Coll.),
42 Fountainhall road
Ross, William Baird, Mus. Bac,
23 Royal crescent
Sandeman, Miss M. (guitar), 5
Poval crescent
Shedden, W. (flute), 4 Portland
Smith, W. (harmonium), 13
Roseneath terrace
Smith, Helen Lyon, 3 Warrender
park terrace
Sneddon, J., Mus. Bac. (Cantab.),
37 Sciennes road
Stewart, Andrew V., 20 Warcl-
law street
Stewart, G. Walson, 3 Harrison
U. S. Guitar Zither Co., 100
George street
Waddie, Miss F. (violoncello),
103 Trinity road
Watson, Edgar, 14 Brunton pi.
Wilson, Wm., 72 Morningside
Wilson, Miss Margaret, 7 Mel-
gund terrace

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