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The Winter Session opens, in the Faculties of Arts, Science, Law, and Medicine, on IGth- October, in
the Faculty of Music on 15th October, in the Faculty of Divinity on 23. d Octnber, and closes in the end
of March; the Summer Session (1901) opens on 1st May, and closes iu the middle of July.- The General
Council holds statutory meetings on the first Wednesday in May, and on the last Friday in
October. These meetings may be adjourned, and special meetings may also be held. The number of
Matriculated Students for Academic Year 1898-99 was 2816; and the number of Members of General
Council on the Eegister for 1900 is 8667. The number of degrees conferred in the year from 1st
May 1899 to 1st May 1900, after examination, was 431,— viz., in Arts, 112 (D.Phil. 2; M.A. 110): in
Science, 30 (D.Sc, 5; B.Sc. 25): in Divinity (B.D.), 3 : in Law. 8 (LL.B., 7 : B.L., 1): in Medicine and
Surgery, 278 (M.D., 73; M.B., CM., 28; M.B., Ch.B., 178): Schoolmasters'' Diploma, 13.
Chancellor, . The Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour, M.P.,
D.C.L., LL.D.,
fice- Chancellor, Sir William Muir, K G.S.T., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D.,
Rector, . . The Most Hon. the Marquess of Dufferin and Ava,
G.C.S.L, D.O.L., LL.D., etc
Principal, . Sir William Muir, K.O.S.I., D.G.L., LL.D., Ph.D.,
Par. Representative, Sir John Batty Tuke, M.P., M.D.
President — The Rector, ex officio.
The Principal, ex officio,
The Lord Provost of Edinburgh, ex officio,
f ^DGMs J. G. Mackay, LL.D., Advocate,
David Duudas, Q.C.,
Andrew Mitchell, Advocate, .
Patrick Heron W.atson, M.D., LL.D.,
J. Hope Finlay, W.S., .
Assessors, . \ A. Taylor Innes, M.A., Advocate, .
Josepti Bell, M.D.
Professor Sir William Turner, M.B., D.C.L., LL.D
Professor Crum Brown. M D., D.Sc.
Professor S. 11. Butcher, LL.D.,
l_ Professor S. S. Laurie, LL.D.,
Secretary — Professor Taylor, D.D. Clerk — Thomas Gilbert.
Elected. Electors.
1891 General Council.
1885 Chancellor.
1899 Matriculated Students.
1885 Curators.
1900 General Council.
1891 Chancellor.
1900 Rector.
1897 Town Council.
J gog/ General- Council.
jgnj !>Senatus Academicus.
Assistant Clerk — James Dowie.
Secretary's Clerk — George Campbell,
Principal Sir William Muir,
Right Hon. Lord Robertson, LL.D., Lord of Appeal, .
Patrick Heron Watson, iVi.D., LL.D., ....
Rinht Hon. Mitchell Thomson, Lord Provost
Sir James Alexander Russell, LL.D., ....
Lieut.-Ool. Alexander Forbes Mackay, ....
G. Auldjo Jamieson, C.A.,
Secretary — R. Herbert Johnston, W.S.
President — The Principal. Secretary — Professor Sir Ludovic J. Grant, Bart., B.A
Faculty of Aets— Deaw, Professor Chrystal, LL.D.
Founded. Professors. Appointed. Patrons.
1887 University Court.
1896 University Court.
1891 University Court.
1898 Town Council.
1891 Town Council.
1898 Town Council.
1892 -Town Council.
Rhetoric and
Literature, .
^ Humanity,
English 1 ,„c.c, (Geo. Saintsbury, M.A., > ,„nc ^
^ !> 1/60 «! T T r\ ■' ' > 1895 Crown,
|Lords of Session, Curators, Fa-
1 LL.D.
1583 Wm. Ross Hardie, M.A.,
Hebrew and Semitic Lan
1583 {^TL.D.,iirt'D.,^''^°^.'''} 1882 Curators
'^-} 1642 {^^^5>^;^^.g-/- "^^^^«dy,| jggg ^^^^^^^
^PhSfo|y?.°°'"^'''*!^'}l862 Julius Eggeling, Ph,D.,' 1876 Crown.
Celtic Languages, Lit-"j
erature. History, and S.1882
Antiquities, . _. j
1895 ■< culty of Advocates, Society of
( Writers to the Signet
Natural Philosophy,
Logic and Metaphysics,
Moral Philosophy,
Donald Mackinnon, M.A., 1882 Curators.
1583 George Chrystal, LL.D., 1879 Curators.
1^83 I^d'sc?^^"' ^*"' ^^"^"l- IS^*^ Curators.
1 f^fiQ i^i^^i'sw Seth Pringle-i ., oQi p, ,
l^^^i PattisoD, LL.D., I 1891 Curators.
1583 James Seth, M.A., . 1898 Curators.

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