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Strathern & Blair, W.S.
South Charlotte street
Stuart & Stuart, W.S..
Frederick street
Sturrock & Sturrock, S.S.C,
34 Castle street
Swanson, St. Clair, k Manson,
W.S., 10 St. Andrew square
Tait & Crichton, W.S., 41
Northumberland street
Tait & Johnston, S.S.C, 7
North St David street
Tawse & Bonar, W.S., 11 Alva
Taylor & Rorie, W.S., 29 Queen
Thomson, Dickson, & Shaw,
W.S., 1 Thistle court
Tod, H. &H., W.S., 45 Castle
Tods, Murray, & Jamieson, W. S. ,
66 Queen street
Traquaii', Dickson, & MacLaren,
W.S., 11 Hill street
TurnbuU & Herdman, W.S.,
19 Castle street
TurnbuU, David, & Smith,
W.S., 5 S. Charlotte street
Turnbull, Kctchen, & Stevens,
S.S.C, 26 Frederick street
Tiu-nbuU, J. & J., W.S., 58
Frederick street
Tytler, J. S., & J. W. Fraser,
W.S., 22 Young street
Waddell & M'Intosh, W.S., 87
George street
Wallace & Begg, W.S., 14
Frederick street
Wallace & Guthrie, W.S., 1 N.
Charlotte street
i Wallace & Pennell, W.S., 28
Constitution street
^Watson & Mathers, W.S., 47
\ Frederick street
Watt, Rankin, & Williamson,
S.S.C, 9 York place
Waugh & M'Lachlan, W.S.,
108 George street
jWebster, Will, & Co., S.S.C,
37 Queen street
I Weir, T. F., & Robertson, S.S.C. ,
8 Frederick street
Welsh & Forbes, S.S.C, 22
Castle street
Whigham & MacLeod, S.S.C,
23 Albany street
White & Nicholson, S.S.C, 78
Queen street
White, Thomas, & Park, S.S.C,
114 George street
Winchester & Nicolson, S.S.C,
4 York buildings
Wishart & Sanderson, W.S., 15
York place
Wood, G. M., & Robertson,
W.S., 8 Bank street
Wright, H. & G., solicitors, 39
South Bridge
Wylie & Robertson, W.S., 54
Queen street
Young & Roxburgh, W.S., 29
Rutland square
Hogg, Charles B., 17 York pi. Morton, William, 31 Queen st. Turner, Daniel, 25 York place
Millar, W. White, 8 George st. Robertson, R. A., 30 Queen st. Wood, George M., 8 Bank st.
Those marked * are also Notaries Public, and marked thus (a) are Procurators for the Poor.
President, W. J. Lewis, S.S.C Librarian, James Ayton, S.S.C.
Vice-President, Robert Stewart. S.S.C
Secretary and Fiscal, E. S. Rutherford, L.A.
Treasurer, J, 11. Napier, L.A,
Members of Council, Alex. Eoss, S.S.C. ; George
iDglis, S.S.C. ; John Forgan, S.S.C ; Wni. Croft
Gray, S.S.C; J. A. B. Horn, S.S.C
Alston, William, L.A., 13 Bank
Anderson, Jas., L. A. , 55 York
Anderson, Robert, S.S.C, 28
Queen street
*Asher, Wm., S. S. C , 13 Bernard
*Ayton, James, S.S.C, 50
Frederick street
Balfour, Wm., S.S.C, 3 Queen
Black, Wm., S. S. C, 57 Hanover
Bowie, Alexander, L.A., 5 St
Andrew square
Broatch, Roljert, L.A., 23 Duu-
das street
Brown, Marcus J., S.S.C, 7 N.
St David street
Brysou, James G., L.A., 50
George street
Calver, Robert John, S.S.C, 30
Castle street
Chesser, John W., S.S.C, 45
Frederick street
*Coutts, James, S.S.C, 118
Princes street
Cowan, Geo., S.S.C, 3 Albany
Crawford, G. M., S.S.C,
Frederick street
Cunningham, James, L.A., 15
Hanover street
Cuthbert, David, S.S.C, 45
York place
Dick, Thomas, S.S.C, 24a
Bernard street, Leith
Dobie, John, L. A., 8 York bdgs.
aDods, J. Erskine, L.A., 12 St
Andrew square
Douglas, Peter, S.S.C, 26
Frederick street
Duff, Jas., S.S.C, 50 George st.
*Edwards, James F., L.A., 63
Hanover street
Elder, John, S.S.C, 32 York pi.
Ferguson, H. J., S.S.C, 68
George street
Forbes, Roderick, L.A., 22
Castle street
Forgan, Jn. ,S. S. C , 20 George st.
Fraser, W., S.S.C, 11 Albynpl.
Gardiner, R. W., S.S.C, 11
York buildings
Garrow, Charles, L.A., 11 Mel-
bourne place
Gellatly, J. Stewart, S.S.C, 12
Duke street
Gibb, D. M., L. A., 40 Albanyst.
Glass, J. M., L.A., 86 George
Gordon, A. W. , L.A., 59 George
Gray, George, L. A., 12 Queen st.
*Gray, Robert C, S.S.C, 37
Frederick street
Gray.W. Croft, S.S.C, 49 Queen
*Guild, Alex., AV.S., 2 Thistle ct.
*Gunn,Wni., S.S.C, 15 Queen St.
Hamilton, A. H., L.A., 25
George street
Hamilton, William, S.S.C, 14b
George street
Handyside, Robert, S.S.C, 6
York place, and at Dalkeith
Hay, John, S.S.C, 17 Hill st.
Henderson, W. M., S.S.C, 6
N. Charlotte street
Hogg, Andrew H., S.S.C, 38
Horn, James A. B., S.S.C, 12
Duke street
*Hutton, George, L.A., 8 York
Inglis, Geo. , S. S. C , 1 9a Hill st.
Johnstone, Richard, S.S.C, 45
Frederick street

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