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Wauchope, P. H.Don, 66 Queen iWhite, Andrew, 23 Castle st.
street i Wilson, W. B., 137 George st.
Waugh,J.J.,B.L., 9 Hill street I* Winchester, W. G. L., 4
Wedderburn, J. 0. M., 321 Stafford street
Albany street jWishart, A., LL.B., 15 York
Wedderburn, J. E. M. , 32 Albany | place
street iWood, G. J., 14 Young street
Welsh, Thomas S., 22 Castle iWood, G. Mure, jun., 8 Bank
street ' street
*Wood, J. P., 110 George street
* Wright, J. P., 9 Albyn place
^'Yeaman, A., 32 Charlotte sq.
Young, Charles, 37 York place
Young, E. Denholm, 29 Rutland
Young, Edward, 28 Moray place
*Young, James, 55 Constitution
street, Leith
{Members Resident and in Practice in Edinburgh. )
Incorpoeatep by Royal Charter, anno 1797 ; and Act of Parliament,
34 & 35 Vict. cap. 107 (1871).
Those marked * are also Notaries Public.
President, Wm. White Millar.
Vice-President, William Drummond.
Hon. Treasurer, J. Knox Crawford.
Secretary, A. Ellison Eoss.
Fiscal, D. Forbes Dallas
Librarian, D. A. Scolt
Collector of Widows'' Fund, Robert Gumming.
Acting Librarian (Vacant).
Adair, David R. , 24 Castle st.
*Adair, Peter, 1 Charlotte sq.
Aitken, A. N. G., 12 Queen st.
Allan, James, 8 N. St David
Anderson, Robert, 28 Queen st.
Andrews, J. K., 50 George st.
*Asher, Wm., 13 Bernard st.
Auld, F. C, 14 Hill street
*Ayton, James, 50 Frederick st.
Balfour, William, 3 Queen st.
*Barbour, James W., 44 Queen
*Black, James, 6 Hill street
Black, W., 57 Hanover street
Bower, Henry, 35 Castle street
*Brown, Marcus J., 7 N. St
David street
Brown, R. A., 51 Frederick st.
Brown, R, Balfour, 30 Queen st.
Brown, R. Geddes, 7 N. St
David street
Bruce, Wm. Rattraj^, 23 Hill
*Buchan, D. D., LL.B., 37 Gt.
King street
Buchan, T. W., LL.B., 37 Gt.
King street
*Burns, J. S., 61 Castle street
Calver, R. J., 30 Castle street
*Campbell, A. , 3 Albany street
Campbell, Arch., 52 Hanover st.
'■Campbell, David, 31 Moray pi.
*Campbell, J., 36 Castle street
Cargill, William, 20 Hill street
*Carment, John, LL.D., 32
Albany street
*Carmichael, T., 10 Duke street
Chesser, John W., 45 Frederick
Christie, Robert H. , 4 Castle ter.
*Clark, J. S., 24 Drumsheugh
Clark, John, 12 Hope street
*Cochrane, Thomas J., 2 Aber-
cromby place
Cockburn, R. L., B.L
Castle street
Connell, Isaac, 52 Hanover st.
*Considine, Wm. , 2 Queen street
and 12 North St David street
Corson, L. D., 9 Albyn place
*Coutts, James, 118 Princes st.
Cowan, Geo., 3 Albany street
Cownie, F. S., 6 N. Charlotte st.
Craig, Thos., 130 George street
Crawford, Charles S., 45 Fred
erick street
Crawford, David, 10a George st
Crawford, G. M., 45 Frederick st.
Crawford, J. K., 10a George st
*Cumming, R., 50 George st.
Cunningham, R., 18 Frederick
Cuthbert, D., 45 York place
*Dallas, D. Forbes, 27 Charlotte
Dangerfield, W. F., 43 Hanover
■'"Davidson, Alex., 94 Constitu
tion street
Davidson, Robert, 64 Frederick
Deas, J. W., 57 Hanover street
Denholm, R., 4 N. St David st.
*Dick, Thos., B.L., 24a Bernard
Dobbie, Joseph, 21 Hill street
Donaldson, George S. , 15 Han-
over street
Douglas, Peter, 26 Frederick st.
*Douglas, William, 12 N. St
Andrew street
*Drummond, W., 21 Charlotte
Duff, Jas., LL.B., 50 George st.
*Duncan, William, 18 York pi.
Eadie, Geo. Arnott, 34 York pi.
Easson, Alex., 130 George st.
*Edwards, W. Peacock, 5 Albyn
*Elder, John, 32 York place |
Elliot, Nenion, N". Register Ho.
Elliot, S. Douglas, 40 Princes st.
Faill, Campbell, 53 George st.
Fairweather, James F., 46
George street
Farquharson, AV. A., 4 Hope st.
FeuAvick, Bruce, 1 Charlotte sq.
Ferguson, Henry J., 68 George
Finlay, W., 77 Great King st.
Fleming, Alexander, 66 Fre-
derick street
Fleming, Robert, 12 Hill street
Fletcher, A. B., 18 St Andrew sq.
*Forgan, John, 20 George street
Forsyth, James, 13 George st.
Fraser, William, 11 Albyn place
Fyfe, Adam, 43 Hanover street
*Galletly, J. J. , 9 St Colme st.
*Galloway, G. P., 94 Constitu-
tion street
Galloway, W. , 45 Castle street
Gardiner, George G., 13 South
Charlotte street
Gardiner, R. W., 11 York build-
Gellatly, J. Stewart, 12 Duke
George, Charles, 12 Duke street
*Gibson, Jas., 31 St Andrew sq.
Gill, John, 128 George street
Gillespie, P. Gardiner, 45 Queen
Glover, John, 1 Hill street
*Gordon, Alex., 58 Queen street
Grant, J. Ricketts, 37 Frederick
*Gray, R. C, 37 Frederick street
Gray, Wm. Croft, 49 Queen
Green, William, 28 Queen street
Grey, J. Ogilvie, 33 Castle st.
*Gunn, Wm. , 15 Queen street
Hamilton, George, 24 Pitt street
Hamilton, William, 14e George

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