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Court of Session. 1532.
•Lord President of the whole Courts Eight Hon. Jolin
Blair Balfour.
Inner House — Fiest Division.
Et. Hon. Jolin Blair Balfour, Lord President (18^^').
James Adam, Lord Adam (1876).
John M'Laren, Lord M'Laren (1881).
Eight Hon. Lord Kinnear (1882).
Second Division.
Et. Hon. J. H. A. Macdonald, Lord Justice-Cleric
Eight Hon. George Young, Lord Young (1874).
John Trayner, Lord Trayner (1885).
Eight Hon. Lord Moncreiff (1888).
Outer House.
Permanent- Lords Ordinary.
"Wm. Mackintosh, Lord Kyllachy (1889).
Wm. Ellis Gloag, Lord Kincairney (1889).
Moir T. Stormonth Darling, Lord Stormonth
Darling (1890).
Alexander Low, Lord Low (1890).
Eight Hon. Sir Charles Pearson, Lord Pearson
Principal Clerks of Court, Charles Tennant Couper
and P. W. Campbell.
Inner House Depute Clerks, John Paton, S.S.C,
and M. M. Prain.
Ordinary Clerks, Inner House, John M'Ewen and
J. S. Saunders.
Outer House Depute and Chief Clerks, Duncan
Antonio, James M'Oaul, S.S.C, John Moir,
Graham Marrable, S.S.C, Eobert Brown, and
William Veitch.
Assistants, John Cairns, Andrew Eoss, S.S.C,
Hugh Watt, Charles Taylor, and Wm. Brown.
High Court of Justiciary. 1672.
Lord Justice-General, Eight Hon. Jolm Blair
Lord Justice-Clerk, Eight Hon. John Hay Athole
Lords Commissioners of Justiciary. — All the
Judges of the Court of Session are now Lords
Commissioners of Justiciary.
Macers, Kichard Epton, George Bell, and Eobert
Justiciary Office.
2 Parliament Square.
Hours, 10 to 4 ; Sat. 10 to 1.
Clerk of Justiciary, G. L. Crole, M.A., LL.B.,
Depute Clerk, A. D. Veitch.
Assistant and Depute Clerk, George A. Slight.
Law Officers.
Crown Office, 9 Parliament Square.
Lord Advocate, Eight Hon. Andrew Graham
Murray, Q.C, M.P.
Solicitor- General, Chas. Scott Dickson, Q.C.
Lord Advocate's Legal Secretary, T, Eutherfurd
Lord Advocate's Clerk, E. W. Hepburn.
Advocates-Depute, Christopher N. Johnston, C. K.
Mackenzie, J. A. Fleming, and E. T. Younger.
Crown Agent, W. J. Dundas, C.S.
Court of Lords Commissioners for Teinds.
The Judges of the Inner House, and Lord Low,
Lord Ordinary on Teinds.
The Clerk of Teinds and Extractor, N. Elliot, S.S.C.
Keeper of Records and Assist. Clerk, Alex. Logan.
Teind Office.
No. 21 New Eegister; session, 10 to 4, Sat. 10 to 11 ;
vacation and recess, Tues., Wed., & Thur., 11 to
1, Nos. 26 & 27 ; session, 10 to 3, Sat. 10 to 11 ;
vacation and recess, 11 to 2, Sat. excepted.
Bolls of Court and Calling Lists.
Keepers of Inner House Rolls, William Boa and
William G. Eoy, S.S.C.
Keeper of the Seal of Court, William Boa.
Boxing Clerks, The Clerks of the Inner House
Judges other than the Keepers of the Eolls.
Keepers of Outer House Rolls, The Clerks to the
Lords in the Outer House.
Keepers of the Calling Lists, The Outer House
H.M. Exchequer.
1 Parliament Square. 1707.
Hours, 9.30 to 4.30 ; Sat. 9.30 to 1.
Lord Ordinary in Exchequer, Lord Stormonth-
Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer,
Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Bart.
Chief Clerk, E. E. MacGregor.
First-Class Clerks, P. Persse Sealy, W. E. Snell,
E. Mackinlay.
Second Division Clerks (^Higher Grade'), Albert W.
Binet, William Vickers.
Second Division Clerks, 3. L. Bennett, D. G. Mackie,
E. E. Parker, and J. Eobertson.
Messenger, James Gordon.
General Superintendent Parliament Square, John
Joint-Stock Companies Kegistration Office.
Exchequer Chambers, Edinburgh.
Hours, 10 to 3 ; Sat. 10 to 12.
Registrar, Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Bart., Queen's
and Lord Treasurer's Eemembrancer.
Commissary Offices, Edinburgh.
2 Parliament Square.
Hours, 10 to 4 ; Sat. 10 to 1.
Sheriff, Andrew Eutherfurd.
Sheriff- Substitutes, Hubert Hamilton, Charles
C Maconochie, and Thomas H. Orphoot.
Commissary Clerk, Ealph Eichardson, W.S.
Depute Commissary Clerk, James G. Ourrie.
Macer, John Mackenzie.
Crofters Commission.
Office, 6 Parliament Square.
Commissioners, David Brand, advocate, Sheriff of
Ayrshire, chairman; Wm. Hosack, and Peter
Brown Macintyre.
Secretary and Principal Clerk, William Mac-
Assistant Clerk, Arthur Morgan, L.A.
Junior Assistant Clerk, Peter Macintyre.

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