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E.G. stands for Established Church; CM. denotes connection with the City Mission.
Private Mission means supported by an individual.
Superintendent of City Mission— 'Rer. John Forgan, 5 St Andrew Square (office) ;
8 Rochester Terrace (residence).
I. North Side. |
Stockbridge, North of Dean Street . '
Stockbridge, most of North side and\
part of South side . . • ) \
Stockbridge, Baker's PI. to Pitt St. .
Canonmills, Beaver bank, East (
Cumberland Street and Lane, &c. \
New and Old Broughton, Barony (
Street, and Broughton Street \
Jamaica St., India PL, Cumberland\
Street and Lane (west portion) j
Jamaica Street, India Place, etc.
Thistle Street, West division
St James' Streets, Square, and PI.,)
Little King St. and Leith St. Ter. J
Balfour Street, etc. . . . -<
Leith Street, and Calton Hill .
II. Central.
Sunnybauk, Violet Bank, etc. .
Canongate, both sides, from Dun-"|
can's Close to Eeid's Court, and >•
from Ho. of Refuge to Milton Ho. J
Canongate,both sides ,f rem Lochend '\
Close to Burgh School, and from ^
Milton House to Bakehouse Close j
Canongate, North side, 165 to 2471
(Tolbooth Wynd to New Street) i
Canongate and High St., North sidel
(New Streetto Carrubber'sOlose))
Canongate and High St., West side)
(New St. to Cranston St.) . )
Canongate, South side, 160 to 266)
(Sugarhouse Close to St Mary St. ) j
West St Giles Parish . . |
High Street, North side (part of)
High Street, South side, 2 to 122 (St\
Mary Street to Niddry Street) )
Eigh Street, South side (Southl
Bridge to George iv. Bridge) . j
III. South Side.
James Dinwoodie...
T. Macgregor
P. C. Eennie •
Eev. C. A. Charter,
B.A. .
Eev. N. P. Eose,
M.A. .
WiUiam Cochrane .
George Simpson
Jas. Walker, M.A..
George M. Pair-
weather, M.A. ...
Eev. T. Macaulay .
James Gray .
James Faulds
Charles W. White
Morrison Street, etc.
George Eoss .
J. T. Grant .
Eev. Geo. Veitch .
Alex. Campbell
F. Miiller
Eev. A.H. Christie,
B.D. .
Eev. Thos. Clark .
J. T. Wells .
A. Adamson .
7 Leslie Place
.85 Comely Bk. Ed.
I 5 Leslie Place
II 12 Perth Street .
5- 55 InverleithEow
2 Henderson Eow
36 Comely Bank PI.
42 Elm Row .
1 15 Glengyle Ter.
50a Frederick St. .
8 Hillside Street .
15 Livingstone PI.
44 Alva Place
25 Wellington St. .
'33 Carlyle Place .
123 Myrtle Terrace .
,94 T hirlestane Eoad
4 Panmure Place .
16 Keir Street
■) 14 Thirlestaue
i Eoad
7 Johnstone Ter. .
4 Roseburn PI.
29 N. Junction St. ,
A. Dunn, B.A. . 29 Bruntsfield PI.
Gorgie ......'
West Fountainbridge . . . |Rev. H. M. Ross
Viewforth Park and neighbour-)
hood, including Whitebank . j
Ponton Street, Dunbar St., Thorny-)
bank, and part of Fountainbridge j
High Eiggs, Riego St., Earl Grey |
Street, E. side of Home Street, >■ iW. Watson
Leven Street, etc. . . . ) |
West Port, Lady Lawson's Wynd,>
3 Granville Ter. .
Eev. T. Paterson . |18 Murrayfield Av,
Eev. E. Ferguson . 16 Viewforth .
23 Brandon Ter. ,
and E. side of Lauriston Street
Cowgatehead, Candlemaker Eow,)
West Bow . . . . j
Eev.D.Martin,M.A. 31 Bruntsfield Av.
H. Hart . . .51 Lochend Eoad
Eev. James Petrie . 22 Panmure Place
How supported.
Dean St. U.P. Church.
Stockbridge F.C.
Free St Bernard's.
/Dublin Street Baptist
\ Church.
Free St Mary's Church.
St Stephen's Church.
Free St Stephen's.
Queen St. Free Church.
fSt James' Place U.P.
1 Church. C. M.
Pilrig Free Church.
Greenside E.C.
Free Lady Glenorchy's.
City Mission.
City Mission.
LondonEd.U. P. Church.
City Mission.
City Mission.
Canongate Church.
Broughton Place U.P.
Church. C. M.
John Knox Free
St Thomas' Church
of England. C. M.
jWest St Giles E.C.
Free High Church.
I Church. C. M.
Cowgate Free Church.
Free St David's.
JU.P. Student's Miss.
I Association.
Barclay Free Church.
Viewforth F.C.
Fountainbridge F.C.
City Mission.
West Port Free Ch.
J Undenominational
l and City Mission.
J'Cowgatehead and St
i John's F.C.

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