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The Eight Key. John Dowden, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh.
Dean — The Very Reverend John Skinner Wilson, i Diocesan Registrar — G. J, Wood, W.S., Edin-
M.A., Edinburgh. j burgh.
Synod Clerk — Rev. Canon Rowland Ellis, M.A. j Diocesan Audita) — James Haldane, C.A., Edin-
Ckancellor—Mjiea,B J. G. Mackay, Q.C., M.A., i burgh.
LL.D. Diocesan Supernumerary^ Rev. P. A. Lempri^re.
Cathedral Church
St Mary
of K
Holy Cross Mission,]
Davidson's Mains i
All Saints,
Christ Cb., Morningside..."|
MorningsideDrive Mission]"
Church of the Good|_
Shepherd, Murrayfield. . \
Church of the Holy|
Trinity, Dean Bridge...)
Old St Paul's, Jeffrey St
St Andrew's, South Back f
of Canongate (
St Barnabas Mission,")
Greenside j
St Columba's, Johnston j
Terrace \
St George's, York Place
St James', Inverleith Row...
St John the Evangelist,)
Princes Street j
St John's Mission Church|_
Earl Grey Street j
St Luke's, Jocks Lodge
St Margaret's Mission,)
Easter Road j
St Martin's, Tynecastle,"
with St Mungo's Mis-
sion, Balerno
St Matthew's, Abbeyhill...
St Michael's, Hill Square.
St Paul's, York Place
St Peter's, Newington
St Vincent Church
T. S. Wilson, M.A., Dean
R. Mitchell Innes, M.A., Sub-
Dean and Canon
Alexander D. Murdoch, Canon...
NT. T. Wannop, M.A., Canon
J. F. Keating, M.A., Chancellor
and Canon
Rowland Eilis, M.A., Synod
Clerk and Canon.
A. Griffiths, M.A., Chaplain and
John B Hill. B.A., Chaplain.
J. E. Macrae, M.A., Assistant
J. R. Leslie, M.A., Hod. Curate
S. M. Cooke, M.A., Hon. Curate
J. G. Niven, M.A
A. D. Murdoch
H. C. R. Cunuvnghame, M.A. .
E. W. Haswell, B.A
0. M. Black, M^i-
W. E. G. Cotter, M.A
H. B. Nichol
A. M. Mackay, B.A
A. E. Laurie
Charles R. Teape, Ph.D.
W. A. Lamb, B.A
Allan T. Cameron, M.A....
H. H. Flower
A. D. Eisdale, M.A
J. S tuart
B. H. Molesworth, M.A....
0. J. Jenkins, B.A
G. J. Cowley-Brown, M.A
A. V. Despard, M.A
H. S. Reid, M.A
E. E. Copinger
H. Jones, M.A
Leith — St James', Con-l
stitution Street j
Trinity, Christ Church
N, J. N. Gourlie M.A. ...
W. G. Cameron. M.A
H. E. Copinger
J. F. Scholfield, M.A
Rowland ElHs, M.A
Allan T. Cameron, M.A.
E. C. Dawson, M.A ;,.
P. W. Hulbert, M.A
E.F. Hoernlfe, B.M.
P. M. Herford
Church OfiScers.
VR. Bowhill, 11 Richmond Terrace.
VRobert Clark, 27 Gilmore Place.
> Mrs Sargent, 3 Bruntsfield Place.
Mrs Hotson, 5 Roseburn Street.
I S. Nelson, 16 Colville Place.
James White, 23 St Mary Street.
>• William Cox, 9 Brighton Street.
Mrs Wighton, 3 Nottingham Terrace.
Wm. M'Clumpha, 32 York Place,
William Harding, 15 Bell Place.
David Dall, 60 Inverleith Row.
George Sinclair, 21 Brougham Street.
Thomas Page, New Register House,
f W. H. Stevenson, 113 Montgomery St.
\ (secretary).
V John Troup, 9 Ardmillan Place.
Mrs. Walker, Clapperton Place.
William Mackenzie, 48 Arthur Street.
j- H. T. Bruce, 19 Elder Street (verger).
I'homas Lyne, at the Church.
/Mrs M'Phie, St Vincent Hall, St
( Stephen Street.
T. Kirkpatrick, 117 Constitution St.
Wm. Thompson, 13 E. Cottages, GrantoD.
St Thomas', Rutland Place .IHoward J. Colclough, M.A James Murray, 9 Rutland Street.
St Thomas' Mia. Church, \ L n O'Connor BA Curate (J- Robertson, 2 Dunbar's Close, Canon-
Canongate J j ' ' > • -i •••■ ^ gate.

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