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Harkess, Mrs Geo., & Son, 12
West Nicolson street, 13 West
Richmond street, and 36 St
Mary strc et
Hart, James, 22 Causewayside
Hart, Thomas, 47 Bread street
Hollard & Co., 32 Shandwick pi.
Looz, W. E., 19 & 21 Dean st.
See Adv.
M'Intosh, Wm., 247 Morningside
M'Neill, Peter, 24 Howe street
and 27 Jamaica Street lane.
See Adv.
Miller, Wm., 81 Great Junction
Mitchell, John, & Son, 63 Abbey
Moir, Peter, 2 W. Eichmond st.,
25 Bruntsfield place, 6 Murray-
field place, 196a Dalkeith road,
and 33 Great Junction street
Moir, Mrs Peter, 10, 11, & 12
St James' place. See Adv.
Murdoch, T., & Son, 3.5 Shand-
wick place. See Adv.
Mushet, J., & Son, 11 Hope st.
Patterson, Wm. , & Co. ,10 Queens-
ferry street
Paulin & Dunbar, 28 Morrison
street and 7 Montrose terrace
Ramsay, Mrs J. H., 19 Home
Reid, W., & Sons, 58 Cockburn
st. and 18 Drummond street
Richardson, Wm., 4 Infirmary ft.
Scott, J. & T., 10 George street.
See Adv.
Street, Alex. , 179 Gt. Junction st.
Williamson, H., & Co., 88 Potter-
Wishart, John, 29 Rankeillor st.
See Cahinetmakcrs, p. 669.
See Auctioneers, p. 65i5.
Van & Lorry Builders.
Brown, H. & A., M 'Donald road
Brown, J. & A., Shrubhill
Brown, John, 26 Bowling-green
Denholm, A. S., 112 Fountain-
Denholm, T., 24 Hamilton place
Frasei, Geo., 38 Bath street
Gibson & Neill, 11 Pime street
Guthrie, Jas., 223 Causewayside
Horsburgh, Wm., 65 Abbey hill
Howden, James, Home terrace,
Viewforth bridge. See Adv.
Hunter, A., 77 Abbey hill
Kemp, Alex., 200 Bonnington
Kerr, J. L., 34 Bath street
Kirknf s^ & Innes, 29 Bath street
Laidlaw, Adam, Heriot hill
M'Pherson, H., Broughton mrkt.
MEIKLE, A. ,& SON,Beaverbank
Wallace, Richard. Hojie crescent
Ward, William, Ballantyne
, 117 High street,
See Adv.
7 & 9 Pitt street
Venetian Blind Makers.
facturers of every description
of inside and outside window
blinds, plain and ornamental
wire gauze, shop blinds on most
approved system, 32 Sovith
Castle street and 136 Bothwell
street, Glasgow. Established
1840. Telegramp, ' Light ' ;
Telephone, 356
Bankshaw, Robert, Belford road
Bramley, John, 2 West Cross-
oausew 'V
SONS, 16 Frederick street
Bryden, W. , & Son, 55 George st,
Dawson, John, & Son, West
Silvermills lane
Douglas, A., & Son, 10 Greenside
place. See Adv,
Duncan, J. S., 3 & 4 Thirlestane
Hislop, L. M
Hislop, R. G.
See Adv.
Miller, John, 69 & 71 Great
Junction street
Patterson, William, Parkside ter.
and 68 Nicolson street
Reid, Donald, 8 Brandon terrace
Taylor & Lamb, 26 W. Cross-
Taylor, John, & Son, Edinburgh,
Ltd., 110 Princes street
Thorn, James, & Sons, 12a Grange
Waddell, Wm., 13 So. Clerk st.
See Adv.
Watson, Adam, & Son, 23 Union
Watson, James, 14 Hamilton pi.
Wilson & Stevens, 28 Leven st.:
workshops, Lower Gilmore pi.
See Adv.
Blacknian Ventilating Co. Ltd.,
specialists in ventilating, warm-
ing, and drying, 162 Hope st.,
Wings, Disc, Fan, Electric, and
Mechanical ; J. W. Learmonth,
15 Port Hopetoun
Veterinary Surgeons.
Aitken, A. P., 8 Clyde street
Aitken, J., 244 Causewayside
Baird, C, & Son, 6,' 7, & 8 York
lane, 6 St James' place, Belford
road, and 17 S.ilamander street
Baird, Arch., 40 York place
Baird, C. C. , 1 7 LTnion place
Dewar, John R. IT., Clyde street
Eckford, J. M., 109 Giles street
Grey & Son, 31 Pleasance, 119
Rose St., and 109 Dundee st.
Gi'ey, John E., 20 Lauriston place
Grey, Walter, Pirrie street
Henderson, George, 4 Charlotte
Place Lane
Kirk, John H., 282 Bonnington
M'Callum, A. I., J. P., 30 King's
Stables road
M'Donald, P. A., Henderson row
and 78 Pitt street
Player, James F., 16 Home st.
Riddoch, John, 19 U. Gilmore pi.
Rutherford, R., 12 Bread street
Thomson, Geoige A., 38 Wear-
render Park terrace
Whitecross, John W. , 9 Jane st.
Williams, W., & Son, 129 Rose st.
Williams, W. Owen, New Vet.
College, 41 Elm row
Williams,Wm., New Vet. College,
41 Elm row
Young, Thomas P., 10 Kirk st.
Victual Dealers and Pro-
vision Merchants.
See also Provision Merchants,
Wholesale, p. 740.
Adam, John A., 357 Leith walk
Adam, William, 256 Gorgie road
Aikman, A., 19a Queensferry st.
Allan, Robt., 171b Great Junction
Bertram, John, 2a E. William st.
Blackie, Jas., 19 S. St James' st.
Brodie, Mrs, 17 Prince Regent st.
Brown, Arch., 73 Shandwick pi.
Buist, George, 35 Comely Bank
Campbell, Wm., 37 Comiston rd.
Chalmers, John, 133 Gorgie rd.
Christy, C. M., 57 East Cross-
Cochrane, William, 67 Elm row
Cooptr, Mrs, 7 Jamaica street
Coulter, Thos. , 65 Gorgie road
Cowie, John, 213 Gorgie road
Crawford, Thomas, 171 Gorgie
Dickson, Wm. , 42 Leven street
Doughty, Thomas, 37 Lochend
Dow, Andrew, 153 Pleasance
Duff, Mrs, 172 Rose street
Duffy, M., 13 India place and 13
Cumberland street
Elliot, J., 274 & 276 Canongate
Fleming, John, 261 Leith walk
Flockhart, Henry, 36 Buccleuch
Gardiner, M., 68 St Mary st.
(Sardiner, Robtrt, 155 Morrison
Gibson, R. & T., 93 Princes st.
Gibson, F., 46 George iv. Bridge,
and Woodhall mills. Juniper
Gibson, Wm., 205 Bruntsfield st.
Grant, James E., 24 Milton st.
Grant, William, 182 High street
Hegfiie, H., 1a So. St James' st.
Henderson, Jas., 100 South Back
of Canongate
Kerr, Hugh R. , 42 Leven street
Kerr, Joseph, 38 Bristo street
Kidd, John, 21 Arthur street
Kirkwood, J.& A., 12 South Clerk
Laing, John, 57 Clerk street and
10 Brandon terrace
Lamont, John, Canaan lane
Lee, Peter, 16 So. College street

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