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Salt Warehouses.
Leith Salt Co. Ltd., 13 Coburg
Tweedie, John, & Son, 86 St
Andrew street, Leith
Sanitary Earfclieaware
See Plumbers' Earthenware
Manufacturers, p. 737.
Sanitary Surveyors.
Blackadder, E,., 5 Alva street.
See Adv. Bill in front.
Drummond, Jas., 53 Morrison st.
Hughes & Hudson, 6 Links pi.
Hunter, Richard B. , 51 Grove st.
Marshall, "VVm. , 5 Upper Bow
Pirrie, John, 9 St Anthony street
Wardale,T.& Son, 46 Grassmarket
See Wood Merchants, p. 765.
Scale, Beam, and Steel-
yard Makers.
See Weighing Machine Manufrs.,
p. 761.
See Educational Directory, p. 815.
Aberdeen Granite Co., Easter rd.
Allan, William, 4 George place
Boleyn, John, 23 & 25 Easter rd.,
Leith, and 21 Great Junction
Boyne, L. M., 172 Dundee street
Brown, W. E., 53 Newington rd.
and Maxwell street
Calder, A., Warriston road, op-
posite Cemetery gate
Davidson, David, 168 Morning-
side road and 7 Bellevue street
Delia Casa Granite Quarries of
Italy Limited ; registered office,
8 Frederick street
Donaldson & Co. , Rankeillor st.
Elder & Campbell, successors to
the late John Howie, Brandon
Ferguson & Blair, 33 Haddington
Field & Allan, 120 & 122 George
street, and 60 Bangor road
Fraser,Wm.,Deanpath. ^eeAdv.
Geercke, Julius, 78 Princes st.
Gunn & Co. , 130 George street
Hayes, J., Hope crescent
Hutchison, John, 3 Torphichen
SON, & CO., only address,
118 George street. See Adv.
Kerr Brothers, 223 Dairy road
Lawrie, A., Annandale Street
M'Bride, Charles, 7 Hope St. lane
Macdonald, J. , & Co. , Morningside
passenger station ; office, 5 Bel-
haven terrace. See Adv.
Macduff, George, Cornwallis pi.,
Bellevue. See Adv.
Macgillivray, Pittendrigh,
A.R.S.A., Ravelston Elms,
MiuTayfield road
M'Glashen, S., & Son, Canon-
mills bridge, and DeanCemetery
North British Marble works,
Cornwallis place, Bellevue.
See Adv.
Paton, "W. Hubert, 10 Salisbury
Rhind, Birnie, St Helen's, Cam-
bridge street
Rhind, John S., Belford road
Smith, Robert, Orwell terrace
Stevenson, D. W., Dean studio,
Belford road
Stevenson, "Wm. G., 13 Dairy rd.
Thomson, Robert, & Sons, Ceme-
tery gate. Dairy road
Tod, David A., Elmpark, Ettrick
Waldie, James T., 89 Hay market
Webster, Geo. , 17 Dublin street
Young & Allan, 4 George place
Young, William J., 2 M'Donald
Sealing and Bottle
Wax Makers.
Those marked * are Bottle Wax
Levy, Andrew, & Co., 80 Great
Junction st. and Tennant st.
Stewart, Geo., & Co., 92 George
street. See Adv.
Waterston, George, & Sons, 56
and 60 Hanover street
Seed, Linseed Cake, and
Cattle Food Merchants.
See also Nurserymen, p. 729.
Bell & Bieberstedt, 15 Coburg st.,
British Oil and Cake Mills Ltd.,
Seafield Oil mills, Leith
Brovni, I. & B., Baring, & Co., 1
India buildings and West
Bowling-green street
Christie, C. J., & Son, 6 Glen-
orchy terrace
Cunningham, J. & J. , 44 Bernard
street, West Bowling-green st.,
and 53 & 65 Salamander st.
Donaldson, .John, & Co., 24 St
Giles street and W. Bowling-
green street
Edgar, Robert, & Co. Limited,
9 George iv. Bridge
Farmers' Supply Association of
Scotland Limited, 15 Assembly
Gillespie & Cowan, 13 Assembly
street, and 44 & 46 Salaman-
der street
Goodall, Alex. , 30 Coburg street
Henderson, E. M., 38 & 40
Himter, W. S., East Silvermills
Inch, Robert, 1 Victoria street
Lawrie, Wm. , 30 Morrison street
Lawson, Peter, & Son Limited,
1a George IV. Bridge
Leith Cotton Seed Oil Co., oil
and cake millers, 13 West
Bowling-green street
Constitution st., also at Corn
Exchange buildings, Glasgow,
and 3 India bldgs., Brunswick
street, Liverpool ; Telegraph,
' Maclay, Leith ' ; ' Maclay, Glas-
gow ' ; ' Autumn, Liverpool ' ;
Telephones, 4072, Leith, & 3002
Glasgow. Wednesdays — stall,
51 Corn Exchange, Edinburgh
Maclure, John, & Co., 30 Grass-
Mitchell, James, & Co., Wheat-
field road
Nelson & Co. , 56 Giles street
Ovens, T., & Sons,40Timberbush
and Bo'ness
Eiddell, Andrew, 5 Grassmarket
Robertson, Hope, & Jolly, 39
Constitution street
Robertson, W. J., & Co. West
Fountain place
Roesler, Felix S., Amaliensruh
house, Brighton place, Porto-
bello, and 35 Stall, Corn Ex-
change, Edinburgh
Thomson, W. & Co., 3 Melbourne
Tod, Thomson, & Co., 19 Dock
street and 9 & 10 Citadel
Tod, Alex., 76 Constitution street
Wight & Co., 15 Assembly st.
Wyilie, J. & A., 2 Commercial st.
Young, Wm. G., 20 Bernard st.
See Nurserymen and Seedsmen,
p. 729, also Ironmongers, p. 716.
Makers and Agents.
Those marked * are Makers.
B:<ck, Christian L., 21a Hanover
BOYLE, E. M., 33 Frederick st.,
*Bradbury & Co., 66 Nicolson
*Dickson, Fred., 3, 5, & 18a
Morrison street
Jackson, Wm., 11 Henderson st.
Nelson, Robert, & Co. Limited, 77
Nicolson street
*Ross, TVm., 7 Leith Street ter.
Scott, Miss M., 4 Nicolson street
*Sellers, Wm., & Sons, 4 Bruns-
wick place
Shiels, Alex., 7 Buccleuch street,
and 2 West Crosscauseway
*Singer, The, Manufacturing Co. ,
122 Princes street, and 5 Char-
lotte street, Leith
*Waterston, P., 15 Frederick

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