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New Cafe and Restaurant,
South St David street
Nicol, Thos. , 17 Cadzow place
Eamage, J., & Son, 19 &
Leith street
RITCHIE:, A., & SON, 24
Princes st., 11 & 13 Cockburn
St., and 13 North Bridge
Eobertson, Robert, 5 & 6 Grey-
friars place
Robinson, John, 31 Lothian road
Ross, Du.ncan, 16 lona street
Scottish Army and Navy and
General Stores Ltd., 28 Shand-
"wick place
and female assistants for every
branch of trade. We advertise
for employers, select qualified
and' trustworthy appiioants,
arrange interviews here,
and complete engagements
promptly. Largest employ-
ment agency in Scotland ;
George Young, manager ; Tele-
grams, 'Servants, Edinburgh';
Telephone, 2239
Registry for all classes of Ser-
vants ; Thos. Wyse, proprietor,
137 Princes street ; Telegrams,
Seater, Miss, 1 Haddington place i ' Grosvenor, Edinburgh '
Siffre, Antonin, 32a Castle street: Hedley, Miss, 1 Charlotte place
Smibert, James, 29a Salamander ' Keddie, Mrs Jas., 4 Melville place
street and 2, 4, & 6 Bath rd. (LA'W'S CENTRAL REG-
Spiers & Pond Ltd., Waverleyl ISTRY OFFICE, 20 Cock-
station I burn street
Suburban Bar, 22 Fleshmarket el. Lawson, James, 34 York place
Summers, Jn.,&Sons, 133 Princes I Lonie, Miss J., 72 Thistle street
street and 101 Shandwick pi. i M'Girr, Mrs, 10 Bruntsfield pi.
Templeman, Robert, 3 Baltic st. j Maitland Registry, 8 Athol pi
Murphy, Francis, 8 Young st.
Pefiers, Mrs W. M., 1 Young st.
Richardson, Miss, 19 Shandwick
Servants' Agency, 3 York place
Servants', Domestic, Registry
Association, 60 George street
Servants' Institution, 4 Alva st.
See Adv.
Standard Servants' Registry, 6
Forth street
Stirling, Miss, 9 Grove street
Tavendale, Mrs, 44 Frederick st.
Taylor, Mrs Wm. , 11a Hanover st.
The Ladies' Registry Office, 79
Shandwick place
Thornton, Mrs, Lauriston place
Viewforth Select Agency, 100
Wardlaw, Miss, 77 Morningside
Wilson, Mrs H., 17 Riddle's close
"Wright, Mrs, 4 Canaan lane
Young Women's Christian Asso-
ciation, 116 George street
Revolving Shutter
Anderson & Munro, 32 Castle st.
occ ^«(/. , , „ . ,.. I Dickson, Wm., 15 Sunbury place,
Domestic Servants' Registry, 54 j^^^^; gge'^cfe.
bhandwick place . J Younie, Robert, 53 Leith street,
Drummond, Mrs, The Y^ork, 45 1 .' (r.„„ /j„, '
Y^ork place I ^^ent. ^e^ Adv.
Dundas Servants' Agency, 3
Broughton place
Dyce, G., Royal registry, 13
FrGQcrick strGst ' .^ _^
Employment Office of Reserve ' Rope, Twine, and Sail
and Discharged Soldiers, 51! Makers.
Hanover street. See Adv. I Bell, William, 89 West Bow
Glennie, Miss, 25 Queensferry st. JBlackie, Geo., 3 Victoria place,
GX.OBE AG-ENOY & EN- Trinity
GAGEMENT ROOMS, 1 Blackie, Thomas, Granton
50a FREDERICK ST. ! Cairns, Alexander, Hope ores.
Through this medium thelCalder, William, 21 Commercial
nobility and genhy are offered I street. See Adv.
the largest variety of high- i Dickie, Robert, Easter rd., Leith
class servants obtainable, j Edinburgh Eoperie and Sailcloth
Hotels, hydropathic?, icstitu-j Co., 1.5a Bath street and 58
tions promptly supplied ; male' Bernard street
Thomson, Wm., 37 Canongate
Timbrell, Samuel, Caledonian
Trotter, A. J., 27 Forrest road
Turnbull, Andrew, 7 Gt. Junction
Urquhart, Miss, 146 Dairy road
Vickerman, Wm., 9 Hamilton pi.
Waite, Peter, 241 & 243 Great
Junction street
Waugh, Geo. 110 Nicolson street
West End Cafe, Ferguson &
Forrester Ltd., 129 Princes st.
West water, W., 182 Lauriston pi.
Wilson, James, 59 Nicolson st.
AVilson, Wm. , 5 Melbourne place
Winchester, Elspet C. G., East
end, Braid hills
Young Women's Christian Asso-
ciation, 116 George street
Register Offices for
Anderson, Mrs, 8 Athol place
Blake, Mrs, 6 Hope Park ter.
Brown, Miss, 110 Marchmont rd.
Cameron, Mrs, 7a London street
Dodds, Mrs, 1 Charlotte place.
See Adv.
Riding Masters.
See Educational, p. 835.
Elgin & M'Pake, Leamington rd.
Howden, A. , Gilmore park
Lees & Wilson, 4 Gayfield place.
See Adv.
Leighton, Allan, 21 Riego street
M'Intosh & Cunningham, 27 Com-
mercial street
Milne, James, & Co., Granton
Munro, Thomas, 21 Grassmarket
Rose, William, 56 Grassmarket
Ross, James, & Co. , 23 Bath st.
Russell, A. M., 29 Grassmarket
Turner, David, Newhaven
Saddlers and Harness
Berry, T. M., 30 Constitution
Campbell, Thomson, & Co., 82
West Bow
Carter, John, 88 George street
Cattanach, John, 3 Johnston
Chalmers, Charles, 65 Clerk street
and 229 Morningside road
Cooper, Alex., 60 Grassmarket
Downie, Hay, 67 Clerk street
Duii, Andrew, 208 Morrison st.
Dunlop, Thomas, M 'Donald road
Gibson & Robertson, 20 Dundas
Hay, J. & J. , 28 Hanover street
Hogg & M 'Vicar, 29 Dock street
Holder, Thos. , W. Gilchrist lane
Lauder, John, 8 St Stephen
M'Kenzie, Alex. , 88 Rose street
Macrae, John, 152 Lothian road
Mathewson, James L., 53 Foun-
More, J., & Son, 110 Fountain-
Petrie, John, 86 Lauriston place
Rogers, J. H., & Co., 117 George
Rose, Alex., 58 Grassmarket
Ross, Eben., & Son, 100a Con-
stitution street
Smart, William, 12 Melville pi.
Spence, David, 27 Grassmarket
Stordy, James B., St Leonard's
Coach works. See Adv.
Talbot, Thomas, 72 Gorgie road
Thomson, James, Corn Exchange
Thomson, Wm., 212 Leith walk
Watt, Andrew, & Sons, 1 South
St Da,\id street; Telegraph,
'Saddlery, Edinbm-gh'; Tele-
phone, 1177
WhiUis, William, 13 Bread street
Y'oung, Walter, 271 Causewayside
Safe Manufacturers.
Chatwood's Patent Safe and Lock
Co. Ltd., safe makers and
bankers' engineers, manufac-
turers of ' ' Solid " bent steel
fire and burglar proof safes,
steel strong rooms, strongroom
doors, ventilating grilles, locks,
etc., 129 Trongate, Glasgow;
P. & W. Maclellan, agents

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