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M'Kinnell, Alex., 34 Easter road
Maclood, J., & Co., 58 Albert st.
M'Neillie, John, 13 Comiston rd.
M'Pherson, William S., 8 Dean-
liaugh street
M 'Queen, Daniel, 199 Fountain-
Macrae, David, 62 Broughton st.
Madden, James, 18 Home street
Maitland, James W., 1 West
Richmond street
Martin, D. , 4 Allan street, Leith
Mather, John, 28 Lochrin bldgs.
Melville, J. , 33 West Nicolson st.
Miller, David, 15 Sciennes road
Miller, John, 135 Lauriston pi.
Milne & Barclay, 9 Haddington
Milne, Wm., 32 Deanhaugh st.
Milroy, John, 65 Mayfield road
Mitchell, Charles, 31 Dock street
Mitchell, George, 7 Laurie street
Moffat, Peter, 40 Blair street
Morison & Co., 78 George street
Morrison, John, 10 Calton hill
Morton, Robert, 67 Rose street
Moxon & Carfrae, 77 George st.
Muii-head, A., & Sou, 14 Castle st.
Muirhead, H., 22 Charlotte st.,
Paton, A., & Co., 162 Morning-
side road
Paton, AVm., 99 Grove street
Paxton, W. , & Son, 1 Abercromby
Peddie, Robert, & Son, 5 Duke
street, Leith
Phillips, Alex. R., 1 India street
Potts, Geo. & H.. 127a George st.
Powrie, George, 20 Montrose ter.
Ramsay, John, 26 Lady Lawson
Redpath, Thomas, 124 Pleasance
Keid & Downie, 13 Dundas street
Robb,GeorgeM.,6 Henderson row
Robertson, James, 68 Inverleith
Ross & Co. , 10 West Nicolson st.
and 2 West Crosscauseway
RusseU, R. C, 7a Grange road
8hand, John G., & Co., 364
Morningside road
Shaw, Joseph, 8 South Clerk st.
Simpson, James, 4 Middlefield
Simpson,Wm. C, 142 Bruntsfield
I)lace and 75 Slateford road
Sinclair, Robert, 104 Marchmont
Small, A. &. R., 3 Lutton place
Small, Angus, 2a Haddington pi.
Small, A., 181 Bruntsfield place
Smellie, A. & J. , 47 London st.
Smith, D. C, 34 Broughton st.
Somerville, John M. , 46 Lauriston
Hpeirs, James, 12 Torphichen pi.
Spence, F., 13 Great Junction st.
Stalker, R., & Son, 15 Lothian
Stark, James, 74 West Port
Stark, J. C, 15 Blackfriars street
and 202 Dairy road
Stewart, Jn., & Son, 22 North-
West Circus x^lace
Stewart, Harry, 20 Brougham pi.
Strachan, Jam?s, 210 Dairy road
Sutherland, James L. , 48 Com-
mercial street
Sutherland, M., 9 S. Norton pi.
Sutherland, Peter, 41 Sandport
Tait, A., 96b Constitution street
Tait, James, 116 Duke st., Leith
Tait, John, 19 Ferry road
Tarbet, J., 5 Blair street
Thomson, J. M, , 51 Raeburn pi.
Thomson, J. W., 102 Duke street,
Thomson, Robt.,66 Newingtonrd.
Tough, David J., 21 North St
Andrew street
Wales, Andrew, 16 Braid road
Wallace, A., Lochrin place
Wilson, R., 40 South Clerk street
Wilson, William, 55 Frederick st.
Wintour, W., & Sons, 11 Shand-
wick place
Painters, Animal.
Smellie, R. , 20 Cadzow place
SteeU, David G. , 19 Shandwick pi.
Painters, Landscape.
Beattie, W. BrOwn, 15 St Ber-
nard's crescent
Kinnear, Jas., 18 Woodburn ter.
Mackie, Cliarles H., Coltbridge
studio, Murrayfield
Nesbitt, John, 20 George street
Oswald, J. H., 28 London street
Painters, Miniature.
Bayne, James, 16 Danube street
Hiiig, Miss E. Cotton, 87 Comely
Bank avenue
Horsburgh, John A., 4 W. Mait-
land street
Ross, Miss E. M., 24 George st.,
and Mount Rideau, N. Berwick
Painters, Portrait.
Allan, ^y. J., 8 Cambridge gdns.
Auld, James, 79 George street
Ayton, Alexander, 42 & 43
Bruntsfield jilace
Bamborough, James, 7 Dick pi.
Davidson, James, 79 George st.
Ford, John A. , 4 Picardy place
Herdman, D., St Bernard's
tower, Bruntsfield crescent
Hutchison, R. G., 4 Melville pi.
Lamb, John, lOlB Princes street
Penney, And. M., 15 Haddington
Roche, Alexander, 1 Albyn place
Ross, Miss E. M., 24 George st.,
and Mount Rideau, N. Berwick
Shiels, J. D., 70 & 72 Lauriston
Watson, A. Swan, Viewpark,
Bruntsfield links
Wright, Mf g, 12 Queen street
Young, W. D., 109Newington rd.
Paper Bag Maker.
Brown, John, Bridgeside works,
M 'Donald load
Paperhanging Manufs.
Cordelova Co., 74 & 76 Pitt st.
and West Silvermills lane
Dunn, John, & Son, 16 Picardy pi.
Lothian, Kinross, & Co., 17
Greenside place
Tynecastle Co., Murieston road ;
Wm. Scott Morton, director
Paper Machine Mkrs.
Bertrams Limited, St Katlierine's
works, Sciennes
Cowan, Alex., & Sons Limited,
38 West Register street
Davidson, C, & Sons Ltd., Castle
Harvey & Co., 17 Forth street
Henderson, James, Bonnington
Hurcott Paper Co, Ltd., 50 Wel-
lington street, Gla*-eow
Tullis & Co. Ltd., 7 George st.
Paper Rulers.
Cooper, G., & Co., 40 Niddry st.
Macniven & Cameron Ltd., 23 to
33 Blair st. See Bill in front
Marr, Downie, & Co. Ltd., 60
George street
Moran,E.,& Sons, 94 South Biidge
Morrison & Gibb Limited, 11
Queen st. and Tan field works
Napier, M. A. , & Co. , 4 St James'
Napier, John M., 37 Elder street
Nimmo, Wm., & Co., 46 Consti-
tution street and 30, 31, & 32
Quality street
Paton, H., & Sons, 5 St James' sq.
Pennington, Jn. L., 17a Union st.
Poison & Falconer, 104 High st.
Stewart, Geo., &Co., 92 Georgest.
See Adv. Index
Waterston, George, & Sons, 56
Hanover street
Whyte, Andrew, & Son, Easter
road and 15 Clyde street
Wilson, W., k Co., 43 Jtffreyst.
Paper Shaving Manu-
Dobson, Molle, & Co., St Clair
works, 11 Elliot street
See Marble and Coloured
Paper Makers, p. 724,
Paper Stock Merelits.
Chalmers, E., & Co. Ltd., Bon-
Gemmell, James, jun., 216 Cow-
gate. See Adv. Index
Hurst, Richard, 16 Victoria st.
Petty, Wm., & Son, 39 Holyrood
Rodger, A., k. Co., 10 St Anthony
Smith, J., & Co., Lochrin, Home

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