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Calder, F., Colinton Road nursery
Campbell, Miss, 47 Shandwick pi.
Clapperton, Miss, 7 Summer pi.
Crabbe, A. M., St Margaret's
nursery, Strathearn road
Cunningbam, Fraser, & Co.,
Comely bank and 45 Queens-
ferry street
Cunnison, John, & Sons, Glen-
corse nursery, Morningside pk.
Dickman, William & Co., Dean
Nursery, Ravelston terrace
Dickson, James, & Sons, 32 Han-
over street
Dicksons & Co., 1 Waterloo place,
Redbraes, and Liberton
Downie, John, 144 Princes street
and Beecbfield, Murrayfield
Drummond Brothers, 4 India
buildings, Victoria street
Drummond, W. W., 27a Eaeburn
place and 45 Comely Bank pi.
Duncan, William, 31 Comely
Bank road
Edgar, Robert, & Co. Limited, 9
George iv. Bridge
Elliott, WiUiam, Alfred place,
Maytield terrace
Erskine, Henry, 80a George st.
Fortune, Thos. , 17 Queensf erry st.
Fraser, John, 40 Mercbiston av.
Geddes, Jn., Murrayfield nursery
Gemmell, Peter, jun., 11 Murray-
field place
Gillespie, Misses, 253 Gt. Junc-
tion street
Glass, J. & A., Mayfield gardens
and Nether Liberton
Cordon Brothers, Murrayfield
Grainger, Robt., jun., 19 March
mont crescent
Grant, James, Colinton road
Grieve, James, & Sons, Redbraes
nu.rsery, Brougliton road
Hall, James, Craiglea drive
Hall, Peter, 180 Canongate
Halliday, W. G., 20 Gt. Junction
Hanan, Hugh, 9 Bank street
Harley & Sons, 12a South Clerk
Hoy, Andrew, & Son, East Clare-
mont Street gardens
King, David, Osborne nursery,
King, Mark,
Laird, R. B., & Sons Ltd., 17a
Frederick street, and Pinkbill,
Lawson, P., & Son Ltd., 1a Geo.
IV. Bridge
Lawson, John, 172 Bruntsfield pi.
Lindsay, W. S. , 2 Baxter's place
Lockhar t. Miss, 209 Bruntsfield pi.
Mackay, Miss G. & T. , Cameron
Bank nurseries
M'Kay, M., The Vineyard,
Morningside park
MacLennan, Robert, 8 Shandon
M'Nicol, Archibald, 2 Stanley rd.
Massie, W. H. , 1 Waterloo place
Mather, William, Ventnor ter.
Methven, Thomas, & Sons, Leith
walk and 15 Princes street
Mileson, Arthur E. F., 52 Easter
Millar, James, 55 Lothian road
Miller, Andrew, 11 Forbes road
Milne, K., 14 Melville place
Murray, Thomas, Coltbridge
avenue, Murrayfield
Philip, R., 12 & 14 Mercbiston
Phillips, John, Granton road
Potter, Alexander, Lynedocb pi.
Purves, Maria, 3 Hillside street
Sargant, H., Barnton nursery,
Seth, J. & A. , 12 Queensf erry st.
and Morningside nursery
Sim, Isabella, 123 Leith street
Stewart & Co., 6 St Giles street
Stewart, H. A., & Son, 58 Char-
lotte street, Leith
Storey, Robert G., Duddingston,
Taylor & Miller, 100 Bruntsfield
Taylor, Jas. , Bangholm nurseries.
Ferry road
Thomson, ^Ym., & Co., 3 Mel-
bourne place
Thomson, D. W., 24 Frederick st.
Tillie & Turner, 12 Melbourne pi.
Tod, Miss, 94 Easter road
Todd & Co., 31 Shandwick place
Ure, E., 3 Rutland place
Wade, H. F., Pirniefield, Seafield
Watson, Daniel, 20 Union place
Watt, Peter, 35 Deanpath
Welsh, AVm. M., 1 Waterloo pi.
Wilson, E. L., 1 & 2 Drumdryan
Wilson, Jas. , Ltd. , 142 George st.
120 Pitt street,
Nurses, Sick.
See also Invalid Attendants
and Midivives, pp. 715 and 726,
Alexander, Constance, 17 Gilmore
Anderson, Nurse, 7 Gillespie cres.
Angus, Mrs, 27 William street
Bannerman, Mrs, 1 Richmond ter.
Bathgate, Miss, 27 Rutland street
Begg, Mrs, 25 Stafford street
Bell, Mrs J. , 45 Glover street
Blake, Mrs, 13 Gordon street
Breakey, M. A., 25 Queensf erry st.
Brown, Miss C, 16 Montague st.
Carley, Mrs, 40 Shandwick pi.
Cattanach, Miss, 12 Bruntsfield
Chapman, Mrs A., 3 Leslie place
Clark, Mrs, 31 Nicolson square
Cliffe, Mrs, 135 Bruntsfield place
Cornelius, Priscilla, 4 Coltness pi.
Cornell, Miss, Grange Cemetery
lodge. Grange road
Cresswell, Miss, 7 Buccleucb pi.
Crichton, Mrs, 10 Chancelot ter.
Culpin, Mrs, 24 Shandwick place
Cumming, Mrs, 3 Trafalgar street
Cunningham, Mrs, 12 Parkside st.
Cunningham, Mrs, 31 Caledonian
Davey, Mrs, 14 William street
Donald, Mrs Susan, 2 Bridge st.
Donald, Miss, 33 Manor place
Donaldson, Mrs James, 40
' Shandwick place
Douglas, Mrs, 9 William street
Dower, Mrs,33 Gardner's crescent
Dowie, Mrs, 6 West Preston st.
Drainie, Mrs, 16 Brougham st.
Drysdale, Nurse, 37 Gilmore pi.
Duffy, Mary, 9 S. Richmond st.
Dunbar, Mrs, 4 S. Oxford street
Duncan, Mrs, 2 Caledonian pi.
Edgar, Mrs, 51 Morrison street
Edwards, Mrs, 13 Abbey hill
Ewing, Mrs, 4 Downfield place
Fairgrieve, Mrs, 8 Gayfield sq.
Fleming, Miss, 40 Shandwick pi.
Forbes, Mrs, 40 Shandwick place
Forbes, Mrs E. M., 27 AVilliam st.
Ford, Mrs, 29 Brunswick road
Fraser, Mrs, 40 Shandwick pi.
Gardner, Mrs. A. S. , 1 8 Shandon pi.
Gilberton, Mrs, 72 Brunswick st.
Gill, Mrs, 35 Alva street
Goold, Miss, 13 Gillespie crescent
Gothard, Mrs G., 11 W. Adam st.
Gowans, Mrs, 49 Comely Bank rd.
Greer, Mrs C, 3 Brougham st.
Grieve, Nurse L. (certificated), 7
Wellington street
Grosart, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 8
Nicolson square
Gunn, Miss I. , 86 George street
Hall, Nurse, 2 William street
Hamilton, Mrs, 21 Henderson row
Hamilton, Mrs, 4 Orwell terrace
Harper, Mrs, 27 William street
Hay, Mrs, 13 HoUybank terrace
Henderson, Mrs A., 9 Caledonian
Henderson, Mrs, 13 Drumdryan st.
Henderson, Mrs, 1 Wilkie place
Henderson, Mrs, 9 Queensf erry st.
Henry, Mrs, 24 Henderson row
Hewat, Mrs, 104 Montgomery st.
Howison, Miss R., 5 Atholl pi.
Hudgston, Mrs, 3 Spottiswoode
Inglis, Mrs, 163 Lothian road
Jamieson, Mrs J. , 104 Dairy road
Jamieson, Miss, 3 Buccleuch pi.
Johnston, Mrs, 225 Gorgie road
Kennedy, Mrs, 31 Barclay jjlace
Kerr, Mrs, 5 Grahame street,
Kinnear, Mrs, 40 Bristo street
Kirk, Mrs C. , 17 Murieston cres.
Kirkton, Mrs, 3 Gillespie place
Laverick, Mrs, 3 Weir's close
Lawson, Mrs, 9 Montrose terrace
Lee, Miss, 114 Gilmore place
Legget, Miss J. , 13 Polwarth cres.
Lindsay, Mrs, 13 Drumdryan st.
Little, Mrs, 27 "W^illiam street
Macaulay, B. , 8 Downfield place
M'Beth, Mrs C, 9 Oxford st.
M'CuUoch, Mrs, 14 William st.
M'Donald, Mrs, 35 Jamaica st.
Macdonald, Mrs M., 155 Foun-
M'Gee, Mrs, 21 Bryson road
M'Gill, Mrs, 130 Georee street
M'Guflae, Mary, 183 Gt. Junction
Mackay, Miss, 29 Cumberland st.
Mackenzie, Mrs J., 40 Shand-
wick place
Mackie, Mrs, 13 Bruntsfield place
Mackie, Miss, 40 Shandwick pi.
I M'Laren, Mrs R. , 24 Richmond pi.

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