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Export Merchants.
Exporters of Whisky, Gin, British
Compounds, Lime Juice, etc.
Heddle, James, & Co., 17 Mitchell
street, Leith
M'Eae, Colin, & Co., 18 Mitchell
street, Leith
Melrose Drover Ltd., 14, 15, 16,
17, 2.5 to 31 Mitchell st., Leith
Ross, W. A., k Brother, 18
Mitchell street, Leith
Fancy Warehouses,
See Trimming Warehouses, p. 758.
See Smiths, p. 746.
Donati, P., 5 Lothian street
Morelli, Mrs, 1 Haddington place
File Cutters.
Booud , Thomas, 12 Ne w Broughton
Huttou, Robert, 7 & 8 Brnns
wick place
M'Laren, Robt., 22 Greenside pi.
Fireproofing Con-
Ferguson & Co., 122 George st.
Jones, Fred., & Co., Pirren st.,
Ryland road, Kentish Town,
London, N.W.
Stuart & Co. , 6 Torphichen st.
"Wilson, Boyd, 20 Young street
Firewood Merchants.
Craigdallie, T., 146 Canongate
Forrest, Robert, 23 Balcarres st.
Harvey, James, 23 Hamilton pi.
Leith Industrial School, 57 Loch-
end road. See Adv.
Lumsden, Mrs H., 8 Pitt street,
LyaU, W. A. , Trafalgar street
Newey, J., & Son, Hawkhill
house, Lochend rd. (fire-lighter
Roberts, Thomas, Rvissell road
Stevens, James, Holyrood sq.
Stodart, J., 77 Pitt street,
The Help, 59 Frederick street
Thomson, R. L., 47 W. Bowling-
green street
Fireworks Artists,
Barlow, Thomas C, 66 Rose
street, Glasgow. See Adv.
Hammond, Thomas, & Co. , Castle
works, Craigmillar ; Post ad-
dress, 11 Hni islace. See
Fishcurers and Fish-
Those marked f are Fishcurers
Adam, John A., 106 & 107 Dairy
and 357 Leith walk
Addie, David, Annandale Street
Anderson, J., & Sons, 29 Castle
Anderson, A. G., 29 Castle street
Barlow, J. G. , 200 Gorgie road
Bii-nie, James, 32 Lothian street
Bis.set, "Walter, 127 Lauriston pi,
Bridges, "Wm., 209 Morningside
Brown, Adam, 14 St Mary street
Brown, James, 268 Leith walk
Brown, Mrs, 165 Dundee street
Brown, Miss M., 49 Home street
fBrowne & Glover, 24Cables wynd
JBryson, Robert, 6 St Patrick
square and 6 Newington road
Buchan, "W. & I., 37 Duke street,
Carapbell, George, 26 Morning-
side road
fChalmers & Houston, 4 Bank st.,
Christie, John, 43 Comiston road
Clark, E., 36 "\V". Richmond street
Coglan, John, 82 Newington rd.
Cook, Alex., 14 Jeffrey st., Fish-
market, Newhaven, and 22
Lothian street
Copland, Laurence, 1 Grove st.
Craig, Peter, 137 Gilmore j^lace
Croan, L., 15 Grassmarket
Croan, Thomas, 77 "SYest Port,
and 16 St Stephen street
fDavidson, Pine, & Co., 22 to 72
Cables wynd
Dickson, John H., 104 Bruntsfield
Dow, A. , Jeffrey street and 153
Dow, ■^Yilliam, 12 Dalkeith road.
Duff, Robert, 133 Buccleuch street
Flockhart, Mrs, Broughton mrkt.
Flucker, James, 22 Sciennes road
Gibson, Messrs, 124, 125, 126, &
127 Kirkgate
Gillon, Allan A., 7 Rodney street
tGray, D. Davidson, & Co., 63
Charlotte st., Leith, and 236
Leith walk
Guild, John, & Son, 59 Canongate
Guthrie, Alex., 85 Kirkgate
Haning, John M., 42 Easter road
Hopkins, "W., Newhaven
Hutt, John, 108 Morrison st.
Iverson, Lewis, 6 Roseburn ter.
Jameson, John, & Son, 58a Castle
street. See Adv.
Jolin.ston, Green, & Co. Ltd., 3
South Charlotte street
Johnston, "\Yilliam, Fishmarket,
•Johnstone, J. T.,44Bi-oughtonst
Kelly, T., 17 St Mary street
Kennedy & Co., 16 Stafford st.
Laing, Hector, 15 Castle street
Lawrie, Jas., 75 Hay market ter.
Lindsay, Alexander, 34 Elm row
Macdiarmid, James, 24 March-
mont I'oad
Mackay, G. & J., 30 Charlotte st.,
Mein_, David, 8 Montpelier park
Merrilees, Agnes, 7 Cadzow pi.
Millar, Andrew, 36 St Stephen
Millar, James, 25b Leven street
and 180 Brunts Beld place
Millar, Michael, 50 Alva place
Miller, "VYilliam, 194 Dalkeith rd.
Muirhead, Charles, 79 Queen st.
Muirhead, Jas., St Bernard's row
Mviirhead, James, 79 Queen st.
Muirhead, William George, New-
haven Fishmarket
Murray, James, 5 Montrose ter.
Murray, Mrs, 38 "\Yest Preston st.
Ogilvie, J., 30 Comiston road
Powrie, Peter, 18 South Clerk st.
Reid, Mrs C. , 26 Montagu terrace
Rose, James, 202 Morrison st.
Ross, David, 13a Raeburn place
Rutherford, Mrs, 9 Broughton
Ryan, Mrs, 18 & 20 "West
Nicolson street
Scales, Thos., 00 Gt. Junction .st.
fScottish Fishery Co., 17 Elbe st.
Sinclair, R. , 12 Jeffrey street
fSmith, A. A M., Commercial
Smith, Robt., 134 Marchmont rd.
Sutherland, J. & A., Ltd., 18
Stafford street
Todd, \YilIiam, 25 E. Crosscause-
Urquhart, R. M., & Co., 38
Dundas street
Walker, Edward, Fish house,
Walker, Fred, Fishmarket, New-
Walker, John, 84 Causewayside
Walker, Wm. H. , 47 Ashley ter.
Walker, Isabella & B., 6 Grange
Watson, James, 104 Leith street,
Fishmarket, and Pier place,
Weir, R. & R., 206 Cowgate and
26 West Port
Wilson, J. & D., 74 Morningside'
Wilson, James W. , 16 Lothian st.
Wilson, Philip, 12a Polwarth cres.
Wilson, Thomas. 35 Ferry road
Wilson, Mrs M., 124 Easter road
Wood Brothers, 34 Hawthornvale
Wood, W., 8 Summers place
Young, .J. & J., 75 Raeburn place
Young, John Neill, 16 Lothian st.
Young, Mrs, 3 No. W. -Circus pi.
Fishing-Tackle Makers.
Anderson, R., & Sons, 67 Princes
street. See Adv.
Cochrane, Wm., 118 Rose street
Dewar, John F., 48 Hanover st.
Dickson, J. & A., 15 Comiston
road and 14 Braid road
Farquharson, Andrew H., 130
Gorgie road
Grav & Co., 27 Frederick street
S. St David street
Lawson, Robt., 2 Hope street
M'Donald, John, 101 Dundee st.
Mackie, Alex., 8 & 9 Melbourne
pi. and 4 Victoria st. See Adv.
Macnaughton, James, 26 Hanover

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