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Emigration Agents.
Lindsay, J. & H. ; for address,
18 South St Andrew st.
Stevenson, Eobert, 48 Consti-
tution street
Enamelled Metal
Letter Maker.
Duncan, G. S., Jeffrey st. and 81
High street
Balmain, Jas. C. H. , 69 Shand-
wick pi. and 19 Salisbury pi.
Holliday, George, 52 Bristo st.
Jeffrey, Alex., 21 Brougbton st.
Jockel, A. M., 32 George street.
See Adv.
Mushet, Robt., & Co.,Bonnington
Tunny, J. G., & Co., 61 Shand-
wick pi.
Engineers & Machine
Marlced * are Milhvrights.
Marked f are Printing and
Copying Press Makers.
Marked J are Ventilating
Adams, Robert, & Son Ltd., 63 &
65 Shandwick pi. (hot water)
Aitchison k Co., Loanhead, Mid-
*Aitken & Allan, 37 Holyrood
electrical transmission of powtr
for factories, mine?, tramways,
motors, etc., 32 So. Castle st.;
Telegrams, 'Light'; Telephone,
Anderson, Donald, 128 Hope
street, Glasgow
Armstrong & Hogg, 16 Stafford
St. and 43 Grindlay st. (gas)
Barringer, Wallis, & Manners
Ltd., Mansfield, Herald build-
ings, Glasgow; W. H. Frew,
fBeevers & Sons, Swinton row
Bennet, A. , & Co. , 10 St Leonard's
''Bertram, Jas.,& Son Ltd.,Leitli
Walk foundry, Leith walk
■"'Bertrams Limited, Sciennes
Blackman Ventilatins; Co. Ltd.;
spscialists in ventilating and
warming, and in drying, 162
Hope street, Glasgow
Boyd, Thomas, 119 Grove street
Brown Brothers & Co. Ltd, , Rose-
bank ironworks, Broughton rd.
Brown, Geo.. & Sons, Broad wynd
SONS, 16 Frederick street;
Telephone, 2264
Burn Brothers, 71 Hanover st.
and 55 Thistle st., 55 N.-W.
lane (sanitary)
Cameron, Daniel, 15 Salisbury
place (sanitary)
Carrick & Ritchie, Easter road
Carrick, Jas. , & Sons, 108 Dairy
! road
Carrick, William, 10 Grove st.
ICochrane, John, 44 Ivirkgate
I (sanitary)
Cook, James & Co.,
JCook, William, & Sons, Burn-
side works, Piershill (heating)
CRAN, JOHN, & CO., 5 and 6
Shore, and Tower street
Cribbes & Ross, Beaverhall works,
Beaverhall road
Croom & Arthur, Victoria dock
Currie & Co. Ltd., Edinburgh,
Leith, Glasgow, Greenock; sole
agents for double lever cement
testing machines ; registered
office, 4 North St. David st. ;
Telegraph, 'Cement, Edin-
burgh ' ; Telephone, 133 & 178
Currie, James, 30 Marchmont
crescent (sanitary)
Davidson, R., & Co., Castle wynd
Davis & Primrose, 49 Bangor road
Dick, Kerr, & Co. Ltd., 94 George
Dickson Brothers, 14 Duff street
(hot water)
Dickson, David, 125 Fountain-
Donaldson & Skene, Bryson road
(hot water)
*"Douglas, G. C, &Co., 18 and 20
Coburg street
Dove, J. , & Co. , 18 Greenside lane
Forbes & Co,, Halmyre st.
Gavine, Hugh M., Trinity road
Graham, Mitchell, & Son, 46 Buc-
cleuch street
Gray, James, & Son, 85 George
street (hot water). See Adv.
Greig, .John, & Sons, Fountain
house, 28 and 30 Dundee street
Hall, R. , & Sons, 5 Laurie st.
See Adv.
Harkess, Andrew, 8 Dalziel pi.
Hawthorns k, Co., 210 Great Junc-
tion street
Hepburn, A. & R., 4 & 5 Dock st.
HorsburghjJn.. 206 Cause wayside
LIMITED, registered office
and works, The Glasgow Roll-
ing Stock and .Plant works,
Motherwell ; Glasgow office,
160 Hope st . ; London office,
11 Queen Victoria street, E.G.
Hutchison, James, 73 St Mary st.
and 39 South Back Canongate
Hydraulic Engineering Co. , 4a St
Andrew square
Inglis, James M. , 19 Queensferry
street (sanitary)
chartered patent agent, 7
Coates gardens, Haymarket
Laidlaw, R., & Son, Simonsquare;
Glasgow works. Alliance Foun-
dry ; Glasgow warehouse, 5
Wellington st. ; London office,
6 Little Bush lane, Cannon
street, E.G.
Lamb, Thomas, 236 Leith walk
Little, John, 16 Morrison street
Little, Robert, Hamilton place
Low & Duff Limited, 81 Rose st.
Lowe, David, & Sons, Gilmore
park and Cornbrook, Chester
road, Manchester (hot water).
See Adv.
Lumley, L. k Co. Ltd., London ;
agent, Arthur Bradley, 34
Corniiill terrace, Leith (wine k
spirit merchants' fitters)
*M'Call, C, k Co., Abbey street
CO.; office, 56 Frederick st. ;
warehouse and stores, North
Hill Street lane; TeleTshore,
M'Intyre, James, Canon Street
lane, Canonmills (hot water)
Mackenzie, Hugh W., 68 Gorgie
|:Mackenzie k Moncur Limited,
Balcarres street ; also Lon-
don and Glasgow. ^eeAdv.
Mackie & Simpson, 3 Polwarth
crescent (sanitary)
Manchester Engine Waste Co.,
21 Riego street
^Mather, A., & Son, Orwell works,
Dairy road
Mathieson, Alex,, k Sons Ltd..,
21 k 23 Cockburn street
tMeikle k Philp, Murieston road
(heating). See Adv.
Miller k Co. Ltd, , London road
Milne, Jas., & Son Ltd., Milton
street, Abbeyhill
Morrison, A., k Son, East London
street and 4 Waverley market
*Morrison, W., & Sons, 22, 24, 28,
& 30 Jane street
Morrison, Wm., East London st.
Morton, S. & H., & Co., Victoria
Oliver, Wm., 22 Windsor st.
Oi-r, Alex., 44 Pitt street
Paterson, H., & Sons, 5 Elm row
Peebles, D., Bruce, k Co., Tay
works. West Bowling-green st.
Profit, Alexander P., 55 Calton
road (sanitary)
Rarmage & Ferguson Ltd., West
Pier docks
Rennie, W. G. k Co., Gillespie
St. works ; office, 7 Gillespie st.
JRitchie, Charles, & Co., 32 Tor-
phichen street. See Adv.
Ritchie, David, 37 Circus lane
fllitchie, Patrick, Swinton row
Ritchie, Walter, Shrub hill
Robertson, A. k Son, 31 Nicol-
son street (sanitary)
Scottish Laun(^ry Supply Associa-
tion, The, 6 Queen street
Scott, David S., 123 Trinity rd.
•fSeggie. Alexander, & Son,
Broughton market
Siebe, Gorman, & Co., 4a St
Andrew square (submarine)
Sinclair, John, Shrub place
Snailum, Thos., 2 Lauriston ter.
Somerville & Crombie, Gilmore

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