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Wright, Joliii P., W.S. (Macandrew, W., <Sc
Murray), 6 Grosvenor crescent
"Wright, Jolin R., ladies' dress warehouseman,
1 St Patrick square ; house, 183 Dalkeith
"Wright, Joseph, Edinburgh umbrella manu-
factory, 134 Princes street ; Glasgow ware-
houses — 441 Sa^chiehall street, 106 Argyle
street, 48 Argyle arcade, and 7 1 Union street ;
branch, 405 New City road ; umbrella maker
to the Queen, members of the Royal Family,
and all the notables of the day ; sole manu-
facturer of the ' Royal Drooko ' umbrellas
(registered) ; umbrellas suitable for presenta-
tion ; umbrellas re-covered in one hour ; factory
and office, 219 Argyle street, Glasgow ; resi-
dence, Elmbank house, East Kilbride
"Wright, Muir, 7 Shaudon place
"Wright, Robert, house agent and valuator, 4
Canaan lane
Wright, Robert {G.P.O.), 41 Alva place
Wright, Robert, 16 Easter road
Wright, Robert, solicitor, 4 York buildings ;
house, 103 Marchmont road
Wright, Robert {superintendent collector of Cus-
toms), 29 Brougham street
Wright, Robert B., 3 Summers j^lace
Wright, R. J. T., M.A., M.B., CM., 34 Pol-
warth crescent
Wright, Thomas, 12 Brunton terrace
Wright, Thos. , grazier, Sciennes grove, Sciennes
Wright, Thomas, musician, 19 St John street
Wright, Thomas A. {Aitken & W.), 13 Hermitage
place, Leith
Wright, Thomas W., musicseller, 142 Ferry rd.
and 3 Great Wellington street ; house, 5
Wright, Walter, joiner, cabinetmaker, and
upholsterer, 394 Morningside road
Wright, W. Eraser, M.D., Bonnington mount,
Bonnington terrace
Wright, W. R. C, C.E., 22 Rutland square
Wright, William, 9 Burlington street
Wright, William {W. '& Davie), builder, 60
Merchiston avenue
Wright, William, 30 Maryfield
Wriglit, William, 8 Mackenzie place
Wright, William, grocer, 26 Parsonsgreen
terrace ; house, 23
Wright, "Wm., baker, 41 Bridge street ; hoi;se, 2
Newhaven road
Wright, William W., 4 Granville terrace
Wright, Mrs Charles William, 3 Western
Wright, Mrs C, 3 Wellington street
Wright, Mrs David, 107 Montgomery street
Wright, Mrs David, 61 Hazelbank terrace
Wright, Mrs Harriet E., 4 Abinger gardens,
Murray field
Wright, Mrs Helen, 398 Morningside road
Wright, Mrs James, Lochinver house, 75 Trinity
Wright, Mrs John, 7 Claremont park
Wright, Mrs Jane, 50 Braid road
Wright, Mrs, 18 Inverleith row
Wright, Mrs, 12 Leven terrace
Wright, Mrs, 16 Lauriston place
Wright, Mrs, 7 Chester street
Wright, Mrs, 14 Ann street
Wright, Miss Guthrie, 2 Lansdowne crescent
Wright, Miss, 4 Glengyle terrace
Wright, Miss, 17 Lauriston place
Wright, Meg., artist, 12 Queen street; house,
64 Frederick street
Writers to the Signet Library, Parliament
square ; 10 to 4, during vacation 10 to 3 ;
Monday, 10 to 3 ; Saturday, 10 to 1
Writers to the Signet Widows' Fund ; office,
61 Castle st. ; Charles Cook, W.S., collector
Wrozina, Ignatiirs, 51 Lothian road
Wyatt, Henry, rag and metal merchant, 44
Cowgate ; house, 16 Keir street
Wyatt, Mrs, 4 Barclay terrace
Wyburn, Thos., Restalrig
prietors of Remington Standard Typewriter,
44 George street. JjiSee Adv. index
Wyld, Major William, 16 Inverleith row
Wyld, Mrs John, 56 Dick place
Wyld, Mrs R. S., 19 Inverleith row
Wyld, Miss Janet, 14 Inverleith row
Wyld, Miss, 11 Lennox street
Wylie & Robertson, W.S., agents for the West-
minster Fire Office and "VVestminster General
Life Insurance Co., 54 Queen street
Wylie, Alexander, S.S.C, 30 Castle street ; ho.
143 Warrender Park road
Wylie, Alexander, 46 Bi'unswick street
Wylie, A. H. ( Wm. Harland & Son, London),
17 Primrose Bank road
Wylie, Rev. Alexander, M.A. {Marshall Street
Baptist Church), 9 Millerfield place
Wylie, David N., chemist and druggist, 1 College
street ; house, 19 Comiston drive
Wylie, George, slater and chimney-sweeper, 493
Wylie, James, agent. Royal Bank, Leven Street
jjranch ; secretary to the Edinburgh Agri-
cultural Association, Scottish National Fat
Stock Club, and agent North British &
Mercantile Insurance Co., 1 Leven st. ; Teleg.
'Equus'; house, Glendouglas, 38 Cluny
Wylie, James, 28 Shandon place
Wylie, John, 23 Orwell place
Wylie, John, stationer, 27 Montgomery street
Wylie, John, 29 Royal Park terrace
Wylie, L. B., 6 Parsonsgreen terrace
Wylie, Mrs, 187 Bruntstield place
Wylie, Mrs, 10 Maitland street, Newhaven
Wylie, Mrs, 6 Wolseley terrace
Wylie, Miss Janet, 24 North Fort street
Wylie, Miss, 23 Comiston road
Wyllie, J. & A., grain, oilcake, and chemical
manure merchants, 2 Commercial st. ; works.
West Bowling-green street
Wyllie, M. & M., Berlin warehousemen, 130
PniicGs strGGt
Wyllie, Alex. {J. ct A. W.), 56 Great King st.
Wyllie, H. B., chemist, 19 Grassmarket
Wyllie, James S., 21 Barnton terrace
Wyllie, John, M.D., LL.D., F.R. C.P.Ed.,
physician, professor of practice of medicine,
University ; house, 44 Charlotte square
Wyllie, Robert, 26 Reid terrace
Wyllie, William F. , 1 Ravelston terrace
Wyllie, Mrs David, 5 Wolseley crescent
Wyllie, Misses, 3 Bruntsfield gardens

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