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"Wood, Alexander, 198 Dalkeith road
Wood, Alexander, 26 Bonaly road
Wood, A. D., 141 Comiston road
Wood, Andrew, French polisher, 74 Dairy road ;
house, 12 Murieston road
Wood, Andrew, 41 Carlyle place
Wood, Andrew, 29 Colville place
Wood, Andrew ( Wood Brothers), 8 Tantallon
Wood, Andrew, 19 South St James' street
Wood, Andrew {Trail & W.), 18 Gilraore place
Wood, Andrew, stationer, 234 Dairy road
Wood, Andrew, 21 Warrender Park terrace
Wood, Andrew C, 2 Huntly street
Wood, Arthur, 16 Glengyle terrace
Wood, Charles, 30 Alva street
Wood, David, glass cutter, Norton park, London
I'oad ; house, 18 Hillside street
Wood, Geo., bootmaker, 11 West Crosscauseway
Wood, George, wholesale shoe manufacturer,
35 and 37 Elder street ; house, 23 Minto st.
Wood, George, 1 Union place, Leith
Wood, George, 3 Bayton terrace
Wood, Geo., jobbing gardener, 168 Causewayside
Wood, George Dick, butcher and poulterer, 50
Hanover st., 3 Montague st. , and 7 Leven st. ;
house, 67 Hanover street ; Telephone, 76
Wood, George J., W.S., 14 Young street ; house,
34 India street
Wood, George M., S.S.C., S.L., and N.P. {G.
M. W. & R.), 8 Bank street; ho. Linkview
house, Bruntsfield place
Wood, George W., hairdresser and perfumer,
324 Morningside road ; house, 12 Viewforth
Wood, G. Mure, jirn., W.S. ((?. M. W. &
Robertson), 8 Bank street ; house, Linkview
house, Bruntsfield place
Wood, G. D., butcher, 3 Montagu terrace
Wood, Henry, wholesale stationer and small
ware merchant, 3 Beaverhall road ; house, 19
Beaverhall terrace
Wood, James, gentleman's attendant, 7 Bal
Carres street
Wood, James, apartments, 1 Gayfield place
Wood, James, hairdresser, 6 St Peter's buildings
Wood, James, surgeon dentist, 33 Lauriston
Wood, James, 14 Caledonian road
Wood, James, 186 Morrison street
Wood, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 173
Wood, James, 13 Rosebank cottages
Wood, James, 315 High street
Wood, James, 2 Warriston crescent
Wood, J. Gaskin, photo lithographic artist
{A. W. & Son), 6 St Bernard's row
Wood, John, engineer, 13 Dalmeny street
Wood, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 14
Elm row; house, 13
Wood, John, 9 West Newington place
Wood, John, dairy, 196 Leitli walk
Wood, John, watchmaker, 14 Moncreiff terrace
Wood, John, apartments, 19 AthoU crescent
Wood, John, railway porter, 98 Montgomery st.
Wood, Jn., dairyman, Burn house, Jock's lodge
Wood, John, butcher, 176 Leith walk
Wood, John, corn merchant, 8 Grange road ■
Wood, John P., W.S. (Melville & Lindesay),
16 Buckingham terrace
Wood, J. W. Stirling, 3 Milton street
Wood, Joseph, newsagent and tobacconist, 162
Wood, L. Ingleby, architect, 122 George street ;
house. Riddle's court
Wood, Matthew W. {G.P.O.), 51 Prince Regent
Wood, Peter, 6 Claremont park
Wood, Philip Francis, advocate, 21 Ainslie place
Wood, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 113
and 115 Morrison st. ; ho. 5 Upper Grove pi.
Wood, Robert, fruiterer and confectioner, 152
Morrison street ; house, 5 Upper Grove place
Wood, Robert, tea, wine, and spirit merchant,
14 Salamander street and 19 Baltic street ;
house, 2 Kirk street
Wood, Robert, 19 Panmure place
Wood, Robert, 14 Brunswick road
Wood, Robt., com. trav., 99 Warrender Park rd.
Wood, Robt., jun. ( W. Bros.), 10 St Catherine's
Wood, Robert, 51 Prince Regent street
Wood, Robert H., S.S.C, 81 George street;
Telephone, 2417 ; house, 14 Chalmers street
Wood, R. Melville, 72 Princes sti-eet ; house,
Bellevue, East Trinity road
Wood, Russell Eliott, M.B., F.R. C.S.Ed., 9
Darnawajr street
Wood, Thomas, M.B., CM., 67 Ferry road
Wood, Thomas, 132 Easter road
Wood, Thomas, grocer and wine merchant, 23
Albany street, and 96 Newhaven road, Leith ;
house, 20 Summerside place
Wood, 'rhomas, 20 Spittal street
Wood, W. A., C.A. and actuary, 4 Melville
street ; house, 11 Clarendon crescent
Wood, W. Milne, 10 Rochester terrace
Wood, William, fishmonger, 8 Summer place ;
house, 9 Goldenacre terrace
Wood, Wm. , teacher of music, 43 Montgomery st.
Wood, William, 16 Roseneath place
Wood, Wm., joiner, 22 South Morningside drive
Wood, Wm., butcher and poulterer, 3 Teviot
Wood, William, 2 Brunswick place
Wood, William, surgeon, 19 Roxburgh street
Wood, William, 5 Upper Grove place
Wood, William {W. Brothers), 18 Sciennes road
Wood, William, jeweller and watchmaker, 49
Tolbooth wynd ; house, 58 Dudley aveuue
Wood, William, 14 Lewis terrace
Wood, Wm. , butcher, 23 St Andrew street, Leith
Wood, William, 17 Bryson road
Wood, William T., grocer {successor to R.
Christie), 53 Hanover st. ; house 14 Dundas st.
Wood, Mrs George Purves, 105 Warrender Park
Wood, Mrs James, 15 Thirlestane road
Wood, Mrs Mary, greengrocer and confectioner,
28 Bryson road ; house, 30
Wood, Mrs William, 34 Home street
Wood, Mrs William, 12 Viewforth
Wood, Mrs, 12 AthoU place
Wood, Mrs, 41 Caledonian crescent
Wood, Mrs, 14 Chalmers street
Wood, Mrs, 11 Clarendon crescent
Wood, Mrs, 1 Beaverhall road
Wood, Mrs, 3 Leopold place
Wood, Mrs, 4 Gillespie crescent

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