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Webster, Edward, solicitor and N.P., 13 South
Charlotte street ; house, 4 Mayfield terrace
Webster, George, sculptor, 17 Dublin street
Webster, George, plasterer and cement worker,
6 Drummond street
Webster, George {Blalce <t W.), 48 Eosslyn
Webster, G. Arbirthnott, house agent, 11
Hamilton place ; house, 12 Clarence street
Webster, Rev. Gordon, Corrennie gardens
Webster, Hugh A., librarian, University ; house,
3 John street, Portobello
Webster, James, Calderbank, 67 Trinity road
Webster, James, tea mcht., 11 Dalryraple place
Webster, James, bird dealer and cage maker, 1
Morrison street
Webster, James, grocer and wine merchant,
92 Main street, Newhaven j
Webster, James Johnston, 39 Briarbank terrace
Webster, Rev. John, D.D., 4 Mayfield terrace
Webster, John Chalmers, joiner, 12 Merchiston
Webster, John G., tobacconist, ISo Gi'eat
Junction street
Webster, John Manson, grocer and wine mcht.,
92 Comiston road ; house, 3 Canaan lane
Webster, Johnston, 11 Mansionliouse road
Webster, Oscar F., com. trav., 2 Lygon road
Webster, R., 87 Brunswick street
Webster, R. S., photographer, 60 Princes street ;
house, 61 Ashley terrace
Webster, Robert, upholsterer, 355 Leith walk
Webster, Samuel M., 15 Primrose terrace
Webster, Thomas, joiner and cabinetmaker, 109
Warrender Park road
Webster, T. A., 105 Buccleuch street
AVebster, William, watchniaker and jeweller, 20
North Richmond street
Webster, William, 21 Viewforth gardens
Webster, Mrs A., 11 Hamilton place
Webster, Mrs James, 8 Gloucester place
Webster, Mrs, 30 Pitt street
Webster, Mrs, 40 Harrison road
Webster, Mrs, 8 Craiglea drive
Webster, Misses, 69 Morningside park
Webster, Misses, 26 Albany street
Webster, Miss M., 47 Morningside park
Webster Miss, milliner, 32 Lochrin buildings
Webster, Miss, 37 Gillespie crescent
Weddell, Alex. , coal agent, Dalkeith colliery ;
office, South Leith station
Weddell, Alexander, 10 Salisbury street
Weddell, James, baker and confectioner, 231
Gorgie road ; house, 4 Newton street
Weddell, John, bookbinder, 2 Cadzow place
Weddell, Robert, dairy, 7 William street
Weddell, Robert, bellhanger, 25 Montgomery
Weddell, Wm., bookseller and stationer, Edin-
burgh Bible warehouse, 48 South Bridge ;
house, 14 Minto street
Weddell, Mrs, 58 Montpelier park
Weddell, Mrs, 25 Comely Bank road
Wedderburn, A. J. F., S.S.C. {Alex. Mor'ison
& Co., W.S.), 33 Queen street; house, Duke
street, Portobello
Weddei'burn, Rev. Chas., 19 Mansionliouse rd.
Wedderburn, J. R. M., W.S. {Carment, W., d-
Watson), 3 Glencairn crescent
Wedderburn, William, 13 Belford road
Wedderburn, Mrs, 39 Morningside drive
Wedderspoon, Mrs James, 1 Rochester terrace
Wedderspoon, Misses, 16 Carlton street
Wedderspoon, Miss, 23 Royal crescent
Weekes, Joseph, 27 West Catherine place
Weeraat, Miss, principal of private boarding
and day school, St John's, 45 Lauder road
Weierter, Ernest H., grocer and wine merchant,
9 Duke street ; house, 39 Dublin street
Weights and Measures Offices, 25 Guthrie
St. ; Wm. Shaw, 16 Livingstone pi., custodier
and chief inspector
WeKtHts and ]\Ieasure8 Offices, 89 Great
Junction street ; Robt. Aitchison, inspector
Weir & Squirrell, produce importers, 4 Bernard
street ; Telegraph, ' Weir, Leith ' ; Telephone,
Weir, R. & R. . fish merchants, 206 Cowgate
and 26 West Port
Weir, T. F., & Robertson, S.S.C, 8 Frederick
Weir, Alex., commercial traveller, 48 London st.
Weir, Alexander, coal merchant, 24 New build-
ings. Dean path
Weir, Alexander, 18 West Claremont street
Weir, Alexander, printer, 148 Brunton gardens
Weir, Alexander, 12 AVaverley place
Weir, Chas., commercial traveller, 3 Bellevue st.
Weir, Daniel, missionary, 9 Bright terrace
Weir, David, farmer, Roadend, Slateford road
Weir, David C, egg merchant and commission
agent, 51 and 55 Circus lane
Weir, Donald, 57 India place
Weir, Duncan M., 14 Comely Bank terrace
Weir, George, com. trav., 42 Marchniont road
Weir, James, grocer and provision merchant,
205 Morningside road ; ho., 7 Maxwell street
Weir, James, 5 Shandon j^lace
Weir, James J., 6 Granton road
Weir, James Mullo, S.S.C, 5 Queen street ;
Telegraph, ' Resolute ' ; Telephone, 1103 ;
house, 5 AVest Brighton crescent, Portobello
Weir, J., 11 Roxburgh street
Weir, J. , 7 Maxwell street
Weir, John, merchant and commission agent, 37
Dundee terrace
Weir, John D. {Nat. Bank Ltd.), 9 St Catherine's
Weir, John E., 18 Brandon terrace
Weir, John Gilbert, 26 Caledonian crescent
Weir, Peter, 14 Pitt street
Weir, Richard {R. & R. W.), 15 Bernard terrace
Weir, R. , coal merchant, 112 Rose street
AVeir, Robert {Livingston tt W. ), 4 Oswald rd. ;
Telephone, 752
AVeir, Robert {R. <& R. W.), 5 Cameron park
Weir, Thomas, chemist and druggist, 59 Great
Junction street
Weir, Thomas George, silver-plate polisher, 3
Comely Bank place
Weir, Thomas AV. G., 3 Comely Bank row
Weir, W. Porteous, clerk, 37 Dundee terrace
AVeir, AV. R., 51 Broughton street
Weir, William, 114 Marchniont road
Weir, Mrs Helen, dairy, Roadend, Slateford rd.
Weir, Mrs John, 5 Hermand terrace
Weir, Mrs, 18 Grange loan
Weir, Mrs, 2 Orwell place

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