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"Watt, Mrs J., wardrobe dealer, 7 Johnston ter.
"Watt, Mrs John, newsagent, 94 Main street
"Watt, Mrs L. D., sph-it merchant, 12 St
Leonard's hill ; house, 27 St Leonard's street
Watt, Mrs Peter, grocer and spirit merchant,
3 South Back of Canongate ; house, 11 Cam-
bridge gardens
Watt, Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, 108
Rose street
"Watt, Mrs, 6 AVest Catherine place
"Watt, Mrs, 5 Annandale street
"Watt, Mrs, 101 Henderson row
Watt, Mrs, 43 Trinity road
Watt, Mrs, 21 Salisbury road
Watt, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 8
Lochrin buildings
Watt, Miss, 18 Braidburn terrace
Watt, Miss, stationei', 101 Henderson row
Watt, Miss, 41 Lutton place
Watt, Miss, confectioner, 83 Pitt street
Watt, Catherine, newsagent, 13 Kiddle's close
Leith ; house, 14
Watt, J. & M., dressmakers, 170 Dalkeith rd. ;
house, 189
Watt's Hospital, 87 Duke street, .Leith
V/atters, Alex., coal merchant, 8 Summerhall
Waiters, A., stationer and newsagent, 75 Great
Junction street
Watters, David (secretary Lily of Leith lodge,
B.O. A.F.G.), 9 Tennailt street
Watters, David, hairdresser, 14 Hill place ;
house, 13
Watters, George, accountant and house agent,
7 West Nicolson st. ; ho. , 21 Crawfurd road
Watters, George, 86 West Bow
Watters, Robert, basket maker, 16 S. Niddry
Watters, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 93
South Bridge and 50 Leith street ; house,
27 Queen's crescent
Watters, Mrs, 53 Thistle street
Watty, William Henry (in command of IT. M.S.
Redwing), 30 Trinity crescent
Wauchope, Moodie, & Co., wine merchants, 14
Constitution street ; Telegraph, ' Wauchope,
Leith '
Wauchope, David B., 14 Constitution street;
house, 24 Moray place
Wauchope, D. A., 14 Constitution street; ho.,
24 Moray place
Wauchope, P. H. Don, W.S., 66 Queen street;
house, 19 Carlton terrace
Wauchope, Lady Don, 12 Ainslie place
Waugh & M'Lachlan, W.S., 108 George street
Waugh, Jn. R. , k Son, coal agents, 26 Shandon
pi. ; Telephone, 10 Western : Slateford rd. ;
Telephone, 10a Western
Waugh, Adam C, 15 Cathcart place
Waugh, David, local manager. Sun Insurance
Office, 40 Princes street
Waugh, George, ham and sausage shop, 110
Nicolson street ; house, 7 Hope Park terrace
Waugli, James, 9 Merchistou grove
Waugh, John [James Young d- Sons Limited),
62 Merchiston avenue
Waugh, John, joiner and builder, 70 Mont-
gomery street ; house, 117
Waugh, John, 16 AthoU terrace
Waugh, John James, W.S., 32 Lauder road
Waugh, Joseph Laing, 3 Comiston drive
Waugh, M., Polwarth dairy, 4 Polwarth ores.;
house, 62 Merchiston avenue
Waugh, Percival, 69 South Morningside drive
WAUGH, ROBERT, hosier, glover, and hatter,
37 and 39 Leith street ; house. Cherry grove,
Juniper green. JjiSee Adv. index
Waugh, Robert, mason, 109 Gorgie road
Waugh, Robert S., 32 Lauder road
Waugh, William Lindsay, 5 Caledonian road
Waugh, W., metal merchant, 6 and 8 Dumbie-
dykes road
Waugh, Mrs George, 1 Hill square
Waugh, Mrs Mary, 142 Montgomery street
Waugh, Mrs Robert, 21 Leith street
Waugh, Mrs, 11 Meadow place
Waverley Bazaar, toys and fancy goods, Waver-
ley steps, Princes street
Waverley Billiard Rooms, 17 So. St Andrew st.
WAVERLEY ELECTRIC CO., electrical en-
gineers ; showrooms, 117 George street ;
Waverley Electric Works, Portobello ; Tele-
phones, 14 Portobello, 2129 Edinburgh
Waverley Eestaurant, 1 Princes street
Waverley Rubber Works Co. Ltd., indiarubber
manufacturers, Roseburn
Waverley Temperance Hotel, 43 Princes street
Waverley Temperance Hotel, New, 18 Waterloo
place ; Telephone, 1007
Bridge ; Matthew Macleod, proprietor ; house,
2 Bucclench place. ^See Adv. index
Wear, Salvanus, 17 Dudley gardens
Weatherhead, Robert & Sou, house agents and
coal merchants, 12 and ]3 East Norton place
Weatherstone, Alex., provision merchant, 29
Leven street
Weatherstone, Robert Mason, 33 Viewforth
Weatherstone, Thomas, 7 Elm place, Leith
Weatherstone, Mrs, 149 Morrison street
Webbj Alexander, 22 Annandale street
Webb, Charles, 13 Leven terrace
Webb, Edward, Aytoun villa, 6 Priestfield road
Webb, James, hairdresser, 6 Grassmarket; house,
12 S|iittal street
Webb, John, joiner, 10 Livingstone place
Webb, SteTphei-i (Clarke, NickoUs, tfc Coombs Ltd.,
London), Aytoun villa, 6 Prie.stfield road
Webber, Alexander, 1 Yeanian place
Webber, A., 142 Dundee street
Webber, James B., 80 Grove street
Webster & Gardiner, messengers-at-arms, 5
North St David street
Webster, G. & J., builders, joiners, house
carpenters, and house agents, 32 St Bernard's
Webster, Will, & Co., S.S.C, 37 Queen street;
Telegraph, ' Webster ' ; Telephone, 2021
Webster, A., 11 Millar crescent
Webster, A. Douglas, M.D., F.R.C.P., B.Sc,
Belleville lodge, Blacket avenue
Webster, Andrew, joiner, cabinetmaker, and
blacksmith, Wardie cottage. Ferry road
Webster, C. Clarke, solicitor, 36 Hanover street ;
house, 57 Comely Bank avenue
Webster, David, commercial traveller, 8 View-
forth square
Webster, David (G.P.O.), 33 Rosie place

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