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Watmore, James, commission merchant, 21 i
Candlemaker row ; house, 218 Dairy road
Watmore, Mrs, laundry, 7 Summerhall square I
Watson & Mathers, W.S., 47 Frederick street ; i
Telegraph, ' Conveyance ' I
Watson & Morrison, C.A., 16 S. Charlotte st. j
Watson, Leybourne, & Co., corn and flour factors
and agents, 3 Bernard street ; Telegraph,
' Leybourne, Leith ' ; Telephone, 432
Watson, Adam, & Sou, joiners, cabinetmakers,
upholsterers, undertakers, house agents and
valuators, Venetian and wire-gauze blind manu-
facturers, 23 Union street; Telephone, 1196
WATSON, GEORGE, & CO., artistic furniture
manufacturers and direct importers of Oriental
artwork, Turkey, Persian, and Indian carpets,
and artistic furniture, 52 Shandwick place ;
house, 22 Barnton terrace
Watson, Wm., & Co., glass and china merchants,
213 Bruntsfield place, 83 and 85 Grassmarket;
house, 9 Lonsdale terrace
Watson, William, & Sons, builders, house carpen-
ters, house agents, 22 Morningside road
Watson, AV., & Sons, opticians, 16 Forrest road
Watson, R. & G., grocers, wine and spirit mer-
chants, 1 Tennant street
Watson, R. & T., ordained surveyors and
valuators, 5 York place
Watson, W. & J. R., house carpenters, joiners,
and builders, lona street
Watson, Adam {A. W. (b Son), 5 Gayfield square
Watson, Adam, jun. {A. W. <fe Son), 5 Gayfield
Watson, Adam, 5 Cambusnethan street
Watson, Alexander, 4 Yeaman place
Watson, Alexander, shipmaster, 35 M'Doiialdrd.
Watson, Alexander, newsagent, 20 l\lilton st. ;
house, 34
Watson, Alexander, baker and confectioner,
68 Henderson row ; ho. , 2 West Claremont
Watson, Alexander, 17 Union place
Watson, Alexander, 73 Brunswick street
Watson, Alexander, 24 Brougham place
Watson, Alexander, seal engraver-, 132 Rose st.
Watson, Alex., house furnishing, baby carriages,
mail carts, and domestic machinery ware-
house, 4 Brunswick place ; house, 122
Montgomery street
Watson, Alexander C, 3 Gloucester place
Watson, Rev. A. B. , 4 Kilmaurs terrace
Watson, A. P., ironmonger, 173a Gt. Junction
street ; house, 6 Allan street, Leith
Watson, A. Swan, photographer and portrait
painter, Viewpark Photo studios, Bruntsfield
links ; house, Yiewpark cottage, Alvanley ter.
Watson, Andrew, grocer and wine merchant, 1
Bayton terrace ; house, 3
Watson, Andrew I., 44 Cumberland street
Watson, Anthony {La Cour <b W.), 21 Inver-
leith place
Watson, Anthonj^, vice-consul for Denmark at
Granton, 14 Commercial street ; house, 21
Inverleith place
AYatson, Charles, 9 Albert teiTace
Watson, Charles B. Boog, engineer ( Went End
engine ivorks), 82 Polwarth terrace
Watson, Christopher F. , commercial traveller,
12 Viewforth gardens
AYatson, Crawford Strang, solicitor {Cla?-k tt-
Macdonald, S.S.C), 24 Hill street; house,
13 Keith crescent. Blackball
Watson, Daniel, fruiterer, florist, and confec-
tioner, 20 Union place
Watson, Douglas Chalmers, M.B., CM..
M.R. C.P.Ed., 22 Coates crescent
AA'^atson, Francis, miller, 9 Gibson street
Watson, Rev. George, {senior minister of
Hownam), Pembroke lodge, Murrayfield
AYatson, George, architect, 4 Hope st. ; house,
37 East Claremont street
Watson, George, 36 Easter road
Watson, George, architect and surveyor, 6 York
place ; house, 17 Brimton place
Watson, George, 22 Barnton terrace
Watson, George, 5 Yiewforth terrace
AYatson, George, 9 Dalgety street
Watson, George, 12 AYest Richmond street
Watson, George {Hamilton, Pater son, & W.) ;
17 Brunton place
AYatson, George E., C. A., 16 South Charlotte st. %
Telegraph, 'Ambulance'; Telephone, 308^
house, Benarty, 3 Polwarth terrace
Watson, George E., 62 Dairy road
Watson, George Henry, representative of Anglo-
American Oil Co. Limited, Rose cottage^
Trinity road east
Watson, George H., ironmonger and oil mer-
chant, 30 Craighall road
AA^atson, George Porteous, grocer and wine
merchant, 7 Parsonsgreen terrace ; house, 14
Lilyhill terrace
AYatson, Geo. VY., L.D.S.Edin., dental surgeon,
lecturer on dental surgery and pathology, 15
Coates crescent
Watson, G. Hill, L.D.S., R.C.S.E., 1 Summer-
side place
Watson, G. L., 15 Clarendon crcs. ; Telephone,
AYatson, Gilbert, builder, house carpenter, anti
joiner, 20 AA^oodburn ter. ; ho., 6 Abbotsfordpk.
Watson, Graham G., 7 Rosebery crescent
Watson, Henry, engineer, 17 Lilyhill terrace
AVatson, James, church officer, 2 Dean street
AVatson, James, dairyman, AA'ardie Farm dairy,
Rosebank road
Watson, James, clerk, 13 Rintoul place
Watson, James, C.A. {Standard Property Invest-
ment Co. Limited), 17 Mayfield road
AYatson, James, 1 Palmerston road
AVatson, James, 1 East Trinity road
Watson, James, ironmonger, 40 and 42 Charlotte
street, Leith ; house, 21 Pilrig street
Watson, James, fish, game, and poultry sales-
man, 104 Leith street; Wholesale Fishmarket,
58.V Castle street, and Pier place, NcAvhaven ;
Telephone, 174; ho., 91 Mayfield road
Watson, James, shoemaker. 8 Caledonian road
AYatson, James, 1 Comely Bank row
AYatson, James, 8 Picardy place
AYatson, James, S.S.C. {solicitor, N.B.R.), 2g
AYaterloo place ; Telegraph, ' British ' ; Tele-
phone, 1047 ; house, 40 Buckingham terrace
AVatson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 227
and 229 Gorgie road ; house, 206 Dairy road
AYatson, James, joiner, cabinetmaker, uphol-
sterer, bellhanger, venetian-blind maker, 14
Hamilton place

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