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Warden, J. M., 67 Morningside drive
Warden, Thomas, 6 Wolseley terrace
Warden, William, Braid farm, Morningside
Warden, Mrs Francis S., 30 Bruntsfield gardens
Warden, Mrs, 4 Lennox street
Wardhaugh, G. , 33 Commercial street
Wardhaugh, Agnes, dressmaker, 2 Leslie place
Wardlaw, David, W.S., 5 Thistle street
Wardlaw, George, 14 St John's hill
Wardlaw, Henry, 47 Forrest road
Wardlaw, James {G.P.O.), 146 Brunton gardens
Wardlaw, James, 8 Albany street, Leith
Wardlaw, John, 53 Bristo street
Wardlaw, Mrs Peter M. , 37 Elm row
Wardlaw, Mrs, 22 Royal crescent
Wardlaw, Mrs, 9 Lansdowne crescent
Wardlaw, Misses, dressmakers and milliners,
78 Findhorn place
Wardlaw, iliss M. Whinstaue, 9 Hope tex'race
Wardlaw, Miss, 243 Ncwhaven road
Wardlaw, Miss, registry for servants, Berlin
Wool and Fancy Repositorjr, 77 Morningside
road ; honse, 14 St John's hill
Wardrop, Rev. James, D.D., Professor of
Apologetics and Systematic Theology, U. 1'.
College ; house, Spring gardens, John street,
Wardrop, William, 3 Tay street
Wareham, Rev. E. Alport, 27 May field terrace
Wareham, E. C, 3 Windsor street
Wares, Farquhar, publican, 121 Leith walk ; ho.,
19 M 'Don aid road
Wares, Misses, 115 Warrender Park road
Warner, Ion Godfrey, clerk, 78 Bonaly road ,
Warnes, Captain Thomas John, R.A., 53
Albany street, Leith
Warrack, John, & Co., shipowners and insurance
brokers, 43 Constitution street ; Telegraph,
' Warrack, fjcith '
Warrack, James H. {John ]V. <£.• Co.), 7 Lennox-
Warrack, Jn. {John W. <t Co.), 14 Carlton ter.
Warrack, John, jun. (/. W. &Co.), 13 Rosebery
Warre & Co., Oporto; C. Morrison & Sons, 84
Constitution street, agents for Scotland
Warren, Samuel, organist, 32 Summerside street
Warren, Mrs M. A., 20 Cumin place
Warren, Miss, apartments, 69 Shandwick place
Warrender Baths, Thiriestane road ; Alex.
Bannerman, manager
Warrender Private Baths Co. Limited; W. J.
Croall, C. A., secretary, 2 St Andrew square
Warrender, Sir George, Hart., Bruntsfield house,
Whitehouse loan
Warrick, Miss, postmistress, Murray field
Warrington, James, 13 Elmwood terrace
Warriston Cemetery, Warriston road
proprietors. Misses C. & A. Stott, Warriston rd.
Warwick & Sons, printers and ticket writers,
39 Morrison street
Wason, William, 10 Elm place
Wass, Asa, & Son, woollen rag and paper stock
merchants, 161 Fountainbridge
Water Officers. See Public Departments
Water of Leith Purification and Sewerage
Commissioners, 16 Queen street; AV. P.
Lindsay, W. S., clerk
Waters & Mitchell, proprietors and manufac-
turers of Scott's vegetable pills, 53 Lothian st.
Waters, David, 2 Allan street, Leith
Waters, Donald, 56 Cornhill terrace
Waters, H. {Johnston <b W.), Gracefield, Wester
Coates avenue
Waters, James, 5 St Stephen street
Waters, John, 139 Great Junction street
Waters, John A., solicitor, 5 North Charlotte
street ; house, 1 Argyle place
Waters, Mrs, 51 Yiewforth
Waters, Mrs, 37 Mayfield road
Waters, Mrs, 7 North Fort street
Waterson, William, 13 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Waterston k Johnston, stationers and printers,
19 I]ernard street and 31 Sandport street
manufacturing ex]iort and general stationers,
engravers, lithographers, and printers ; bank
note and cheque printers, bookbinders,
envelope makers, makers of the Bee l^rand
Sealing AVax, wafer makers, and quill dressers,
56 to 60 Hanover street ; printing office,
101 George street ; factory, 12 St John's hill ;
Telegraph, 'Waterstons' ; Telephone, 266
Waterston, Jas., & Sons, coal merchants, 59 New-
ington road, 34 Mayfield gardens, and 2 West
Maitland street ; depots, Caledonian railway,
Morrison st. ; and North British, Mayfield rd.
Waterston k Son, house agents, 37 Lutton place
Waterston, David, M.A., M.B., CM., Anatonij
Department, Edinburgh L^niversity
Waterston, George {G. \V. d: Sons), 10 Clarc-
mont crescent
Waterston, James H., property and insurance
agent, 142 High street
Waterston, James Sime {G. W. tt Sons), 3
Comely Bank terrace
Waterston, John, plumber, 30 Duff street
Waterston, John, coal merchant, 17 W. Newing-
ton place
Waterston, John, 39 Shandon crescent
Waterston, John William ({?. W. & Sons), 12
Inverleith tei'race
Waterston, Peter, sewing-machines, Hitchcock
lamps, wholesale and retail depot (established
1868), 15 Frederick st. ; ho., 94 Lothian road
Waterston, Thomas, assistant sanitary inspector,
30 Dutr street
Waterston, William, 32 Hillside street
Waterston, AVilliam, 26 Queen's crescent
Waterston, Wni. Montifex, teacher of violin
and singing, 19 Shandvvick ]dace
Waterston, Mrs J., 15 Clerk street
Waterston, Mrs J., 16 Gillespie crescent
Waterston, Mrs, 7 Meadow place
Waterston, Miss A., lodgings, 74 George street
Waterston, Miss, 4 Bellevue terrace
Watherston, J., builder, Pentland villa, West
Watherston, John, & Sons, builders and house
carpenters, 29 Queensferry street
Watlierston, John (•/. W. <t Sons), 47 Manor
Watherston, John, 5 Livingstone place
Watherston, R. H., builder, Pentland villa,
\Vest Coates
Watling, William {G.P.O.), 3 Comely Bank

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