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Wallace, Kobert W., W.S. ( W. d; Begg), 7 Inver-
leith row
Wallace, Thomas, 17 Viewfortli
Wallace, Thomas, 9 Sliandon place
Wallace, Thomas, 20 Teviotdale place
Wallace, Thomas {actuary, North Britlsli and
Mercantile Insurance Co.), 31 Grange loan
Wallace, Thomas {Alex. Mathieson & Sons
Ltd. ), 84 Marchmont road
Wallace, Thos., tailor and clothier, 16 Spittal st.
Wallace, T. M., 36 Lutton place
Wallace, T. W., W.S., 9 Abercromby place;
house, 11 Castle street
Wallace, Walter, dairy, 8 Viewforth ; house, 7
Wallace, Walter Scott, 5 Mansheld place
Wallace, William, 116 Easter road
Wallace, William, draper, 11 Crighton place ;
house, 28 Rosslyn ci'escent
Wallace, Wm. {Royal Bank), 8 Cluny gardens
Wallace, William, 1 Burlington street
Wallace, William, advocate, 6 N.-E. Circus
Wallace, William, spirit merchant, 2b Jamaica
street ; house, 27 Howe street
AVallace, Mrs Houston Stewart, 18 Buckingham
Wallace, Mrs James, 5 Upper Grove place
Wallace, Mrs J. , tobacconist, 6 Fox street
Wallace, Mrs M. T., 13 Roseneath terrace
Wallace, Mrs, 11 Priestfield road
Wallace, Mrs, 66 Northumberland street
Wallace, Mrs, 1 Greenbank terrace
Wallace, Mrs, 38 Leamington terrace
Wallace, Mrs, 16 Alva street
Wallace, Mrs, greengrocer, 17 St Andrew street,
Wallace, Mrs, 30 Gillespie crescent
Wallace, Mrs, 24 Blackwood crescent
Wallace, Mrs, Shoestanes, 36 Netherl>y road.
AVallace, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 21 Murieston cres.
Wallace, Mrs, 35 Dalmeny street
Wallace, Misses, 2 Merchiston crescent
Wallace, Miss A., braider, designer, and ladies'
tailor, 23 Castle street
Wallace, Miss C, 15 Shandon place
Wallace, Miss Chrissie F., dairy, 1 Dalhousie
Wallace, Miss E. W., 87 Bruntsfield place
Wallace, Miss 1. M. , coal agent, 1 Al\'a street
Wallace, Miss, 44 Montpelier park
Wallace, Miss, 37 Coates gardens
Wallace, Miss, 79 Marchmont road
Wallace, Mary Elizabeth, Holyrood Family
laundry, London road
Wallbridge, Mrs J. L., fancy goods bazaar, 13
AVallbridge, Miss Jean, milliner, 118a George
street ; house, 17 Polwarth gardens
Wallis & Son, 131 Princes St.; 120 Pall Mall,
London, S.W.
Walls, James, 3 Comely Bank terrace
AVails, James, tailor and clothier, 1 Orwell pi.
Walls, James H., plumber and gasfitter, 71
Lauriston street ; house, 16 Drumdryan street
Walls, Jn., commercial traveller, 30 Brunton ter.
Walls, Robert, solicitor, 29 Queen street
Walls, Robert, 256 Dairy road
Walls, Robert, 20 Brunton place
Walls, Robert, 43 Dudley gardens
Walls, Thomas, horse dealei', S. -E. CumberlamS
Street lane ; house, 5 East London street
Walls, Thomas J., scientific instrument maker,
47 Lothian street ; house, 26 Oxford street
Walls, Mrs A., 20 Hay terrace
Walls, Miss, 33 Heriot row
Walls, Agnes, dressmaker, 195 Gorgie road ;
house, 12 The Crescent, Gorgie
Walsh, Miss M., ladies' wardrobes, 24 Lothian
street ; house, 1 3 Druramond street
Waltei', R., & Son, registered plumbers and
gasfitters, 191 Dairy road
Walters, R. & Son, plumbers, 166 Dalkeith road ;
house, 164
Walters, George, 73 Comely Bank avenue
AYalters, Mrs Margaret, apartments, 1 Alva st.
Walton, Alexander, grocer and wine merchant,
126 Marchmont road ; ho., 88 Blackford aven.
Walton, George, 3 Caledonian crescent
Walton, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
449 Lawnmarket
Walton, W. G. , actuaiy, 66 Great King street
Walton, Edith, L.R.A.M., A.G.S.M., solo
pianist, 8 Atholl place
Wands, Frederick, 29 Almond Bank terrace
Wands, William, 10 Wellington street
Wane, Marshall, photographer, 82 George street ;
house, 71 Morningside driA'e
Wanless, Jolm Ross, joiner, 3 Valleyfield street
Wanless, Robert, 29 Montpelier
Wanless, Thomas, 15 Cathcart place
Warburton, Colonel W. P., M.D., C.S.L,
superintendent Royal Infinnary ; house
entrance, Meadow walk
Warburton, Mrs, 8 Hillside street
Ward & Drysdale, grocers and wine merchants,
222 and 224 Newliaven road
.Ward & M'Millan Limited, aerated water manu-
facturers, 4 Barony place
Ward & Tupman, shipowners and foundry
loam merchants, 2 Dock place
Ward, Anthony, & Co., wholesale trimming
warehousemen, 13 Hanover street
Ward, William John, & Co., wine merchants,
67 Shandwick place
Ward, Alex., tea, wine and spirit merchant, 46
North Fort st. ; ho , Dudley villa, 26 Dudley
Ward, H., builder, Elizafield house. North Fort
street ; house, 198 Newhaven road
Ward, James, 27 Mertoun place
Ward, J. G., 5 Jameson place
Ward, Jolm, saleroom, 18 Yardheads
Ward, John C, 5 .Tameson place
Ward, John W. , Longuevillc, Wardic road
Ward, Joseph, 57 Bennington road
Ward, Thomas, grocer and wine merchant, 26
James street ; house, 6 Hamburgh place
Ward, Wm. M., cartwright and blacksmith,
Ballantyne road ; house, 11 Largo place
Ward, William W., 27 Stirling road
Ward, Mrs W. F., 31 Stirling road
Ward, Miss, 18 Polwarth crescent
Wardale, Thomas, & Son, sawmakers, Castle-
bank Saw works, 46 Grassmarket
Wardalo, Thomas, 17 Teviot place
Warden, Herbert L., solicitor, 37 George st. ;
house, 30 Bruntsfield gardens

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