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Xalker, Francis S., 29 Hillside street
Walker, Fred, farniture dealer, 18 & 19 Kirkgate
.^alker, Frederick, fish salesman, Fish house,
Newhaven ; house, 4 Anchorfield
Walker, George, 42 Lygon road
Walker, George, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and
furniture dealer, 3 York place ; house, 12
North St David street
Walker, Gideon, miller, Bell's mills, Dean
Walker, Henry W., architect, 12 N. St Andrewst.
Walker, H., 47 Sciennes road
Walker, I. Nisbet, draper, 48 Dairy road
Walker, James, goods agent, N.B.R., Leith
Walk station
Walker, James {Brown cO W.), 17 Kilmaurs rd.
Walker, James, C.A. , 25 Frederick street;
house, Spring grove, 1 Tipperlinn road
Walker, James, 5 Polwarth place
Walker, James, 108 Easter road
Walker, James, confectioner, 98 Morningside
road ; house, 27 Montague street
\Walker, James, accountant, 122 George street ;
house, 8 Glenisla gardens
Walker, James, gardener and contractor, 16
- Gomiston gardens
Walker, James, 1 Leamington place
Walker, James, 7 Buccleuch place
'Walker, James, glass-cutter, Abhey street ;
house, 32 Mary field
talker, James, 9 William street
Walker, James, 7 Caledonian road
Walker, James D., stockbroker {J. D. W. d;
Watson), 13 Bright crescent
Walker, James G. {O. <b J. W.), 7 East Hermitage
Walker, James H., 46 Brunswick street
Walker, James K. , 7 Union street
Walker, James Pearson, S.S.C., 53 Frederick
street ; house, 31 Nile grove
' Walker, James S. , general draper and outfitter,
185 Leith Walk and Smith's place ; house, 67
Montgomery street
Walker, J. {Nisbet, IV. <b Co.), 35a Restalrig
Walker, J. L., 19 Wellington street
^Walker, J. R. Hall, M.B., CM., 24 Forth street
Walker, John ( /. IF. ct Son), 3 Great King st.
'Walker, John, 14 Orwell place
Walker, John, builder, 6 Largo place
Walker, John, builder and joiner, 24 Morrison
street ; house, Polwarth Grove cottage
Walker, John, dispensing chemist, 14 Sciennes
road ; house, Letham cottage, Liberton
' Walker, John, 28 Charlotte street, Leith
'.Walker, John, 41 George street; house, 3 Great
King street
Walker, Jn., engine-driver, 12 Breadalbane ter.
Walker, John, C.A. {W. cfc White), 13 Rosslyn
. crescent
Walker, John, fishmonger, 84 Causewayside and
■ 6 Grange loan ; house, 50 Sciennes
'Walker, John, dressmakers' furnisher, 151 and
1,53 Morrison street ; house, 58 Ashley ter.
'Walker, John Dalling, chemist and druggist,
■' '187 Gorgie road ; house, 5 Wheatfield street
■'.Walker, John S. T., 18 Eyre place
Walker, Joseph, com. traveller, 156 Ferry road
' Walker, Joseph J. (/. W. <t Son), 4 Polwarth
Walker, Norman, M.D., F.R.C.P., 7 Manor pi.
Walker, P. W., clerk, Gibraltar villas, St
Leonard's lane
Walker, P., spirit merchant, 330 Lawnmarket ;
house, 14 Gladstone terrace
VValker, Peter, plasterer, 48 Buccleuch street ;
house, 177 Dalkeith road
Walker, Rankine, 105 St Leonard's street
Walker, Richard, 26 Grindlay street
Walker, R. Milne, 55 Dick place
Walker, Robert {11. Brotchie ct Co.), 14 Forth st.
Walker, Robert, 16 Caledonian place
Walker, Robert, 30 Brunton terrace
Walker, Robert, 61 Brunswick street
Walker, Robert, 1 St Vincent street
Walker, Samuel, M.A., B.Sc. , teacher, 126
Gilmore place
Walker, Thomas, messenger, 66 Commercial st.
Walker, Thomas, vocalist and singing master,
24 Rankeillor street
Walker, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 2
East Arthur place ; ho. , 24 Rankeillor street
Walker, TJiomas, 1 Wardlaw place
Walker, Thomas, slater and chimney swee]\
Lower GUmore place ; house, 17 Laiiriston st.
Walker, Thomas, 5 Lauriston street
Walker, Thomas L. , 9 Crawfurd road
Walker, W. , 93 Brunswick street
Walker, W. F., teacher, St James' Epis. school;
house, 16 Summcrside street
Walker, W. Glassford, C.A., 39 George street
Walker, W. 0., M.B., CM., 112 Gilmore i>lace
Walker, William, 13 Denham Green terrace
Walker, William, 10 Wellington place, Leith
Walker, William, coal merchant, Rose lane
Walker, William, cabinetmaker, 180 Rose street
Walker, William, tailor, 1 Mary's place
Walker, William, 15 Leslie place
Walker, William, 50 West Port
Walker, William, Merleton, Boswell road
Walker, William, 1 Spittalfield crescent
Walker, William, 44 Rosslyn crescent
Walker, William, 10 Coates crescent
Walker, William, linotype operator, 16 Dalzicl
Walker, Wm., missionary, 37 Albany st., Leith
Walker, Wm. ( W. Bryden ct Son), 4 India st.
Walker, Wm. H., accountant, 21 Angle Park ter.
Walker, Mrs Alexander, 21 Cathcart place
Walker, Mrs A., ladies' nurse, 4 Abbey street
Walker, Mrs C, 75 Brunswick street
Walker, Mrs D., 23 Melville terrace
Walker, Mrs Fletcher, 4 Balcarres street
Walker, Mrs G. S., 80 Comiston road
Walker, Mrs James, 17 Thorntree street
Walker, Mrs James, 136 Gilmore place
Walker, Mrs Jane Ann, 56 Home street
Walker, Mrs J. B., 40 St Leonard street
Walker, Mrs J. L., 388 Morningside road
Walker, Mrs J. W., 31 Howard place
Walker, Mrs Joseph, 70 Elm row
Walker, Mrs Susan, 42 Montgomery street
Walker, Mrs William, 18 Dudley avenue
Walker, Mrs William, 3 Leopold place
Walker, Mrs, 1 Mayfield gardens
Walker, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 6 Caledonian cres.
Walker, Mrs, 45 Morningside park
Walker, Mrs, 44 Pitt street, Bonnington
Walker, Mrs, 6 Magdala crescent

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