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Usher, Andrew Wiiram, brewer, 4 Bruntsfield
Usher, Frank J. {A. U. du Co.), 22 Belgrave
Usher, George, 4 Salishurj- road
Usher, H. L., C.A. {Richard Broivn <& Co.), 23
St Andrew square ; house, 51 Braid avenue
Usher, Sir John, Bart. {A. U. d- Co.), 34 ^Y.
Nicolson street
Usher, Robert, distiller, 34 West Nicolson st. ;
house, 10 Grosvenor crescent
Usher, Thomas, 17 Oxford street
Usher, Mrs Andrew, Blackford park. South
Oswald road
Usher, Mrs R. Henry, Glenord, Spy law road
Usher, Mrs, 5 Murrayfield avenue
Usmar, George Alleyne, late Captain Royal Ar-
tillery. See Caledonian United Service Club ;
house, 6 Loi'ne terrace
Utterson, Miss, 4 Bruntsfield avenue
Utterson, .James, grocer, 71 Dean street
Utterson, James, 2 St Bernard's row
Vaccine Institution, Central, for Scot-
land; "VVm. Husband, M.D., 4 Royal circus,
Vacuum Corking Machine Co., 9 Calton road
Vair, James, 21 Milton street
LAND, 18 Both well street, GLASGOW;
Arthur Findlay, agent
Valentine & Sous Ltd., photographic publishers,
Dundee ; plush frame-mount and fancy goods ;
manufacturing department, 49 Jeffrey street
Valentine, ]\lrs Henry, 15 Viewforth
Vallance, Andrew, tailor, 41 Bruntsfield place
Vallance, D. J., curator, Museum of Science
and Art, Chambers st. ; ho., 24 Glenorchy ter.
Vallance, George, 5 Kinghorn place
Vallance, W. F., R.S.A., 47 Great King street
Vallance, Wm., confectioner, 13 Hanover street
and 2 Hope street ; house, 8 Abercromby pi.
Vallance, Mrs, 26 Grange loan
Vallance, Miss G. A. C, 8 Spottiswoode street
Vallance, Isabella, 182 Bruntsfield place
Valuation of Lands and Registration of Voters
Acts ; office, 29 Waterloo place ; hours, 10 to
4 and 6 to 8, Saturdays 10 to 1
Valvona, B. , confectionei", 48 Gt. Junction st.
Valvona, F., confectioner, 140 Fountainbridge
Valvona, Francis, watchmaker and jeweller, 236
Dairy rd. ; house, 235
Valvona, G., confectioner, 121 Dairy road
Vance, John, brassfounder, 79 Grassmarket ;
house, 23 Warrender Park road.
Vauden Bergh, L. A., 32 Danube street
Vaudepeear, Joseph, compositor, 233 Dalkeith
Vanhegan, Adam, 8 Bangholra terrace
Varo, George, 53 George iv. Bridge
\'ase & Co. (J. Mangan, manager), china and
glass merchants, 55 Easter road
Vass, James, M.D., 4 Coirennie drive
Vass, C. E., milliner, 261 & 33 Dairy road, and
19 Bruntsfield place
'\'ass, James Donald, 32 Henderson street
Vayne, Madame de, dressmaker, 3 Alva street ;
house, 7 Braidburn crescent
Veitch, Moir, & Erskine, fruit brokers, 21 Market
street. Branches — 77 to 81 Ingram st., Glas-
gow ; and 73 High st., Dumfries. Telegraphic
addresses, 'Pear, Edinburgh,' and 'Pear,'
Branches. Telephone, 765
Veitch, Alexander, M. B., CM., medical practi-
tioner, 12 Gil more place
Veitch, A. D. {depute clerk of Justiciary), 94
Thiiiestane road
Veitch, Arch., tailor and clothier, 9 Salisbury
Veitch, Archibald, 9 Meadowbank terrace
Veitch, Rev. George, M.A. {assistant Canon-
gate Parish), 94 Thirlestane road
Veitch, David M., 35 Comely Bank road
Veitch, Jas., wholesale and retail confectioner,
86a Cro'sscauseway
Veitch, John, fruiterer, 46 Polwartli crescent
Veitch, John, gardener, 4 Mentone gardens ;
house, 8 Livingstone place
Veitch, John, missionary, 24 Duncan street
Veitch, John, wholesale wine merchant and
grocer, 1 Elm row ; house, 7 Hope crescent
Veitch, John, 21 Upper Grove place
Veitch, John, solicitor, 5 York place ; house, 7
Queen's crescent
Veitch, John J., 241 Dalkeith road
Veitch, M. B., dairy, 5 Orwell place
Veitch, M. C, 13 Marchmont crescent
Veitch, Peter, 28 Melville terrace
Veitch, Richard, hairdresser, 2 Dewar place ;
house, 137 Morrison street
Veitch, R., spirit merchant, 92 Abbey hill ;
house, 21 South Norton place
Veitch, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 197
High street ; house, Traquair lodge, 8 South
Gray street
Veitch, Robert, com. traveller, 4 St Leonard's
Veitch, Robt.(r., Moir, I- Er shine), 9 Blenheim
Veitch, Robert B., 93 Slateford road
Veitch, Thomas, 19 Dundee terrace
Veitch, William, Depute Clerk of Session, -15
George square
Veitch, Wm. {Nat. Bank Ltd.), 24 Almond Bank
Veitch, Mrs Andrew, 14 East Preslon street
Veitch, Mrs Mary, 1 Airlie place
Veitch, Mrs Walter, Gillsland, 2 Spylaw road
Veitch, Mrs, 72 Broughton street
Veitch, Miss A. A., dressmaker, 7 Orwell place
Veitch, Miss Bessie, Berlin wool and baby linen
shop, 84 Bruntsfield place
Veitch, Miss Kate, artist, studio, 1 4 E. Preston st.
Veitch, Isabella, grocer, 4 Orwell place ; ho., 7
Veitch's Private Hotel, 127 and 133 George
Veiiters, Dr. Isabel, LL.A., M.B., CM., 6
Archibald place
Vernal, Miss M., lodgings, 8 Frederick street
Vernon, Miss, matron. House of Refuge, 64
Vert,' A. C D., S.S.C, 2a Hill street; Tele-
phone, 2098 ; Telegiaydi, 'Redress, Edin-
burgh ' ; house, 41 Stilling road. Trinity
Vert, Robert, joiner, 12 Bonaly road
Verr, William, 27 St Patrick square
Vert, Mrs Francis, 16 Lomond road, Trinity

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