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Thomson, Jas., M.A., LL.B., advocate, 85 Great
King street
Thomson, James, 39 James street
Thomson, James, 1 1 Leslie place
Thomson, James {J. T. & Sons, valuators), Eose-
])urn house, Eoseburn
Thomson, James, grocer, 39 Admiralty street ;
house, 15 Lindsay road
Thomson, James, 11 Arthur street
Thomson, James, 11 Eichmond terrace
Thomson, James, plumber, 13 Church street
Thomson, James, saddlers' ironmonger, silver-
plater, spring and axle maker. Corn Exchange
buildings, 33 Grassmarket; house, 5 Chalmers
Thomson, James, shipmaster, 3 Madeira street
Thomson, James, 11 Hugh Miller place
Thomson, James, contractor and coal merchant,
4 Queensferry street ; dep6t, 189 Morrison
Thomson, James, stereotyper, 198 Easter road,
Thomson, James, 116 St Stephen's street
Thomson, James, haircutter and perfumer, 126
Leith street
Thomson, James, 250 Dairy road
Thomson, James, dairyman, 33 Jamaica street ;
house, Nashville cottage, Davidson's Mains
Thomson, James, 11 Burlington street
Thomson, James, 29 Earl Grey street
Thomson, James, 72 Easter road, Leith
Thomson, James, wine merchant, 51 Frederick
street ; house, 20 Eoyal crescent
Thomson, James Alex., gardener and florist, 34
Upper Gray Street
Thomson, James B., 34 Eegent place
Thomson, James B., 11 Albert place
Thomson, James B. {City Chamberlain's office),
18 Lonsdale terrace
â– Thomson, James M'Kie, S.S.C, 20 Young st. ;
house, 2 Bellevue terrace
Thomson, Jas. Miller, W.S., 21 Hill street ; ho.,
40 Gt. King street
Thomson, Jas. M. , commercial traveller, 2o
Hugh Miller place !
Thomson, James M., architect, 8 York build-
ings ; house, Kilmaurs, Dalkeith road 1
Thomson, James E., 15 Leslie place
Thomson, James S., mason, 4 Yeaman place
Thomson, Jas. W. {W. T. d: Co.), 6 Eothesay
Thomson, J., 3 W. Preston street
Thomson, J., hairdresser, 108 Buccleuch street
Thomson, J., 5 North St James' street
Thomson, J. Lorimer, C. E. {J. Thomson &
Son), Eoseburn house, Eoseburn
Thomson, J. M., tailor and habit maker, 18
Cockburn street ; house, 10 Forbes road
Thomson, J. M., painter and drysalter, 51
Eaeburn place ; house, 24 Bell place
Thomson, J. W., 48 Pilrig street
Thomson, J. W., painter, 102 Duke street, Leith ;
house, 154 Constitution street
Thomson, John, 27 Comely Bank road
Thomson, Eev. John, 2 Lomond road
Thomson, John, collar maker, 380 Castlehill
Thomson, John, 31 Bread street
Thomson, John, 19 Comely Bank place
Thomson,, John, 81 Comely Bank avenue
Tliomson, John, 6 Bangholra terrace
Thomson, John, 2 St Peter's j)lace
Thomson, John, confectioner, 13 Hermaud ter.
Thomson, John, 20 Pitt street
Thomson, John, 16 Eoseneath place
Thomson, John, Italian warehouseman and wine
merchant, 73 Hanover street
Thomson, John, M.D., F.E.C.P.E., 14 Coatcs
Thomson, John, 4 Airlie place
Thomson, John, draper, 8 Antigua street ; house,
89 Comi-ston road
Thomson, John, 7 Viewforth square
Thomson, John, plasterer, 23 Springvalley
Thomson, John, stationmaster, N.B.E. Co,,
Trinity Station house
Thomson, John, 30 Fowler terrace
Thomson, John, 4 Argyle Park terrace
Thomson, John, 15 Wellington street
Thomson, John, St Lawrence, 39 Polwarth
Tliomson, John C, 2 Cunningham place
Thomson, John G., solicitor, 34 London street
Thomson, John H. (i?. T. d: Sons), 8 Murieston
Thomson, John Livingstone, teacher of music,
11 Viewforth sc[uare
Thomson, John Maitland, advocate, 3 Grosvenor
Thomson, Joseph {agenl, Scottish Legal Life
Assurance Society), 32 Montgomery street
Thomson, Joseph, 16 Live'rleith gardens
Thomson, Lawrence, fruiterer, 28 Newhaven
road ; house, 30
Thomson, Lockhart, 114 George street ; Tele-
phone, 274 ; house, Derreen, Murrayfield
Thomson, Magnus D., 14 Comely Bank avenue
Thomson, Mitchell, 6 Charlotte scpiare
Thomson, Murray, baker, 53 West Nicolson st. ;
house, 28 Buccleuch place
Thomson, Neil, butcher, 15 Eoseneath street ;
house, 18 Warrender Park road
Thomson, Oliver, 31 Gilmore place
THOMSON, PATRICK {of the late firm of
Thomson d: Allison), draper, 89 and 91 South
bridge, 12 St Ninian's terrace
Thomson, P., photographer, 90 South Bridge
Thomson, P. Murray, S.S.C, 5 York place ;
house, Kilpunt, Broxburn
Thomson, Peter, 7 Comely Bank terrace
Thomson, Peter, 8 Perth street
Thomson, EichardS., engineman, 25 Warrender
Park terrace
Thomson, Eev. E., LL.D., 8 Sciennes road
Thomson, E. D., 45 Fountainhall road
Thomson, E. L., 6 Eosebank terrace
Thomson, Eobert, booking agent, Caledonian
station ; house, 19 Deanpark street
Thomson, Eobert, 200 Ferry road
! Thomson, Robert, 15 Mertoun place
Thomson, Eobert, grocer and spirit merchant,
j 90 Buccleuch street ; house, 2 Buccleuch
! terrace
! Thomson, Eobert, baker, 72 St Leonard's street;
I house, 70
I Thomson, Eobert, 27 Comely Bank road
I Thomson, Eobert, victual dealer, 155 West Port ;
I house, 31 Grindlay street

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