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Taylor, Mrs Wm., servants' re^istrj^ llA
Hanover sti'eet
Taylor, Mrs, 10 Palnierston road
Taylor, Mrs, 11 Chamberlain road
Taylor, Mrs, 47 Causewayside
Taylor, Mrs, Oakvale, 13 Greenhill terrace
Taylor, Mrs, 106 Polwarth gardens
Taylor, Mrs, 159 Gilni ore place
Taylor, Mrs, 6 Leslie place
Taylor, Mrs, 10 Tliirlestane road
Taylor, Mrs, 4 Panmure place
Taylor, Mrs, 8 Grindlay street
Taylor, Mra, 17 Scotland street
Taylor, Mrs, 18 Dundonald street
Taylor, Mrs, 7 Inveiieith gardens
Taylor, Misses M. & M. , Scotch wool and fancy
repositor}', 13 Forrest road ; house, 8 Brunts-
field place
Taylor, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 16
Dudley avenue
Taylor, Misses, 14 Strathearn place
Taylor, Misses, 10 Danube street
Taylor, Miss, milliner and draper, 35b Ferry rd.
Taylor, Miss, newsagent, 30 Marclimont road
Taylor, Miss, dressmaker, 19 Bernard terrace
Taylor, Miss, 17 Gillespie crescent
Taylor, Catherine L., tobacconist, stationer,
and newsagent, 7 Dock place ; house, 4
Union street, Leith
Taylor, Janet, milliner, 8 Lothian street
Taylor, Margaret, dress and mantle maker, 49
Shandwick place
Taylor, Thomasina, grocer, 45 Bonnington road
Taynton, M. I. T., teach, of music, 2 Heriot row
'Teacher, Chas. C, M.B., CM., 8 Nile grove
Teape, Eev. Dr Charles R., 15 Findhorn place
Teind Office, Nos. 21, 23, 25, 27 New Eegister
Telfer, Andrew P. , 4 Ardmillan terrace
Telfer, A. C, dairy, 23 Eglinton street; ho., 6
Carberry place
" Telfer, John, manager, Saughton leather works,
Teller, John, 5 Grove street
'Telfer, John, 3 Old Broughton
Telfer, John, 24 Montrose terrace
'Telfer, Thomas, 4 Abbey street
'Telfer, Mrs, 15 Oxford street
Teller, Mrs, 69 Cornhill terrace
Telfer, Mrs, 22 Hawthornbank terrace
Telfer, Misses, dairy, 28 Caledonian crescent
Telfer, Misses, 1 Orwell terrace
Telfer, Miss, 58 Marchmont crescent
'iTelford & Co. Ltd., wine and spirit merchants,
23 Forth street
-Telford, Alexander, 3 Goldenacre terrace
Telford, George, bird dealer, 6 Livingstone })lace
Telford, George {T. & Co. Ltd.), 6 Lygon.road
Telford, 3 diXncs {North British Raihuay), 8 West
Newington place
Telford, James W., teacher, 5 Cambridge avenue
Telford, J. R., 7 Dunedin street
Telford, Walter, 7 Morton street
Telford, Walter, 4 Thistle place
Telford, William {G.P.O.), 275 Causewayside
Telford, Mrs, grocer, 152 Leith walk
Telford, Mrs, 9 Hope Park terrace
Telford, Miss Alison, 13 Grange loan
Telford, Miss, dressmaker, 9 Hope Park terrace
Telford's Company Porters, 61 Bernard street
Temple, Andrew, janitor, New College, Moixnd
Temple, David, fruiterer, 217 Bruntsfield place ;
house, 107 Gilmore place
Temple, John, 7 St Fillan's terrace
Temple, John, 3 Livingstone plnce
Temple, Thos. , registrar for the district of St
Giles, 1 Greyfiiars pi.; ho., 5 Middleby st.
Templeman, Robei't, Exchange restaurant, 3
Baltic street ; house, 12 James place, Leith
Tempi eton, John, 13 Grindlay street
Templeton, William {accountant, Royal BanJc),
137 Mayfield road
Templeton, Mrs Mary, 14 Union street, Leith
Templeton, Mrs, Davaar, Colinton road
Templeton, Mary, confectioner, 128 Kirkgate
LTD., advertising agents and contractors,
10a George street, supply skilled temporary
clerks by the hour or day ; Telegraph,
' Insert ' ; Telephone, 2231
Tennant, Charles, hairdresser and perfumer, 7
Grcenside place
Tennant, Jolm Anderson, hairdresser, perfumer,
etc., 75 Shandwick place
Tennant, Petei', grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
95 Gilmore place
Tennant, Thomas, fruiterer and greengrocer, 1
Riddle's close, Leith
Tennant, Wm., cutler, bandage, veterinary and
surgical instrument maker, 41 Bread street ;
house, 5 Tarvit s'reet
Tennant, j\Irs George, 4 Melgund terrace
Tennant, Mrs J., 4 Great King street
Tennant, Mrs Tho«. M., 84 Marchmont road
Tennent, Hugh, 14 Magdala crescent
Tennent, Mrs Meldrum, 20 Regent terrace
Terrace, Jas., butcher, 12 Ferrier street ; house,
104 Duke street, Leith
Terrace, Mrs, 14 George iv. Bridge
Terras, James A., B.Sc, lecturer on botany, 21
Teviot place
Terras, Mrs Agnes, Craigleith cottages
Terras, Mrs Elizabeth, 40 Findhorn place
Terrot, Miss, 9 Carlton street
Terry, Ben, commission agent, 21 Leith street ;
house, 98 Montgomery ; Telegrams, ' Cricket '
Tervet & Sons, coal merchants, 38 Balbirnie
Tescornea, John, envelope cutter & house agent,
48 Arthur street
Tevendale, H. J., 6 Mardale crescent
Texas Land and Mortgage Co. Limited : joint
agents, Graham, Johnston, & Fleming, W.S.,
66 Frederick .street ; and Mackenzie & Black,
W.S., 28 Castle street
Texeira, Antonio, chef, 14 Devon place
Textile Trades Association, 50 Frederick street
Thain, John Wm., W.S., 25 Castle terrace
Thallon, Jas. D., 30 Button place
Thallon, R. , 14 Claremont terrace
Thallon, W. F., insurance broker, 29b Sala-
mander street
Thallon, Miss, head teacher, St Andrew's
Episcopal school ; house, 115 Dalkeith road
Thatcher, Dr. Chas. Hy., F.R.C.S.E., 8 Melville
crescent ; Telephone, 317
Theatre Royal, Broughton street
•Theatrical Guide' Office, 24 Guthrie street

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