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Sutherland & Wilkie, apartments, 48 Melville st.
Sutherland & Co., dress warehouse, 4 Brunts-
field place
Sutherland & Co., school and office stationers,
13 Bank street
Sutherland, A., & Co., produce brokers, 53
Timber bush, Leith
Sutherland, Cargey, & Gibson, stockbrokers, 13
George street ; TelegTaph, ' Suth ' ; Tele-
phone, 143
Sutherland, D., & Sons, builders, house agents,
and valuators ; office, 104 Eaeburn place, and
call office, 62 Inverleith row ; workshops, 104
Eaeburn place ; Telephone, 2169
Sutherland, J. & A., Ltd., wholesale and retail
fishmongers and ice merchants, 18 Stafford st. ;
butchers, poulterers, & game dealers ; country-
orders promptly attended to and despatched ;
Telegraph, ' Haddock ' ; Telephone, 382
Sutherland, J. & D., joiners, 20 Pirrie street ;
house, Summerside place
Sutherland, J. G., & Co., chemists and aerated
water manufacturers, 42 Gorgie road
Sutherland, R., & Co., tailors and clothiers, 159
Lothian road
Sutherland, Adam, bootmaker, 103 Main street
Sutherland, Alex. , Rosarden villa, Stanley road
Sutherland, Alexander, 5 Smith's place
Sutherland, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 15
Shandwick place ; house, Rosebank cottage,
Sutherland, Alexander, invalid attendant, 517
Sutherland Alexander, S.S.C, 80a Princes
street ; house, 19 Morningside park
Sutherland, Rev. Alexander M., Elder Memorial
manse, Hope street, Leith
Sutherland, Alex., agent, Royal Insurance Co.,
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Association,
and Norwich and London Accident Assurance,
17 Assemblj' street
Sutherland, Alex., agent. Atlas Eire and Life
Assurance Company, 5 Archibald place
Sutherland, Alexander, 19 Bellevue crescent
Sutherland, Alexander {D. S. & Sons), 9 East
Fettes avenue
Sutherland, Alexander C, 74 Cornhill terrace
Sutherland, Rev. A. St Clair [Guthrie Memorial
Church), Manse, 30 Pilrig street
Sutherland, Allan, shorthand writer, typist,
5 Merchiston Bank terrace
Sutherland, Andrew I., 11 West Newiugton pi.
Sutherland, Angus; baker, 9 East Register st. ;
house, 5 Leith Street terrace
Sutherland, B. , 19 Livingstone place
Sutherland, Charles, 33 Rosebank cottages
Sutherland, Daniel, 15 West Newington place
Sutherland, David, M.A., teacher, 33 Warren-
der Park terrace
Sutherland, David, lathsplitter and lather,
Hawkhill, Lochend road
Sutherland David, 28 Waverley park
Sutherland, David, commercial traveller, 2
Mary field
Sutherland, Rev. D. {U.P. minister, Loanhead),
141 Comiston road
Sutherland, D., 66 Dundee street
Sutherland, D., cooper, 27 Bangor road
Sutherland, D., Richmond villa, Ferry road
Sutherland, D., 1b Summerside place
Sutherland, D., 18 Rillbank terrace
Sutherland, Donald (D. S. <b Sons), 11 Wardie
Sutherland, Donald, china merchant, 11 Jamaica
Sutherland, Donald, accountant, 5 East Savile
Sutherland, E. J., teacher of music, 50 Lome
Sutherland, E. S., piano tuner, 50 Lome street
Sutherland, Finlay W., traniAvay inspector, 62
Montgomery street east
Sutherland, Francis L., 47 James street
\ Sutherland, George {Qunn <£• S.), 34 Warrender
■ Park terrace
, Sutherland, George, joiner, 50 Grove street
Sutherland, George S., 68 Lochend road west
I Sutherland, George W. G., 2 Bonaly road
Sutherland, H. , 12 Roseburn place
' Sutherland, Henry, 1 3 Fowler terrace
Sutherland, Henry, 6 Caledonian crescent
j Sutherland, Hugh, 24 Garscube terrace
i Sutherland, James, 8 Viewforth terrace
I Sutherland, James, 83 Mertoun place
; Sutherland, James, 10 Upper Gi'ove place
Sutherland, James, 48 Grove street
[ Sutherland, James, joiner, 157 Warrender Park
road ; house,- 43 Barclay place
Sutherland, James, 153 Dairy road
Sutherland, James, 113 Broughton street
Sutherland, James, 14 Barony street
Sutherland, James, grocer and wine merchant,
54 Duke street, Leith ; house, 7 Morton street
Sutherland, James, 1 Comely Bank row
Sutherland, Jas. B. , S. S. C. and N. P. , 24ABernard
street ; house, 10 Windsor street
Sutherland, James C, 42 Argyle place
Sutherland, James G., 27 Brunton terrace
Sutherland, James L., painter, 48 Commercial
street ; house, 6 Hamburg place
Sutherland, James S. , 6 Napier road
Sutherland, James S. , plasterer, 7 Charlotte lane,
Leith ; house, 25 James place, Leith
Sutherland, Captain J., shipmaster, 7 Kirk st.
Sutherland, J. F., M.D., F.R.S.E. [deputy com-
missioner in lunacy), 19 Mayfield road
Sutherland, J. G., grocer and spirit merchant,
36, 88, and 39 Cable wynd
Sutherland, J. G., chemist and druggist, 252
Gorgie road
Sutherland, J. H., 30 Brunton terrace
Sutherland, John, bootmaker, 34 South Clerk
Sutherland, John, grocer, 37 Montpelier park and
31 Montpelier ; ho., 11 Spring Valley gardens
Sutherland, John, mason, 2 Montague street
Sutherland, John, dress warehouseman, 15
Barclay place
Sutherland, John, 10 Crighton place
Sutherland, John, 7 Gillespie place
Sutherland, -John, 7 Tay street
Sutherland, John, 1 8 Montgomery street
Sutherland, Jolin, 16 Upper Gilmore place
Sutherland, John, 1 Coltbridge avenue
Sutherland, John, 18 Millar crescent
Sutherland, K., 40 Comely Bank avenue
Sutherland, M., painter and paperhanger, 9
South Norton place

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