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Smith, James Henderson, 33 Comely Bank pi.
Smith, James J. A., 138 Bruntsfield place
Smith, James M., 2 Commercial street
Smith, James Eoss, S. S.C, 67b Hanover st.
Smith, Eey. James S. {minister of Eday), 1 Colt-
bridge avenue, Mnrrayfield
Smith, James S. , 8 Maxwell street
Smith, James S. , 9 Scone gardens
Smith, James S., 74 Polwarth gardens
Smith, James Shanklie, Heriot Hill bouse,
Lower Broughton road
Smith, J. , 23 Sciennes road
Smith, J. Aikman, C. A. , 3 Thistle court ; house,
40 Blacket place
Smith, J. Campbell, 16 N"elson street
Smith, J. B., St Olave's, Granton road
Smith, J. B., wine and spirit merchant, carriers'
quarters, 9a South Back of Canongate
Smith, J. C, clothier, shirtmaker, and boys'
outfitter, 91 Lothian rd. ; house, 7 Merchiston
Smith, J. C. Jeffrey, 28 Walker street
Smith, J. Cormack, M.B., CM., 9 Brunton pi.
Smith, J. D. Philips, valuator and house agent,
12 Cumberland street
Smith, J. Duncan, S.S.C. (D. S. & MacLaren),
62 Frederick st. ; house, 15 Palmerston place
Smith, J. Henderson, 1 Forres street
Smith, J. Irvine, 20 Great King street
Smith, J. M. (i>. *S'. <& SoJis), 21 Buccleuch place
Smith, J. Purves, advocate, 65 Castle street
Smith, J. S. , house agent, 35 Haddington pi. ;
house, 8 Claremont terrace
Smith, J. Stark {British Linen Co. Banlc), 2
Ravelston park
Smith, J. Stewart, of 42 George street, now
Fairyville, Argyle crescent, Portobello
Smith, Piev. John, D.D. {Broughton place U.P.
Church), 32 Royal terrace
Smith, John, 80 Duke street, Leith
Smith, John, 139 Buccleuch street
Smith, John, 7 Union street, Leith
Smith, John, 14 Wolseley crescent
Smith, John, 19 Balfour street
Smith, John, blacksmith, 42 Alva place
Smith, John, florist. Logic Green, Warriston
Smith, John, com. trav., 28 Wellington street
Smith, John, 56 Marehmont crescent
Smith, John, 18 Almond Bank terrace
Smith, John, M.D., LL.D., F.E.S., and
F.E.C.S.E., surgeon-dentist to the Queen
in Scotland, 11 Wemyss place, and Brunstane
cottage, Joppa
Smith, John, 5 Danube street
Smith, John, 6 Bowhill terrace
Smith, John, writer, 31 Sciennes road
Smith, John, 1 Tay street
Smith, Jn., cabinetmaker, 14 Viewforth gardens
Smith, John, provision merchant and importer
of foreign eggs, 56 Fountainbridge, 75 Elm
row, 52 Eaeburn place, 24 Easter road, and 72
Gt. Junction st., Leith ; Telegraph, ' Josh ' ;
house. Holly lodge, York road. Trinity
Smith, John, 109 Grove street
Smith, John, com. traveller, 36 Easter road
Smith, John, 6 Bonnington road, Leith
Smith, John, 34 Sciennes road
Smith, John, 55 Nile grove
Smith, John, supt. Comely Bank Cemetery
Smith, John, drysalter, 44 St Patrick square
Smith, John, 1 East Restalrig terrace
Smith, John A., grocer and spirit merchant, 2
St Stephen place and 6 Hamilton place ;
house, 32 Clarence street
Smith, John Honeyman, hop agent, 105
Warrender Park road
Smith, John Lamb, solicitor, 39 Polwarth
Smith, John L., 9 Orwell terrace
Smith, John Robert, shorthand writer and
typist, 21 Buccleuch place
Smith, John S., jeweller and goldsmith, 77 Rose
street ; house, 17 Bruntsfield gardens
Smith, John TurnbuU, LL.D., 82 Princes st. ;
house, 5 Belgrave place ; Telephone, 284
Smith, John W., 6 Elgin terrace
Smith, Johnston, grocer, 117 Cowgate ; house,
4 St John street
Smith, Joseph, 29 Merchiston crescent
Smith, Joseiih, 46 Cluny gardens
Smith, Joseph Arthur, 29 Cheyne street
Smith, Laurence, 16 Dudley gardens
Smith, Laiu'ence {accountant's office, O.P.O.),
38 "Thirlestane road
Smith, Lot, gi-eengrocer, 5 East St James' street
Smith, Malcolm {A. d; M. S.), 47 Stuiing road
Smith, M., & Son, joiners, Lochrin
Smith, M. T., 19 Milton street
Smith, Patrick, baker, 277 Canongate ; house,
35 Jeffrey street
Smith, Patrick B., 3 Peel terrace
Smith, P. B., grocer, 253 Canongate
Smith, P., M.A., university and army tutor,
9 Glen street
Smith, Peter, 132 Fountainbridge
Smith, Peter, dair3'-raan, 4 Tennant street
Smith, E. Addison, S.S.C. andN.P. ; chambers,
19 Heriot row ; house, 3 Belgrave crescent
Smith, E. Brown {S. & Wellstood), Hermitage,
Smith, E. C, 22 London street
Smith, E. Henderson, secretary, 'Monthly
Visitor ' Tract Society, 40 Hanover street ;
house, 31 AVarrender Park road
Smith, E. Macaulay, M.A., LL.B., advocate,
public prosecutor. Police Chambers ; house,
28 Dublin street
Smith, Major-Gen. Sir E. Murdoch, K.C.M.G.,
50 Moray place
Smith, Eichard, 19 Marehmont crescent
Smith, E. E., 34 Caledonian crescent
Smith, Eobert, baker and confectioner, 30
Canonmills and 89 Pitt street ; house, 4 Airlie
Smith, Eobert bookbinder, 37 Elder street ;
house, 61 Easter road
Smith, Eobert, Eoselea, Viewforth terrace
Smith, Eobert, S.S.C, 24a Bernard st. ; house,
Belmont lodge, 1 3 Laverockbank terrace
Smith, Robert, coal agent, 50 Bread street
Smith, Eobert, sculptor, Orwell terrace
Smith, Eobert, house steward, House of Eefuge,
64 Canongate
Smith, Eobert, fishmonger, 134 Marehmont road;
house, 2 Thirlestane road
Smith, Eobert, manufacturer of magnetic cura-
tive appliances, 121 Princes street

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