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Smith, Andrew, grocer and spirit mercliant, 106
High street ; hoiise, 51 Marchmont I'oad
Smith, Andrew, W.S., 46 George street ; house,
44 Leamington terrace
Smith, Archibald, 6 "West Castle road -
Smith, Archibald, gi'ocer and spirit merchant,
2a Clarence street
Smith, Basil, 73 Bruns^vick street
Smith, Campbell, S.S.C., 21 St Andrew sc|uare;
house, 17 Claremont terrace
Smith, Charles, 189 Dalkeith road
Smith, Charles, wholesale irouraonger, 99 and
101 Bronghton st. ; house, 7 Comiston road
Smith, Cliarles F., hairdresser, 8 Stafford street
Smith, Chai-les Kent, 15 Woodburn terrace
Smith, C, 6 Eyre place
Smith, C. F., 143 Mayfield road
Smith, C. L. Addison, W.S., 19 Heriot row
Smith, David, 12 Belgrave place
Smith, David, com. trav., 14 Almond Bank ter.
Smitli, David, fruiterer, 19 Forrest road and
3 Waverley steps
Smith, David, 14 Parkside terrace
Smith, David, 6 Poplar lane
Smith, David, hairdresser, 147 Rose street
Smith, David, 8 Blantyre terrace
Smith, David, house carpenter and joiner, 24
Coatfield lane
Smith, David C, painter and paperhanger, 34
Broughton street ; house, 15 Bronghton place
Smith, David H., 43 Montgomery street
Smith, Davi'l Orr, 49 "West Nicolson street
Smith, David S., commission agent, 24 Beaver-
hall terrace
Smitli, D., 10 Meadow place
Smith, D. Howard, solicitor and N.P., com-
missioner for Courts of Cape Colony, 36
■ Hanover street; house, 12 Darn away street
Smith, D. L. Addison, 3 Belgrave crescent
Smith, Donald, 5 Lauriston street
Smith, Donald M., W.S., 12 Hope street;
house, 10 Meutone terrace
Smith, E., 8 Willowbrae road
Smith, Major-General F. Nepean, 10 Eton ter.
Smith, Francis K. , grocer and wine merchant,
10 Taylor place ; house, 27 Pioyal Park ter.
Smith, Fred, 21 Easter road
Smith, Frederick, moulder and smith, 16 Mar-
shall street
Smith, Frederick J. (S., Fletcher, d: Co.), 8
Chalmers street
Smith, Rev. George, 59 Holly Bank terrace
Smith, George, 89 Henderson street
Smith, George, 63 Merchiston crescent
Smith, George, 32 Grove street
Smith, George, M. A. Oxon., headmaster, Mer-
chiston castle
Smith, George, 10 Hermand terrace
Smith, George, M.A., 13 Merchiston avenue
Smith, Geo., tailor and clothier, 6 Ardmillan ter.
Smith, George, LL.D. , CLE., secretary Free
Church Foreign Mission Committee, 15 North
Bank street ; house, 2] Napier road
Smith, George, manufacturing chemist, Shrub
Hill lane ; house, 41 M 'Donald road
Smith, George, S.S. C, 21 St Andrew square;
house, 1 4 Dick place
Smith, Geoi'ge, 3 Comely Bank row
Smith, George,. com. trav., 58 Comiston road
Smith, George, blacksmith, Roseburn st. ; ho., 2
Smith, George, smallwares, 16 St Andrew sti'set,
Smith, George, upholsterer and cabinetmaker,
49 Lothian street
Smith, George Gordon, 82 Polwarth gardens
Smith, G. Addison, advocate, 3 Belgrave ores.
Smith, G. D., M.D., M.R.C.P.E., 148 Ferry rd.
Smith, G. Gregory [Lecturer in the University
of Edinburgh), 16 Murrayfield avenue
Smith, G. S., bookbinder and stationer, 12 St
Giles street ; house, 2 Marchmont street
Smith, Harry, 5 Kerr street
Smith, Harry W., W.S. [S. A: Watt), 21 A Duke
street ; house, Dunearn, 5 Oswald road
Smith, Henry, W.S. [David Turnhull & S.),
5 South Charlotte st. ; house, 11 Salisbury rd.
Smith, Henry, stationer and tpbacconist, 2
South Richmond street
Smith, Henry, 210 Causewayside
Smith, Henry M., M.A., teacher, 113 Warrender
Park road
Smith, Henry R., hairdresser, 81 Montgomery st.
Smith, H. Notman, 10 Montpelier terrace
Smith, H. Wallace, W.S., 62 Frederick street ;
house, 51 Ann street
Smith, H. W., 1 Hillside crescent
Smith, Hubert Elwell, engineer, 9 Castle ter.
Smith, Hugh, bootmaker, 19 Roseueath place ;
house, 30 Roseueath terrace
Smith, Rev. Hunter, M.A. [F.G.), 95 Comely
Bank avenue
Smith, James [W. Muir & Co.), 9 Hermitage
place, Leith
Smith, James, builder, 10 Craigiea drive
Smith, James, 25 Cambridge avenue
Smith, James, newsagent, 1 Comely Green place
Smith, James, 7 Cadiz street
Smith, James, 3 Lonsdale terrace
Smith, James, reporter, 46 Marchmont road
Smith, James, 17 East Preston street
Smith, James, slater and chimnej^ sweep, 31 Hay-
market terrace ; house, 4 Coltbridge avenue
Smith, James, 1 Caledonian crescent
Smith, James, 11 Caledonian place
Smith, James, stationer, 9 Comiston gardens
Smith, James, 35 Marchmont crescent
Smith, James, 44 Montpelier park
Smith, James, engineer, Cold Stores, 11 Glad-
stone place, Leith
Smith, James, M.D., CM., 1 Parsonsgreen ter.
and 4 Brunton place ; Telephone, 164
Smith, James, 4 East Hermitage place
Smith, James, janitor, Sciennes public school,
1 1 Sciennes road
Smith, James, grocer and vrine merchant, 1a
Warrender Park crescent ; house, 69 Mont-
pelier park
Smith, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 160
Morrison street ; house, 178
Smith, James Aitken, tailor, 21 Easter road
Smith, James B., 36 Easter road
Smith, James B. P., 26 Pitt street
Smith, James Clark, 57 Montpelier park
Smith, James C, 61 Brunswick street
Smith, James Gordon, general silver engi'aver
and designer, 51 Hanover st. ; ho., 6 Perth st.
Smith, James Hampstead, tailor and clothier,
35a Dalrv road ; house, 16 Bruntsfield avenue

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