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Small, David A. (If. »S'. <£• Son), St Andrews,
Granby road
Small, David M. , bookseller, publisher,
stationer, and librarian, 3 Howard street ;
house, 4 Dundonald street
Small, George, 22 William street
Small, George M., 16 Tay street
Sma,ll, Gordon, 17 Burlington street
Small, J., goldbeater, 4 Swinton row
SMALL, JOHN, basket manufacturer, 39
Hanover street and 26 George street ; house,
18 Frederick street
Small, John, butcher, 59 St Mary street
Small, John, 57 Montague street
Small, John A., 9 Mary's place ; house, 5 Keith
terrace, Blackball
Small, John W. {G.P.O.), 1 Hermand crescent
Small, Rev. Robert, D.D. (V'.P.), 46 Comiston
Small, Rev. Robert, M.A. {Bonniiigton U.P.
Church), 13 Craighall gardens
Small, Robert {A. d; R. S.), 261 Dalkeith rd.
Small, Robert {S. & Son), 11 Melville place
Small, Robert B., 10 Braid crescent
Small, Lieut. -Colonel William George {Army
Pay Department), 18 Blantyre terrace
Small, Wm. P., cannel coal merchant, 9 and 11
Cadiz street ; house, 10 Glenorchy terrace
Small, Mrs R., 37 Newington road
Small, Mrs W., 30 Polwarth gardens
Small, Mrs William, 32 May field gardens
Small, Misses E. & M., dressmakers, 22 William
Small, Miss, 24 Regent terrace
Small, Miss, F.C. Missionary Training Institute,
16 Athole crescent
Smart, H, A., & Son, drj^salters, fruit and spice
merchants, 58 Charlotte street, Leith
Smart & Sons, bootmakers, 1 Queen street
Smart, J. & R., fleshers, 36 Cha,mbers street;
house, 13 Sciennes road
Smart, Alex., R.N., 4 Lixmount villas, 29 East
Trinity road
Smart, Alex., Edin. and Leith carrier and con-
tractor, 24 Chapel lane ; ho., 68 Constitution
Smart, Andrew, M.D., LL.D., and F.R.C.P.,
15 Rutland square
Smart, David, baker & confectioner, 5 Cowgate ;
house, 112 West bow
Smart, G,, 49 Cimiberland street
Smart, George C. , baker, 59 and 61 Fountain-
bridge ; house, 12 Lonsdale terrace
Smart, George Watson, 4 Murieston terrace
Smart, J., 28 Comely Bank place
Smai-t, James, 7 Maryfield
Smart, James, S.S.C. {Dove, Lockhart, Jj S.),
29 York X5lace
Smart, James, joiner, 5 AVest Montgomery place
Smart, James, 116 Easter road
Smart, James, 173 Dalkeith road
Smart, James, baker, 64 Duke street, Leith
Smart, James, 7 Loudon street
Smart, J. Wilks, 29 Woodburn terrace
Smart, Jn., butcher, 4 Spring gdns., Stockbridge
Smart, John, cab hirer, 9 AthoU Crescent lan'e
Smart, John, S.S.C. {Morton, S., & Macdonald),
19 York place ; house, Fernielee, 1 GreenhiJl
Smart, John, Avriter, 12 Royal crescent
Smart, John {A. Gunningham <b Co.), glass
merchant, 18 Leith street
Smart, John {S. Je Sons), S6 Queen street
Smart, Peter, 89 St Leonard's street
Smart, Peter, 2 Balmoral place
Smart, Robert {S. A Sons), 8 London street
Smart, Robert, 49 Coruhill terrace, Leith
Smart, Samuel M., 9 Laverockbank terrace
Smart, Thomas, 2 Salisbury street
Smart, W. D., 79 Comely Bank avenue
Smart, Wm., cabinetmaker, 63 Montpelier park
Smart, William, 22 Haymarket terrace
Smart, William, baker, 6 Elder street and 5 St
Patrick street ; house, 11 Rankeillor street
Smart, William, tobacconist, 237 Dairy road
Smart, William, upholsterer, 7 Sciennes
Smart, William, saddler and harness maker, 12
Melville place ; house, 3 Cornwall street
Smart, William, 38 Constitution street
Smart, A¥m. Alex., wine and spirit merchant,
27 Richmond place ; house, 26 Buccleuch pil.
Smart, Mrs George, 6 Warrender Park road
Smart, Mrs James, 8 Bangholm terrace
Smart, ]\Irs John, 11 Marchmont street
Smart, Mrs John, 13 Brunswick street. Hillside
Smart, Mrs M., 21 South Castle street
Smart, Mrs, 231 Morningside road
Smart, Mrs, 33 Barony street
Smart, Misses, 7 Morningside place
Smart, Miss Margaret, ladies' and children's
warehouse, 43 Dundas street
Smart, Miss M., tweed cap maker, 31 South
Smart, Miss, 1 Livingstone place
Smart, Miss, 8 London street
Smeal, William, 64 Henderson row
Smeal, Mrs, 16 Eildon street
Smeaton, D. J., 2 Grosvenor street
Snieaton, Oliphant, journalist, 37 Mansion-
house road
Smeaton, Pat. W., C.A., 39 Drumraond place
Smeaton, W. C, 1 Paterson's court. Barony
Smeaton, Mrs, 21 Brougham street
Smeaton, Mrs, 39 Drummond jilace
Smeaton, Mrs, 7 Leamington terrace
Smellie, A. & J., painters and decorators, 47
London street
Smellie, R., & Co., art publishers, 38 Dublin
Smellie, Alexander, 3 Restalrig terrace
Smellie, Alexander, 22 London street
Smellie, James Archibald {H. M. Gen. Register
House), 4 Merchiston Bank terrace
Smellie, Peter, solicitor, 69 Henderson row
Smellie, R. , animal painter, teacher of dra^tving
and painting, 20 Cadzow place
Smellie, R., 38 Dublin street
Smellie, Thomas, 14 Spittal street
Smellie, Mrs M. W., 16 Cobden crescent
Smellie, Mrs, 62 Craiglea drive
Smellie, Miss, 24 Warriston crescent
Smerdon, Capt. F. G. B., 129 Warrender Park
Smibert, James, Edinburgh Dock Restaurant,
29a Salamander street, and 2, 4, and 6 Bath
road ; house, 3 East Restalrig terrace
Smibert, John, engineer, 177 Feny road

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