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Skinner, James {James S. & Go. and St
Printing Go. ), 34 Shandon crescent
Skinner, John (/. 8. & Co.), 21 Hillside street
Skinner, Robert T.,- M.A., house governor,
Donaldson's Hospital
Skinner, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 2 High street ; ho. , 5 Buccleuch place
Skinner, William, 51 Deanhaugh street
Skinner, William, W.S. , 35 George square
Skinner, William, solicitor, 57 Queen street ;
house, 7 Comely Greeir place
Skinner, William, East lodge, Fettes College,
Comely bank
Skinner, W., 3 Cambridge avenue
Skinner, AV. G., advocate, 139 George street
Skinner, Mrs J., draper, 41 Prince Regent st.
Skinner, Mrs R., 7 Gillespie place
Skinner, Mrs, 3 Blackwood crescent
Skirving, Alex., coach painter, 13 Broughton
Skirving, A. A. Scot, M.B.,M.R.C.S.,F.R.C.S.,
29 Drummond place
Skirving, Robert Scot, 29 Drummond place
Skirving, Thom.as M., farmer, Niddry mains
Skirving, Wm. L., 46 Torphichen street
Skirving, Mrs, 20 Glencairn crescent
Sklovskjr, Salomon, sugar merchant, 7 Lauriston
Slack, Mrs Henry Walters, 14 Braidburn terrace
Slater, S. and R., builders, 10 Spring Valley
Slater & Rose, W.S. , 4 Picardy place
Slater, Henry, 3 Brandfield street
Slater, James, litho writer, 18 St James'
square ; house, 152 Morningside road
Slater, J. P., 25 Danube street
Slater, John, 57 Newington road
Slater, John, clerk, 21 Comely Bank avenue
Slater, John, 149 Fotmtainbridge
Slater, Peter Peterson, solicitor (iS'. & Ease), 4
Picardy place ; house, 91 Dudley avenue
Slater, Robert P. , 5 South Clerk street
Slater, Simon, builder, 10 Springvalley gardens;
house, Springvalley house, Morningside road
Slater, William, 52 Haymarket terrace
Slater, W. H., builder, 7 Roseburn gardens
Slater, W. Work, 13 Rutland sq. ; Telegraph,
' Pluck ' ; Telephone, 2224b ; house, West-
field, Colinton road
Slater, Mrs Andrew, St Ann's Bank house, 17
Spring gardens. Abbey hill
Slater, Mrs Basil, 87 Montgomery street
Slater, Mrs, 17 Dundas street
Slater, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 71a
Broughton street
Slater, Miss J., 2 Lord Russell place
Slight, Robert N., papermaker, retired, 19 Plew-
lands terrace
Slatter, Mrs W. A., 12 Craiglea drive
Slaughter, B. J., 24 Woodbine terrace
Slaughter, Robert Y., advertising contractor,
25 North Bridge ; house, 3 Hamilton terrace,
Slaughterhouses, 119 Fountainbridge (P. Durie,
superintendent), and 52 Salamander street
(^Robert Stewart Reid, superintendent)
Sleigh, T. M. & Co., tailors and clothiers, 113
and 115 Leith street
Sleigh, P. M., tobacconist, 29 Eirkgafe
Sleigh, W. L,, 27 Hatton place
Sleigh, Mrs A., 35 Broughton place
Sligh, Miss, 29 Brougham street
Slight, George, 61 Warrender Park road
Slight, George A., depute-clerk of justiciary,
1 Royston terrace
Slight, G. , blacksmith, 20 Stewart terrace
Slight, John, Synod treasurer, U.P. College,
Castle terrace
Slight, Misses, 11 Dryden place
Slimmon, Miss, 16 Archibald place
Slimmons, Mrs, 20 Richmond terrace
Slimon, R. & D., ironmongers, shipchandlers,
blacksmiths, copper and tin smiths, plumbers,
brassfounders, 40 Shore ; Telephone, 4139
Slimon, Wm., clerk, 20 Rodney street
Slimon, Miss Marion, 5 West Savile road,
Craigmillar park
SLOAN" & SON LIMITED, coal merchants and
removal contractors ; head office, 49 Broughton
street ; furniture stores, Barony street ; depot
and stables, Easter road ; Telephone, 108.
>KSee Adv. index
Sloan, Allen Thomson, M.D., 22 Forth street
Sloan, Allen T., janitor, Canonmills public
school ; house, 2 Cornvvallis place
Sloan, Rev. John M., M. A., 48 St Alban's road
Sloan, John T. , 1 Windsor street
Sloan, Robert, joiner, 37 Reid terrace
Sloan, Thomas {8. (b Son Ltd.), 3 Hart street
Sloan, William, 22 Bernard street
Sloan, Wm. , coal merchant, 6 Port Hamilton ;
house, 48 Grove street
Sloan, Mrs, 11 Royal crescent
Sloan, Miss Finlay, bookseller and stationer, 1
Antigua street ; house, 11 Royal crescent
Sloane, Misses, 9 AVesthall gardens
Small & Co., ladies' outfitters, 109 Broughton
Small, Adam, 13 Cornwall street
Small, A. W., stationer {Boroughmuirhead Post-
Office), 1 Merchiston place
Small, Elliot R. , agent. Commercial Bank of
Scotland Limited, 80 Nicolson street ; house,
7 Bruntsfield crescent
Small, James, 1 Royal Park place
Small, James, 7 Bruntsfield crescent
Small, Robert, draper, 87 Dairy road ; hotise,
28 Shandon crescent
Small, Thomas, smith, 22 Greenside place ;
house, 24 St Vincent street
Small, Walter, lather, 74 Buccleuch street
Small, William, greengrocer, 145 Dundee street
Smail, Mrs, 16 Dalkeith road
SMALL & SON, bird-stuffers, 38 George street.
;i<See Adv. index
Small, A. & R., painters and decorators, 3
Lutton place
SMALL, WILLIAM, & SON, home and foreign
outfitters, mantifacturers of underwear for
ladies, gentlemen, and chiLdreTi, 11 North
Bridge ; Telegrams, ' Outfits ' ; Telephone,
Small, Alexander, law clerk, 14 Eyre crescent
Small, Alexander, house painter and decoratof,
181 Bruntsfield place ; house, 10' Braid
Small, Angus, house painter and paperhanger,
2a Haddington place ; house, 37 Elm row

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