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Sinclair, K., cliurcli decorator and artist on
stained glass, 104 Marchmont road
Sinclair, R. A. {O.P.O.), 2 Spottiswoode street
Sinclair, Robert, com. traveller, 4 Rosebank
Sinclair, Robert, 22 Warrender Park road
Sinclair, Robert, agent. General Steam l^Tavi-
gation Co. {London and Gr anion steamers), 16
Waterloo place and Granton harbour ; house,
Lufra house, Granton road
Sinclair, Robert, tobacco manufacturer and
cigar importer, 12 and 14 Leith street ;
manufactory, 9 Blenheim street, Newcastle-
Sinclair, Robert, joiner and cabinetmaker, 14
Young Street lane, north
Sinclair, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 39
Broughton street
Sinclair, Robert, 20 Gosford place
Sinclair, Robert, 17 Bellevue crescent
Sinclair, Robert, jun., 228 Newhaven road
Sinclair, Samuel, 9 Comely Bank avenue
Sinclair, S. P., C.A., 1 Leamington terrace
Sinclair, Thomas, com. trav. [Mattheio, Algie,
<& Co.), 4 Morningside drive
Sinclair, Thomas, joiner, 22 North Richmond
Sinclair, T. G., commercial traveller, 16 Well-
ington street
Sinclair, Walter, furniture dealer, 30 Dundas
street ; house, 5 Howard place
Sinclair, W. A., 11 South Norton place
Sinclair, W. G. {Dobson, Molle, d; Co.), 12
Carlton terrace
Sinclair, William, practical electrician and
electrical engineer, 60 Thistle street ; house,
10 Teviot place
Sinclair, William, 5 Grove street
Sinclair, William, manufacturing chemist,
Ballantyne road, Leith ; house, 60 Stirling
road, Trinity
Sinclair, William, 106 Bruntsfield place
Sinclair, William, tailor and clothier, 21 Grove
street ; house, 24 Primrose terrace
Sinclair, William, 85 Dickson street
Sinclair, William, 2 Elgin terrace
Sinclair, William, 19 Bowling-green street
Sinclair, William, Pocket Directory and Time
Table office, 12 Shandwick place ; house,
Woodhall cottage, Corstorphine
Sinclair, William, 33 James street
Sinclair, William M. (G.P.O.), 6 Wolseley
Sinclair, Mrs Catherine, dairy and gi'eengrocer,
138 Causeway side ; house, 11 Grange loan
Sinclair, Mrs George, spirit merchant, 136
Leith street and 2 Little King street ; house,
5 Brunton terrace
Sinclair, Mrs H., 49 Belford road
Sinclair, Mrs James, 104 Montgomery street
Sinclair, Mrs James L. , 40 Restabig terrace
Sinclair, Mrs Jane, confectioner, 16a Yeaman
Sinclair, Mrs J. B., 11 Mortonhall road
Sinclair, Mrs J. 0., 14 Upper Gilmore place
Sinclair, Mrs John, 1 Leamington terrace
Sinclair, Mrs John, 13 Rillbank terrace
Sinclair, Mrs P., 10 Little King street
inclair, Mrs William, 15 Mentone terrace
Sinclair, Mrs, 16 Wellington sti-eet
Sinclair, Mrs, midwife, 59 Balfour street
Sinclair, Mrs, 109 Dalkeith road
Sinclair, Mrs, 11 Glen street
Sinclair, Mrs, 7 Glen street
Sinclair, Mrs, 68 Easter road, Leith
Sinclair, Mrs, 99 Lothian road
Sinclair, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Alva street
Sinclair, Misses E. and M., dairykeepers, 13
Meadow place
Sinclair, Misses, 167 Gilmore place
Sinclair, Miss, 3 Greenbank place
Sinclair, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Bernard terrace
Sinclair, Miss, mantlemaker, 79 Lothian road
Sinclair, Miss, dress and mantle maker, Taap-
hall. Ferry road
Sinclair, Miss Emily, tobacconist and ncAVsagent,
6 Anchorfield ; house, 14 London row
Sinclair, Hannah, draper, 39 New buildings;
house, St Clair lodge, Granton road
Sinclair, Isabella, 33 London street
Sinclair, Margaret, 11 Hillside street
manufacturers of Singer's sewing machines ;
showrooms and counting house, 122 Prmces
street, 6 St Patrick street, Edinburgh, and
146 Leith walk, Leith
Sinton, Andrew T., commercial traveller, 41
Marchmont crescent
Sinton, George, gi'ocer and wine merchant, 23
Trinity crescent ; house, 4 Craighall crescent
Sinton, .James, clerk, 40 Buccleuch street
Sinton, J. T., M.A., tutor, 5 Rankeillor street
Sinton, Robert, cabinetmaker, 3 Tanfield ; ho. ,
3 Howard place
Sisters, The, St Columba's Mission House, 11
Johnston terrace
Skae, James P. W., 35 Home street
Skae, Thomas, cab proprietor, Di^ff street. Dairy
Skelly, Mrs, 1 Jordan lane, Morningside
Skelton, J. {Inland Eevenue officer), 207 Dalkeith
Skelton, Lady, Tlie Hermitage of Braid
Skene, Edwards, & Garson, W.S., 5 Albyn pi. ;
Telegraph, ' Skene ' ; Telephone, 207
Skene, C. {Dorialdson & S.), 78 Bonaly road
Skerry, George E., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.L., civil
service, universitj'', and professional exam.
tutor. Literary Institute, 26 South Clerk st
Skilling, Mrs A. M., 42 Great Junction st. Leith
Skilling, Mrs A. M., 55 Great Junction street
Skinner, James, & Co. {ajul St Giles Printing
Go. ), printers, 2 North St Andrew street
Skinner, Jas. , & Co., grocer and wine merchants,
265 Cowgate
Skinner, John, & Co., drapers and clothiers,
7 Barony street
Skinner, Sutton, & Skinner, milliners and
fancy drapers, 32 George iv. Bridge
Skinner, Chas., tailor, 13 Union street
Skinner, David L., butcher, 207 Great Junction
street ; house, 45, Leith
Skinner, Donald, wine and spirit merchant,
154b Constitution street and 21 Laurie street ;
house, 110 Easter road, Leith
Skinner, George C, 28 St Leonard's street
Skinner, Henry A. , 7 Yardheads
Skinner, James, S. S.C. and N.P. , 14 Frederick
street ; house, 13 Palmerston road

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