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Simpson, Mrs J., coiifecytioner, 138 Kirkgate
Simpson, Mrs John, 13 Mentone terrace
Simpson, Mrs Mary, 38 Rankeillor street
Simpson, Mrs W., 6 Clarence street
Simpson, Mrs William, 44 Bangor road
Simpson, Mrs, 12 Colville place
Simpson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 40 St. Leonard st.
Simpson, Mrs, spirit dealer, 63 Henderson st.
Simpson, Mrs, 169 Fonntainbridge
Simpson, Mrs, 130 Buccleucli street
Simpson, Mrs, 28 Brandon terrace
Simpson, Mrs, Eastfield lodge, 9 Mercliiston park
Simpson, Mrs, 21 Melville street
Simpson, Mrs, 37 Hermitage gardens
Simpson, Mrs, greengrocer, 29 Causewayside
Simpson, Mrs, 17 Clarence street
Simpson, Mrs, 2 Buccleuch place
Simpson, Misses, 9 East Preston street
Simpson, Misses, 75 Warrender Park road
Simpson, Misses, teachers, 37 Scotland street
Simpson, Miss Eve Blantyre, 15 Inverleith row
Simpson, Miss E. M. , teacher, 5 Wolseley terrace
Simpson, Miss Elizabeth, 5 Denham Green aven.
Simpson, Miss Marguerite, soprano vocalist for
oratorios, etc., 17 Henderson terrace
Simpson, Miss Mary, tobacconist, 11 Hay-
market terrace
Simpson, Miss Therese C, teacher of music, 1a
Hill place
Simpson, Miss, 3 Crawfurd road
Simpson, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Collins place
Simpson, Miss, 1 Summerfield, Restalrig road
Simpson, Miss, 30 Windsor street
Simpson, Miss, 22 Livingstone place
Simpson, Miss, 24 Bruntsfield place
Simpson, Bessie, vocalist, 6 Clarence street
Simpson, Lizzie, matron, Scottish Nursing
Association, 37 Gilmore place
Simson & M'Pherson Limited, brewers and
maltsters, St Mary's brewery, 19 South Back
of Canongate ; Telegraph, ' Bitter ' ; Tele-
phone, 758.
Simson, C. S. Rankine, W.S. and N.P., 47
Queen street ; house, 23 Ainslie place
Simson, David J., advocate, 3 Glenfinlas street
Simson, James {Bengal Civil Service), retired,
51 Manor place
Simson, James, 5 Randolph crescent
Simson, Robert, W.S., 55 Frederick st. ; house,
Bonaly, Colinton
Simson, R. [H.M.B.G.S.), 13 Grosvenor street
Simson, Mrs, 9 Eton terrace
Simson, Miss, 13 Glengyle terrace
Simson, Miss, 14 India street
Sinclair, C. &. A., drapers, 161 Gilmore place
Sinclair & M'Lean, stamp cutters, 5 Rose street
Sinclair & Moir, leather merchants, 12 St James'
Sinclair & Richardson, joiners and cabinet-
makers, 210 Morningside road ; house, 39
Comiston road
Sinclair, Adam, publisher and printer, 30 Forbes
Sinclair, Alexander, grocer and provision mer-
chant, 38 Comiston road
Sinclair, Alexander, 21 Dudley avenue
Sinclair, Alexander, wholesale tea merchant, 10
Warrender Park terrace
Sinclair, Alex, (Haiq&S.), 207 Bruntsfield place
Sinclair, Alexander G., artist, 108 George street
Sinclair, Alexander M., 159 Gilmore place
Sinclair, Alexander W., engraver and designer,
79 Princes street
Sinclair, Arthur H. H. , M.D., 5 Walker street
Sinclair, Arthur V., traveller, 10 Steel's place
Sinclair, Charles William, photographer, 47
Maryfield place
Sinclair, Colin, fancy stationer, 50 Princes street;
house, 17 Randolph crescent
Sinclair, David, traveller, 104 Montgomery street
Sinclair, David, 17 Dumdryan street
Sinclair, Donald, 6 South Oxford street
Sinclair, Donald, 17 Watson crescent
Sinclair, Donald, dairyman, 2 Dublin street
WORKS, Bonnington road ; Telegraph,
'Sinclair, Leith ' ; Telephone, 537; house,
18 Oluny drive, Morningside
Sinclair, George, supt., St John's Episcopal
burying-ground ; house, 21 Brougham street
Sinclair, George, builder, 13 Harrison road
Sinclair, George R., 6 Mansfield place
Sinclair, G. M. , 14 Montague street
Sinclair, G., 11 Richmond terrace
Sinclair, Hugh, 25 Rosslyn crescent
Sinclair, James, spirit merchant, 479 Lawn-
market ; house, 291 Causewayside
Sinclair, James, baker and confectioner, 1
Grange road and 40 Lutton place ; ho. , Green-
brae, Relugas road
Sinclair, Jas., poster writer, 3 N. St. James' st.
Sinclair, James, 44 Couper street
Sinclair, James, tailoi", 22 Rankeillor street ; ho. ,
3 Montague street
Sinclair, James, tea warehouseman, 19a Forth
Sinclair, J. F., 8 Barony street
Sinclair, J. H., 39 Comely Bank place
Sinclair, John, tobacco manufacturer, 76 Leith
street, 57 Earl Grey street, and 90a Princes
street •
Sinclair, John, tea, wine and spirit merchant,
2 Caledonian road
Sinclair, John, joiner, 15 Meadowbank avenue
Sinclair, John, 82 Blackford avenue
Sinclair, John, 8 Bruntsfield place
Sinclair, John, 17 Shandon street
Sinclair, John, 11 South Norton place
Sinclair, John, 26 Calton hill
Sinclair, John, machine maker and agent.
Shrub Hill lane
Sinclair, John {S. & Moir), 26 Montgomery
Sinclair, John, 80 Comely Bank avenue
Sinclair; John, bootmaker, 12 Bedford street
Sinclair, John, spirit merchant, 1 George street,
Leith ; house, 5 Dudley crescent
Sinclair, John B., 8 Teviotdale place
Sinclair, John R., grocer, 45 Arthur street
Sinclair, J. P., grocer and wine merchant, 54
Primi'ose street, Leith
Sinclair, Lachlan, lithographer, 54 South Clerk
Sinclair, Lauchlan, baker and confectioner,
50 Home street ; ho., 12 Bruntsfield gardens
Sinclair, Lauchlan, 12 Hermitage gardens
Sinclair, R., fish salesman, 12 Jeffrey street ;
Telephone, 779

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