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Shaw, John M. Somerville (iT. &ilmonr d: S.),
23 Hope terrace
Shaw, Joseph, painter, 8 S. Clerk street ; house,
51 Clerk street
Shaw, Joseph Armstrong, 9 Comely Bank place
Shaw, Myles, 25 Eyre place
Shaw, P., 7 Denham Green place
Shaw, Richard {W. R. Glapperton <k Co.), 16
Hillside crescent
Shaw, Rev. R. D., M.A., B.D. {Hope Park
U.P. Church), 21 Lauder road
Shaw, Robert, 29 Duke street, Leith
Shaw, Robert, butcher, 51 Bread street and 215
Morningside road ; house, 10 Gilniore place
Shaw, Thomas, advocate, Q.C., M.P., 17 Aber'
cromby place
Shaw, Thos., apartments, 58 and 60 Melville st.
Shaw, Thomas {cashier, Nat. Bank Ltd.), 41 St
Andrew square
Shaw, "Walter, 7 Summerside place
Shaw, William, 19 Dock street
Shaw, William, law agent, 7 Lauder road
Shaw, William, chief inspector of weights and
measures, 25 Guthrie st. ; ho., 16 Livingstone
Shaw, William, chimneysweeper, 189Pleasance
Shaw, William, 5 Jameson place, Leith walk
Shaw, Wm., builder, 15 West Catherine place
Shaw, William S., 22 Lochrin buildings,
Gilmore place
Shaw, Mrs E. R. L., 31 Warrender Park terrace
Shaw, Mrs George, Mayfield cottage, E. Mayfield
Shaw, Mrs Hill, 10 Glengyle terrace
Shaw, Mrs H., spirit merchant, 2 High riggs ;
house, 47 Raeburn place
Shaw, Mrs Isabella, 12 Viewforth
Shaw, Mrs J., 1 Union place. Trinity
Shaw, Mrs J. M., 81 Grove street
Shaw, Mrs Jane Wilson, 15 Queen's crescent
Shaw, Mrs Thos., dairy and provision merchant,
71 and 73 St Leonard's hill ; house, 69
Shaw, Mrs, 26 Gay field square
Shdw, Mrs, 36 Charlotte square
Shaw, Misses, 14 Deanpark crescent
Shaw, Miss Helen Hill, typewriter, 10 Glengyle
Shaw, Miss Jessie L., teacher of pianoforte, 16
Livingstone place
Sheach, Mrs Alex., 25 Rankeillor street
Shearer, Alexander, commercial traveller, 287
Shearer, B. , 4 Livingstone place
Shearer, Charles, 21 Livingstone place
Shearer, David, 12 Ryehill terrace, Leith
Shearer, George, 304 Morningside road
Shearer, George, 9 Upper Grove place
Shearer, James, joiner, 13 New Broughton ;
house, 107 Broughton street
Shearer, James, 106 Bruntsfield place
Shearer, James, M.A., F.E.I.S., headmaster,
Preston Street school ; house, 11 West Savile
Shearer, James E., artist, 108 George street
Shearer, John, 20 Tantallon place
Shearer, John, tailor and clothier, 352 Leith
walk ; house, 3 Dudley gardens
Shearer, John, 3 Gladstone terrace
Shearer, John R. , 7 Lochend road, Leith
Shearer, Matthew H., 39 Lutton place
Shearer, Robert, 30 Blackwood crescent
Shearer, Thomas, compositor, 24 Alva place
Shearer, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant,
17 Market street
Shearer, William, 39 Lutton place
Shearer, William, grocer, 89 Causewayside, 30
Bristo street, and 151 AVest Port ; house, 39
Lutton place
Shearer, Mrs, Dunstane, West Coates
Shearer, Mrs, 63 Merchiston crescent
Shearer, Agnes, hosier and smallwares, 4 Cricli-
ton street
Sheaiiaw, Joseph, joiner, 4 East London street
Shearme, Captain F., 10 Cumin place
Shedden, Charles, 17a St John street
Shedden, George, teacher, 10 Wellington street
Shedden, John, ll Walker terrace
Shedden, John, 303 Leith walk
Shedden, William, teacher of music, 4 Portland
Sheddon, L., picture framer, 12 Morrison street
Sheddon, Miss, china merchant, 106 Morrison
Sheen, E. W., gymnastic instructor, 5 Perth st.
Sheifield, Mrs, 73 George street
Sheldon, H. & J., drapers, 93 Causewayside;
house, 2 Blackwood crescent
Sheldon, Misses, 2 Blackwood crescent
Shennan, Alex., M.A., L. D.S.Ed., dental
surgeon, 28 Alva street ; house 35 Mayfield
Shennan, James W. , Hermitage, Wardie crescent
Shennan, Lawson Storrow, L. D.S.Ed. &D.D.S.,
dental surgeon, 28 Alva street ; house, 35
Mayfield gardens
Shennan, Maxwell, headmaster, London Street
public school ; house, 12 Inverleith place
Shennan, Theod., M.D. & F.R. C.S.Ed., 35
Mayfield gardens
Shepherd, Alfred, W.S. {Guild & S.), 2, UevioUovf
Shepherd, George, 12 Brunton terrace
Shepherd, George {British Linen Go. Bank), 6
East Brighton crescent, Portobello
Shepherd, George, 1 Blenheim place
Shepherd, George, musical instrument maker, 16
Johnston terrace ; house, 31 Bread street
Shepherd, George, 1 Union place. Trinity
Shepherd, George S. , 1 Palmerston place
Shepherd, G. K., 51 Elder street
Shepherd, James, accountant, house factor, and
insurance agent, 73 Pitt street, Bennington
Shepherd, J. J. , grocer, wine & spirit merchant,
14 Montagu terrace
Shepherd, J. J., 197 Gorgie road
Shepherd, J. Malcolm {M'Nah tt- S.), 1
Palmerston place
Shepherd, John S., 10 Lochrin place
Shepherd, William, 24 Fettes row
Shepherd, William, 104 Montgomery street
Shepherd, Miss Elizabeth K., 24 Morningside rd.
Sheppard, Mrs J. D., 43 Montague street
Sherar, Robert F., 13 Maxwell street
Sheridan, Mrs., 110 Findhorn place
Sheeiff-Clerk's Office, Sheriff' Court, George
IV. Bridge ; William Gardner, sherifF-clerk of
the County of Edinburgh
Sheuiff-Cleek of Chanceey Office, 2 Parlia-
ment square : hours, 10 to 1 ; Saturdays, 10
to 12 ; vacation, 11 to 1, Sat. 11 to 12

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