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Scottish Trust and Loan Co. of Geylon Limited,
123 George street; F. A. Bringloe, C.A., sec.
Scottish Twenty Club ; Stanley Cuthbert, secy.,
2 St Andrew square ; Telephone, 1197 ; Tele-
graph, ' Investor '
SURANCE COMPANY, 35 St Andrew sq. ;
Alexander Duncan, manager ; J. K. Mac-
donald, secretary; Colin M'Cuaig, actuary;
Telegraph, 'Unitate' ; Telephone, 41. ifcSee
Adv. index
Scottish Vulcanite Co. Limited, manufacturers
of indiarubber combs, jewellery, etc., Yiew-
forth, Fountainbridge ; James D. Sargent,
manager; Telegraph, 'Yulcanite'; Telephone,
17 Western
Scottish "Waggon Co. Ltd. , 5 St Andrew sq. ; J. H.
H. Horsfield, secy. ; Telegraph, ' Waggon ' ;
Telephone, 1127
facturers, 47 Cockburn street
ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 9 St Andrew square :
A. H. TurnbuU, manager ; J. J. P. Anderson,
sec. ; Telegraph, 'Widows.' '^^qq Adv. index
Scougal, Alexander, 74 Montpelier park
Scougal, David, provision merchant, 77
Newington road ; house, 4 South Oxford
Scougal, Mrs, dressmaker, 121 Lothian road
Scougal, Mrs E. F., 207 Bruntsfield place
Scougall, Andrew, 16 Minto street
Scougall, Andrew, 4 Home street
Scoular, William, shipmaster, 63 Madeira
Scratcherd & Co., wine merchants, 14 Quality
street, Leith ; head office, Bull green, Halifax
Scrimgeour, Mrs J., fruiterer, 92 Dairy road
Scrymgeour, Mrs Robert, 115 Henderson row
Seafield Golf Club, 7 Yanburgh place
Seamen's Institute, Custom House buildings.
Commercial street; John Robertson, supt.
Searle, Gordon, & Co. (36 Crufched Friar s^
London), wine and spirit exporters, 8 Con-
stitution street
Seater, G. S., Bennington Bank house. Ferry
Seater, George S., jun., Brentwood, Rosebank
road, Wardie
Seater, Thos. B., 65 Great Junction street
Seater, William, 35 Cornhill terrace
Seater, Miss, restaurant, 1 Haddington place
Seath, Andrew, 8 Wardlaw place
Seaton, George, steward, West lodge, Fettes
College, Comely bank
Seaton, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
87 Buccleuch street ; house, 4 Livingstone
Seaton, William, 4 Beaufort road
Seaton, Y''illiam, 8 Cathcart place
Seator, George, shipmaster, 187 Ferry road
Scatter, John R. (//. cfc S.), linen merchant, 21
Marchmont road
Second Scottish Investment Trust Company
Limited, The ; Holmes Ivory, W.S., secretary,
6 Albyn place
Security Co. Ltd. for Burglary Insurance ; H. S.
Hope Gill, C.A., resident secy., 41 Hanover
Seggie, Alex., & Son, engineers, prmting-machine
and press makers, importers of litho stones,
Broughton market; house, 12 Dublin street
Seggie, Alexander, 12 Yalley field street
Seggie, Alex, H. {A. S. & Son), 12 Dublin st.
Seggie, Miss, 33 Dublin street
Seidel, Antonin, 86 Comely Bank avenue
Seivewright, George, 28 Madeira street
Selbie, Mrs Mary, 113 Marchmont road
Selby, Mrs, 26 Duudas street
Selcraig Robert, 30 Claremont terrace
Selcraig, Thomas, 13 Calton hill
Selcraig, Mrs E., 9 Comiston gardens
Selcraig, Jessie, dressmaker, 8a Calton hill
Selkirk, Jas., bv^tcher and poulterer, 99 Brunts-
field place ; ho. , 40 Forbes road
Selkirk, Rev. James, 19 Mayfield gardens
Sellar, C, 4 Ritchie place
Sellar, William, 12 Grove street
ScUar, Mrs James, dairykeeper, 5 Y'atson cres-
cent ; house, 30 Yeaman place
Sellar, Mrs, 15 Buckingham terrace
Sellar, Mrs, 17 Glencairn crescent
Sellars, Thomas, Inverleith cottage, Ferry road
Sellers, William, & Sons, sewing and knitting
machine manufacturers, 4 Brunswick place,
Leith walk ; Alex. Watson, agent
Selway, William, 12 Perth street
Semple & Co., tea dealers, 34 St Andrew square
Semple, M'Lean, & Reid, tea dealers, 34 St
Andrew square ; Alex. K. Y^right, agent, 9
M 'Donald road
Semple, Jas. {Banh of Scot. ), 20 Montpelier park
Semple, Jas., tea agent, 3 Queen street ; house,
9 Perth street
Semple, John, registered plumber and gasfitter,
25 West Nicolson st. ; ho., 15 Buccleuch pi.
Servants' Agency, 3 York place
Servants' (Domestic) Home and Registry Asso-
ciation, 60 George street
Servants' Dundas Agency, 3 Broughton place
Queen), 4 Alva st. ; William R. Fyfe, clerk.
^fcSee Adv. index
Servants, Royal Registry for, 13 Frederick st.
Session-Clerks. See Public Departments
Seth, J. & A., florists, 12 Queensferry street and
Morningside nursery
Seth, Andrew, nurseryman, 35 Comiston road
Seth, James, Professor of Moral Philosophy,,
University ; house, 3 Queen's crescent
Seton & Mackenzie, agents for the British and
Foreign Bible Society, 121 Princes street
Seton, Major A. D., 36 Buckingham terrace
Seton, Alexander, 14 Buchanan street
Seton, Charles, 9 Palmerston road
Seton, Charles, 10 Craiglea drive
Seton, George, 1 Livingstone place
Seton, W. C. , 1 East Claremont street
Seton, Miss Jane, 37 Candlemaker row
Seton, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 13 Leslie
Severn, Robert, agent, 6 Glen street
Sewell, Misses, 9 "Thirlestane road
Sey, Thomas, Police buildings, Pleasance
Seymour, Henry, architect, 24 George street
Seymour, H. Rippon, fencing and gymnastic
teacher ; fencing academy, 38 Marchmont
road ; house, 28 Rosenea'h place

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