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Scott, M. & A., dairy, 18 Comely Bank avenue
Scott, Mrs Alexander, 8 Cumberland street
Scott, Mrs Alexander, 52 Broughton street
Scott, Mrs Alex. "W., 13 Scitnnes road
Scott, Mrs Blair, 35 Hanover sti'eet
Scott, Mrs C, 27 Heriot row
Scott, Mrs C, 10 Wellington street .
Scott, Mrs David, Raimestield, 202 Ferry road
Scott, Mrs Douglas, 7 Wolseley crescent
Scott, Mrs Dundas, 25 Inveiieith row
Scott, Mrs E. , 62 Montgomery street
Scott, Mrs E., baby linen warehouse, 305 Leith
walk ; house, 303
Scott, Mrs E., 14a Bruntsfield avenue
Scott, Mrs E. , nurse, 5 Annandale street
Scott, . Mrs Gideon Gifford (typewriting office),
64 Morningside road
Scott, Mrs Georgina, 10 Drumdryan street
Scott, Mrs H., 35 West Preston street
Scott, Mrs Isabella, 72 Broughton street
Scott, Mis James, 46 Queen street
Scott, Mrs James, 10 East Adam street
Scott, Mrs Jane, 20 Brunton place
Scott, Mrs Jane, 6 Brighton street
Scott, Mrs J., draper, 100 Abbeyhill
Scott, Mrs J., 49 Ann street
Scott, Mrs J., 15 Wellington street
Scott, Mrs J. A., baby linen and outfitting
warehouse, 3 Elder street
Scoit, Mrs Jessie, 26 Marclimont crescent
Scott, Mrs Jn. , family linen and baby linen ware-
house, 103 Leith st. ; ho., 22 Broughton pi.
Scott, Mrs John, 10 Bruntsfield crescent
Scoct, Mrs Mary Anne, 63 Montgomery street
Scott, Mrs M., 103 Marchinout road
Scott, J\lrs Patrick, 6 Hart street
Scott, Mrs Robert, 7 Gillespie crescent
Scott, Mrs Robei't, 32 East Preston .street
Scott, Mrs Robert, 35 Gillespie crescent
Scott, Mrs R., apartments, 16 Leven terrace
Scott, Mrs R., 32 Thirlestane roud
Scott, Mrs Walter, Avenley, South Oswald rd.
Scott, Mrs Walter, 27 Blackwood crescent
Scott, Airs William, 1 Spittalfiehl crescent
Scott, Mrs William, 75 Comely Bank avenue
Scott, Mrs, nurse, 31 Cumberland street
Scott, Mi's, 24 Montgomery street
Scott, Mrs, 2 Bright terrace
Scott, Mrs, china and sraallware merchant, 22
Dalmeny street
Scott, Mrs, 20 Hillside street
Scott, Mrs, 101 Mayfield road
Scott, Mrs, 50 Lauder road
Scott, Mrs, 19 Crighton place
Scott, Mrs, Braidfoot, Grange loan
Scott, Mrs, 8 South Elgin street
Scott, Mrs, 8 Bryson road
Scott, Mrs, 8 Elmwood terrace
Scott, Mrs, 10 Sylvan place
Scott, Mrs, 4 Dean terrace
Scott, Mrs, 5 Glen street
Scott, Mrs, 15 St Ronan's terrace
Scott, Mrs, ] 3 Pitt street
Scott, Mrs, 6 Montague street
Scott Mrs 40 Lauriston place
Scott, Mrs, 268 Morrison street
Scott, Misses, 12 Ivy terrace
Scott, Misses, 6 Blackford road
Scott, Misses, 4 Bruntsfield avenue
Scott, Misses, 24 Merchiston park
Scott, Misses, 14 Steele place, Morningside
Scott, Misses, 6 South Oxford street
Scott, Misses, Bemersyde, 9 Hermitage gardens
Scott, Miss Catherine, 2 Grove street
Scott, Miss E., 10 Montagu terrace
Scott, Miss E. Dundas, 25 Inverleith row
Scott, Miss J., 21 Elder street
Scott, Miss Margaret, 109 Dalkeith road
Scott, Miss M. E., 36 Alva street
Scott, Miss M., sewing machine agent, baby-
carriages and convertible mail carts, mangles,
etc. ; warehouse, 4 Nicolson street ; house, 32
Montpelier park
Scott, Miss M., 39 Pitt street, Bennington
Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Buccleuch terrace
Scott, Miss, 6 Lynedoch place
Scott, Miss, 4 Beaufort road
Scott, Miss, tobacconist, 51 Nicolson street
Scott, Miss, confectioner, 42 Salisbury place
Scott, Miss, 17 Magdala crescent
Scott, Miss, 201 Dalkeith road
Scott, Miss, 20 Clarendon crescent
Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 9 West Maitland sL
Scott, Miss, apartments, 18 Brandon terrace
Scott, Miss, ladies' nurse, 58 Broughton street
Scott, Miss, 9 Bernard terrace
Scott, Miss, 182 Bruntsfield place
Scott, Miss, 22 Pilrig street
Scott, Miss, 31 Broughton place
Scott, Miss, 16 Greenhill place
Scott, Miss, 27 Merchiston crescent
Scott, Isabella, 18 Bank street
Scott, Katharine, 15 Rochester terrace
Scott, Wilhelmina, milliner, 3a West Maitland
street ; house. 2 Bright terrace
Scott's Dairy, 86 Montgomery street
Scottish Accident, Life and 'Fidelity Insurance
Co. Limited, 115 George street; Telegraph,
'lona'; Telephone, 375
Scottish Advance Company, The, 13 Frederick
street ; John L. Midgley, manager
Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution ;
Isaac Connell, S.S.C, 52 Hanover street,
LIMITED, 35 Frederick street, corner of
George street
LIMITED, 123 Georgest. ; Charles D. Menzies,
secretary ; Telegraph, ' Menzies ' ; Telephone,
226. ^See Adv. index
LIMITED, 8 Castle street; Thos. F. Binnie,
manager; Thos. Dymock, secretary. '^'&e.&Adv.
SOCIETY, 13 St Andrew square; George C.
Maclean, resident secretary. ^&eeAdv. index
Scottish Army, Navy, and General Stores Ltd.,
24 Shandwick place ; bakery, 5 Bonaly road ;
branch, 8 South Hanover street
Scottish Artists' Benevolent Association ; J.
Wright Robb, sec. and treas., 49 West George
street, Glasgow

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