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Scott, A. W., 1 Murrayfield avenue
Scott, Andrew, •provision and smallwares, 14
Eossie place
Scott, Andrew, sub-manager for Scotland Union
Assurance Society, 34 St Andrew square ;
Telephone, 1018 ; house, 6 Greenbank ter.
Scott, Andrew, 22 Summerside place
Scott, Andrew [A. & W. S.), 4 Melville terrace
Scott, Andrew, clerk of works, 24 Blaclvwood
Scott, Andrew, C.A., 2 York buildings; house,
16 Strathearn place
Scott, Andrew, assist, insp. of poor, 170 Great
Junction street ; house, 159 Ferry road
Scott, Andrew, janitor, Broughton public school,
Broughton road
Scott, Andrew (A. S. d; Son), 20 Madeira
Scott, Andrew, session- clerk of JTorth Ijcith, 159
Ferry road
Scott, Andrew G., W.S., 4 Crawfurd road
Scott, Andrew E,., architect, 136 George street;
house, 13 Union street
Scott, Andrew T. S., W.S., 1 Hill street;
house, 75 Great King street
Scott, A., tobacconist, 293 Leith walk
Scott, Rev. Archibald, D.D., 16 Rothesay
Scott, Archibald, 1 46 Dundee street
Scott, B., confectioner, 291 Leith walk
Scott, Charles, 1 Marchmont street
Scott, Charles, 7 Edina place
Scott, Charles, 11 Melville terrace
Scott, Charles F., W.S., 4 Thistle court; house,
I Regent terrace "
Scott, Clement, commercial ti'aveller, 182
Bruntsfield place
Scott, David, 10 Pirrie street
Scott, David, engineer, 5 Montpelier
Scott, David, 15 Hollybank terrace
Scott, David, police inspector, 20 Collins place
Scott, David, joiner, 8 Viewforth square
Scott, David, hatter, hosier, and shirt-maker,
49 Nicolson street and 47 Earl Grey street ;
house, 23 Mansionhouse road
Scott, David, 53 Nile grove
Scott, David A., S.S.C. (Henry <t S.), 8 Mer-
chiston avenue
Scott, David S., marine engineer, 123 Trinity
Scott, D. "W., 2 Buccleuch terrace
Scott, Douglas Hill {Geo. V. TurnbuU db Co.),
8 Commercial street ; Telephone, 1283 ; ho.,
14 Inverleith terrace
Scott, F., 52 Easter road, Leith
Scott, Finlay, 113 Marchmont road
Scott, F., 28 Collins place
Scott, George, 25 Bryson road
Scott, George, clerk, 11 Roseburn place
Scott, George, baker, 87 Broughton street; ho.,
15 Gayfield square
Scott, George, joiner, 68 Temple Park terrace
Scott, George, S.S.C, 21 Hill street ; house,
7 Howard place
Scott, George, advertising agent, 13 Hanover
street ; house, 20 Buccleuch place
Scott, George, 17 Tynecastle place
Scott, George A. {A. S. & Sons), 3 Polwarth
Scott, George F., S.S.C, 48 Castle street ; ho ,
1 Regent terrace
Scott, George J., 32 Thirlestane road
Scott, G., hallkeeper. Literary Institute, Clerk st.
Scott, G. F., dentist, 189 Bruntsfield place
Scott, Henry, 25 Bruntsfield avenue
I Scott, Henry Milne, 2 Polwarth grove
Scott, Hugh, 14 Upper Grove place
\ Scott, Hugh, 12 St Peter's place
Scott, Hugh, 3 Comely Bank row
Scott, H. Bell, W.S., 14 Glencairn crescent
Scott, H., 26 Roseneath terrace
Scott, Isaac, secretary. Port of Leith Club, 43
Shore, Leith ; ho., 8 Jeffrey st., Edinburgh
Scott, James, 49 Hazelbank terrace
Scott, Jas., book-keeper, 54 Cornhill ter., Leith
Scott, James, 14 Eyre crescent
Scott, James, 13 Caledonian road
Scott, James, fruit merchant, Henry place ;
house, Kildare cottage, Liberton
Scott, James, 5 Thirlestane road
Scott, James, baker, 1 Kirkwood place ; house,
3 Comely Green crescent
Scott, James, M.B., CM., 43 Minto street
Scott, James, clothier and draper, 13 St James'
square ; house, 13 Gaytield sqrtare
Scott, James, 10 Graham street
Scott, James, 7 Bright crescent
Scott, James, janitor, Dairy public school
Scott, James, 13 Cochrane place
Scott, James, chemist and druggist, 18 St Mary st. ;
house, 12 Brunton terrace
Scott, James, 1 Catherine place, "VVarriston rd. '
Scott, James, 15 Upper Gilmore place
Scott, James, teacher, 24 Roseneath terrace
Scott, James (i?fociiyoofZ, S., tfc Co.), Hope villa,
Russell place
Scott, James, 89 Slateford road
Scott, James, 6 Lome sti'eet
Scott, James, hatter and hosier, 46 Dairy road ;
house, 52
Scott, James, 25 "Waverley place
Scott, James, 14 Eyi-e place
Scott, James, confectioner, 108 Fountainb ridge
Scott, James, grocer, 102 Marchmont crescent
Scott, James, 88 Montgomery street
Scott, James, 7 Downfield jjlace
Scott, James {H.M. Customs), 1 Craighall cres.
Scott, James, solicitor, 6 N. Charlotte street ;
house, 1 Bruntsfield gardens
Scott, James, 23 Maryfield
Scott, James, cab proprietor, 70 Montgomery
street ; house, 74
Scott, James B., brush manufacturei-, 109 Giles
street ; house, 25 Pitt street, Bennington
Scott, James C, 23 Bruntsfield gardens
Scott, James C, 7 Wilfrid terrace
Scott, James D., 36 Grindlay street
Scott, James H., advocate, 62 Hanover street
Scott, Rev. James M. , M. A. (Jimction Eoad U. P.
Church), 3 Cherrybank, 209 Newhaven road
Scott, James J., 345 Leith walk
Scott, James Mackenzie, 2 Roxburgh terrace
Scott, J., fruiterer, 125 Gorgie road ; house, 112
Scott, J. {S. Brothers), 40 Lauriston place
Scott, J. B. (G.P.O.), 1 Abbey street
Scott, J. N., architect, 44 Queen street; house,
22 Broughton place
Scott. J. Young, of Redford hill, 12 May field gds.

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