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31 -J
.<?. I .Y
5 Alva street ; Telegraph, ' Health ' ; R.
Blackadder, seci'etary and treasurer. ^'See
Bill in front of Directory
Sanitary and Market Inspector, Dr A. Maxwell
Williamson, sanitary department, 331 High st.
Sankey Sugar Co., Liverpool; sole agents for
Scotland, William Ford k Sons Ltd. , Leitli,
(llasgow, and Aberdeen
Sansome, F. S., & Son, silk mercers, drapers,
etc., 32 Queensferry St. ; ho. 10 Brougham pi.
Sansome, Alfred W., 21 Merchiston crescent
Sanson, Adam, 198 Easter road, Leitli
Sanson, Robert, plumber, 5 Elder street; lio.,
3 Cambusnethan street
Sanson, Robert, Mary villa, Canaan lane
Sanson, Miss, 15 Gladstone terrace
Sarah, Henry Augustus Percival {Inland
Revenue), 19 Braidburn crescent
Sarcliet, John D., 3 Dudley crescent
Sargant, H., nurseryman and florist. Barn ton
nursery, Craigleith ; shop, 2 Melville place ;
house, Maidencraig villa. Blackball
Sargant, W. L., M. A., assistant master, Fettes
Sargent, James D. [manager, Scottish Vulcanite
Co. Ltd.), 1 West Castle road
Sargent, Mrs {caretaker, Christ Church, Morn-
ingside), 3 Bruntsfield place
Saunders, J. & M., newsagents and stationers, G
Comely Bank avenue
Saunders, W. & W., S.S.C, 21 York place
Saunders, George, 5 Comely Bank row
Saunders, J. S. [Court of Session), 53 Trinity rd.
Saunders, John, 12 Dean Park street
Saunders, John, 11 Murdoch terrace
Saunders, John Hubert, physician and surgeon,
38 Montgomery street
Saunders, John Starkey, solicitor, 7 Fredeiiekst.
Saunders, William, S.S.C, 21 York place;
house, 10 Inverleith row
Saunders, William, Leith & Kirkcaldy Shipping
Company, Foot of Shore ; ho., 11 Eastfield
Saunders, Wm. {Reg. House), 24 Montgomery st.
Saunders, Mrs, 56 Castle street
Saunders, Miss, 3 Craighall crescent
Saunders, Miss, Canaan Park College, Grange
Saunders, MaryE. J., newsagent and tobacconist,
32 Comely Bank pi. ; house, 12 Deanpark st.
Saunderson, Isabella Jane, 5 Shandon crescent
Savage, James, 40 Cambridge avenue
-Savage, John R., 14 Union street, Leith
.Savage, William, 8 Kirk street
Savings Bank, Mound ; branch offices, 38 Nicol-
son street, 18 Union place, lfi5 Lothian road,
131 Dairy road, and 1 Deanhaugh st. , Stock-
bridge, Edinburgh ; Leith Branch, 59 Leith
Savory, H. C, 15 Great King street
SAWERS, EDWARD, baker, cook, confectioner,
purveyor, and biscuit manfr., 24 Hanover st.
and 310 Lawnmarket ; house, 30 Mansion-
house road. JfcSee Adv. index
Sawers, Robt., goldsmith, watchmaker, jeweller,
and silversmith, 44 Shandwick place ; house,
8 Abinger gardens
Sawers, T. Lauder, 24 Hanover street
Sawers, Mrs, 38 Minto street '
Sawers, Miss Helen Ewart, 2 W. Newington )j1.
Sawyer, Captain John G. , 11 Comely Green place
Saxty, Walter, 4 Queensferry street
Saxty, W. F., 15 Hope Park terrace
Saxty, Mrs, 369 Higli street
Scales, Thomas, fishmonger, 60 Great Junction
street ; house, 58
Scally, Chas. H. [surveyor, Edin. Water Trust),
11 Montagu terrace
Soally, Miss, 11 9a George street
Scandinavian Lutheran Church, N. Junction
st. (reading-room for seamen open daily 6 r.M.
to 9.30 P.M.)
Scarlett, Thomas Aitken, vegetable broker, 23
Market street, and Sweethope, Inveresk : ho.
11 Annandalest. ; Telegraph, 'Scarlett, Edinr.';
Telejihone, Edinburgh 200, Musselburgh 5
Scarth, George W., janitor, 14 S. St Andrew st.
Scarth, Wm, dairy, 8 Warrender Park rd. ; ho., 6
Scarth, Mrs, dressmaker, 1 Abbeymount
Sceales, James, 14 Drummond place
Sceales, J. M'L., 6 Royal circus
Sceales, J. W., brewer, 14 Summerside street
Sceales, Mrs, midwife, 50 North Junction street
Sceales, Miss, 6 Royal circus
Sceptre Life Association Limited, 118 Princes
St.; Coutts & Palfrey, S.S.C, district sees.
Schenck, Albert George, 20 Royal crescent
Scheniman, Misses, 14 Howard place
Schlossmann, A., shipmaster, 6 Jessfield terrace
Schmidt, Louis, 20 Eyre crescent
Schmitz, Gebriider, wine shippers, Mayence ;
agents, Robertson & Baxter Ltd., 90 Consti-
tution street, Leith ; Telephone, 488
Schmuckert, F. J., seamen's clothier and out-
fitter, 45 Bernard st. ; and seamen's boardiug-
house, 20 Sand port street
Scline|>el, August, 158 Bruntsfield place
Schnitzler, M., picture-frame maker, printseller,
picture restorer, and artists' colourman, 133
Lothian road ; W. Kiihn, successor
Schofield, Mi.ss, 27 Rutland square
Scliolfield, Ri-v. J. F. [St Michael's Episcopal
Church), 48 Minto street
School Board of Edinburgh, Castle terrace ;
James Arnot, M.A., clerk; Wm. B. Gibson,
School Board of Leith, 2 Links place ;
Robert Hardie, clerk and treasurer ; house,
7 Duddingston park, Portobello
Schoolof Applied Art, Royal Institution, Mound;
Alexander W. Inglis, secretary
School of the Domestic Arts, Florence B. Jack,
principal, 26 Howe street
Schoolmasters' Widows' Fund, 58 Frederick st.
Schroder & Schyler & Co. , Bordeaiix ; agents,
J. & W. Hardie, 4 Picardy place
Schroeder, Charles, hairdresser and perfumer,
50 West Register street ; ho. , 8 Kerr street
Schultz, A. & Co., shiphrokers, 2 Commercial
street ; house, 12 Zetland place. Trinity
Schultz, Ralph, spirit merchant, 3 Cumberland
street ; house, 14 Eyre crescent
Schultz, Mrs, 51 Merchiston crescent
Schultzen, Miss, 114 Findhom place
Schulze, Otto, 20 Frederick street ; house,
Brunstane, Joppa
Schumacher, John, tobacconist, 278 Leith
walk ; house, 282

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