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Ritchie, David, tobacco, cigarette, and snuff
manufacturer, 16 Loclirin buildings ; house, 1
Gillespie crescent
Ritchie, David, 10 Gosford place
Ritchie, David, & Son, tobacco manufacturers, 9
Gayfield square
Ritchie, David, 31 Blacket place
Ritchie, David Christie, agent, 7 Chambers
street ; house, 20 Brunstane road, Joppa
Ritchie, D., 10 Forbes street
Ritchie, D., jun., 10 Forbes street
Ritchie, D. M., 71 Comiston road
Ritchie, F. , draughtsman, and engraver on
wood, 120 Findhorn place
Ritchie, F. J. (/. R. & Son), 6 Brunton place
Ritchie, Fred., advocate, 34 Melville street
Ritchie, Frederick W., 149 Warrender Park
Ritchie, George {G.P.O.), 134 Brunton gardens
-Ritchie, George, 5 West Newington place
â– Ritchie, George, 25 Grassmarket
'"Ritchie, G. B., M. B,, phj^sician and surgeon, 9
Brunswick street
Ritchie, Hugh, 22 West Preston street
Ritchie, James, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 22 Charlotte
Ritchie, James, ironmonger, 3 Grej^friars place ;
smith works, 38 Candlemaker row ; house, 57
Marclimont road
Ritchie, James, Marionville, Scienues gardens
Ritchie, James, 51 Broughton street
Ritchie, Jas., Abbe}^ court house, Abbej' strand
Ritchie, James, coachbuilder, 67 Dundee street ;
house, 6 Viewforth terrace
Ritchie, James, restaurant, 7 Bernard st., Leith
Ritchie, James, 15 Union street, Leith
Ritchie, J. W., 5 Richmond terrace
â– Ritchie, John {CarricJc cb i?.), Tlie Knowe,
Lygon road
Ritchie, John, corn merchant and victual dealer,
128 Bruntsfield place ; house, 16 St Peter's
Ritchie, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, North-
West Thistle st. lane ; lio. , 41 Comely Bank
Ritchie, John {AhIlut & Go. Ltd.), 18 Water-
loo place
Ritchie, John, confectioner, 6 Lady Lawson st.
Ritchie. John, 101 Pleasance
Ritchie, John, 8 Morningside gardens
Ritchie, John, 58 Comiston drive
Ritchie, John D. W. , 10 Viewforth square
Ritchie, Rev. John B. [U.P.), 2 Moston terrace
Ritchie, John R. S., S.S.C, 5 India street;
Telephone, 2399
Ritchie, Joseph, shipmaster, 88 Ferry road
Ritchie, Joseph, engraver, 7 Hope street ; house,
14 Comely Bank avenue
Ritchie, Leone L., 77 M 'Donald road
Ritchie, Mark, 12 Cannon street, Leith
Ritchie, Patrick, clerk, 31 Comely Bank road
Ritchie, Peter, bookseller and stationer (j;oa<
office), 54 Lauriston place; house, 8 Lauriston
Ritchie, Peter M., colliery salesman, 122 George
street ; house, 4 Wilfrid terrace
Ritchie, R. B., 7 Blackford road
Ritchie, R. H., com. traveller, 10 Morningside
Ritchie, R. Louis [R. R. R. ), 20 Diclc place
Ritchie, R. Peel, M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin., 1 Mel-
ville crescent
Ritchie, Robert, blacksmith, Broughton market ;
house, 41 Barony street
RITCHIE, ROBERT R., wholesale hardware
and fancy goods merchant, 82 South Bridge.
^ See Adv. index
Ritchie, Thomas, &Co., butchers and poulterers,
37 Xew buildings, Granton
Ritchie, Thomas, 46 Craiglea drive
Ritchie, Thomas, chemist, 5 Waverley place
Ritchie, Thomas, 9 Wilfrid terrace
Ritchie, Thomas, 5 Morningside drive
Ritchie, Thomas, jun. ( W. R. Glap-ptrton d: Co. ),
9 West Savile terrace
Ritchie, Rev. Thomas L., Free Church minister,
Airlie House, Arboretum road
Ritchie, T., public auditor, 12 East Mayfield
Ritchie, Walter, engineer, Shrub Hill lane ; ho. ,
87 Brunswick sti'cet
Ritchie, W. M., 8 West Mayfield
Ritchie, W. T., M.D., M.R.C.P.E., 10 India
Ritchie, William, cabinet maker and upholsterer,
60 Lad}' Lawson street ; house, 8 Drumdryan
Ritchie, William, jun. ( W. R. & Sons), 5 Palmer-
ston road
Ritchie, William, clerk, 2 Terrier street
Ritchie, William, 96 Viewforth
Ritchie, William, 31 Gillespie crescent
Ritchie, William, 15 Mayfield terrace
Ritchie, William, 13 Buchanan street, Leith
Ritchie, William, 6 St Margaret's road
Ritchie, William W., wine and spirit merchant,
45 Kirkgate
Ritchie, Mrs A., ladies' nurse, 11 Glen street
Ritchie, Mrs B., dairy, 2 Bryson road; house, 6
Ritchie, Mrs Charles, 20 Summerside st., Leith
Ritchie, Mrs Geoi'ge, 44 Madeira street
Ritchie, Mrs George, 10 Chalmers street
Ritchie, ]\Ii-s llugli H., 15 Comely Bank place
Ritchie, Mrs James, 26a Gayfield square
Ritchie, Mrs J., 16 Keir street
Ritchie, Mrs J., 24 Argyle place
Ritchie, Mrs R. M., 13 Argyle place
Ritchie, MrsAV. M., 36 AVarrender Park terrace
Ritchie, Mrs, 37 Warrender Park road
Ritchie, Mrs, 21 ]\Ierchiston avenue ,
Ritchie, Mrs, apartments, 26 Rutland street
Ritchie, Mrs, 51 Marchmout road
Ritchie, Mrs, 40 Heriot row
Ritchie, Mrs, 17 Brunton terrace
Ritchie, Mrs, 44 Minto street
Ritchie, Mrs, East Elgin street
Ritchie, Mrs, dairy, 92 Coburg street and 11
East Cromwell street ; house, 33 Madeira
Ritchie, Mrs, 7 Broughton place
Ritchie, Misses, 29 Kilraaurs road
Ritchie, Misses, 45 Mayfield road
Ritchie, Miss J., violinist, 24 Frederick street ;
house, 20 Summerside street, Leith
Ritchie, Miss J. H., 6 Madeira place
Ritchie, Miss J. M., 12 Abbotsford crescent
Ritchie, Miss Margaret B., boarding school for
girls, 31 Coates gardens
Ritchie, Miss, 3 Montpelier

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