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Kiddell,John, accountant, 33 Royal Park ter. ] Rintoul, John, 29 Stafford street
Riddell, John, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, ! Rintoul, John, confectioner, 77 Raeburn place
77 Fountainbridge ; ho. 14 Lauriston gardens! Rintoul, John, 19 M 'Donald road
Riddell, Philip, plumber, 8 Bryson road j Rintoul, Richard, 55 Locheud road west
Riddell, Robert, 3 Muricston crescent j Rintoul, William, 4 Tait street
Riddell, R. Scott, prof, of music, 41 Queen, Rintoul, William, Burnbrae cottage, Deanbank
street i lane
Riddell, William, cabinetmakerand removal con- Rintoul, Mrs, 4 Bruntsfield crescent
tractor, 250 Morrison street ; house, 15 AthoU Ritchie, Rodger & Wallace, S.S.C, 100 George
terrace ! street
Riddell, William, 2 Willowbrae road j Ritchie & Co., manufacturers' confectionery
Riddell, William, Southdean, Colinton road ; agents, 2 Cambridge gardens and 10 Forth sfc.
Telegraph address, 'Riddell'; Telephone, ' RITCHIE, CHARLES, & CO., heating
Morningside 53
Riddell, William H., secretary and superinten-
dent. Southern cemetery. Grange road
Riddell, Mrs John, typist, 1 West Maitland st.
Riddell, Mrs L., 55 Balfour street
Riddell, Mrs R. Scott, singing and voice pro-
duction, 41 Qaeen street
Riddell, Mrs \V. S., 11 JSTorthumberland street
Riddell, Mrs, 25 Dundee terrace
Riddell, Mrs, 11 Seton place
Riddel], Mrs, 30 Blackwood crescent
Riddell, Mrs, 7 Fingal place
Riddell, Mrs, 38 Morningside drive
Riddell, Miss Elizabeth, 4 Palmerston road
Riddell, Miss, 39 Chalmers street
Riddle, George (Burgh Engineer's office), 24C
Riddle, George, water officer, 24 Valleyfield st.
Riddoch, John, M.R.C.V.S., 19 Upper Gilmore
Ridgley, Mrs P. E., masseuse and electrician,
13 Warren der Park crescent
Ridgway, Alljert, electrician, 256 Bennington
road, Leith
engineers, high and low pressure hot-water
systems, patentees and manufacturers of steam
heating, cooking, an<l ventilating apparatus,
Aldine works, 32 Torphichen st. ; Telegraph,
'Heating.' ':^^ee, Adv. index
Ritchie, David, & Co., importers of cigars and
tobacco, 1 South Bridge
Ritchie, John, & Co., proprietors and publishers
of the Scotsman, Weekly Scotsman, and Eveniiuj
Dispatch newspapers, 24, 26, 28, and 30 Cock-
burn street ; Telephone, 628
Ritchie, Alexander, & Son, lithographers, en-
gravers, and steam printers, 51 York place ;.
house, 15 Mayfield terrace
RITCHIE, A., & SON, confectioners and
restaurateurs, 24 Princes st., 11 and 13 Cock-
burn St., and 13 North bridge ; factory, 68 and,
67 Haymarket terrace and 4lACockburn &t.
Ritchie, A. H., & Sons, tobacco manufacturers,,
5 Kirkgate
RITCHIE, JAMES, & SON, watch and turret
clock makers, patentees of electro-sympathetic
clocks, 25 Leith street; West End branch, 131
Princes street. >};See Adv. index
RidgweIl,W. G., ironmonger, 26 Victoria street;:- RITCHIE, JAMES, SON, & CO., wholesale-
house, 17 George iv. Bridge
Ridland, C. S., 122 Bruntsfield place
Ridley, George H., 5 Restalrig terrace
Ridley, Mrs Thomas Edgar, 4 Buccieuch terrace
Ridley, Mrs, 155 Lothian road
Ridpath, Mrs, 26 Thirlestane road
stationers, 8 Picardy place
stationers and fancy goods importers, agents
for Eyre & Spottiswoode, H.M. printers. Elder
St. ; Telegraph, 'Reliable'; Telephone, 103S
Ritchie, Alexander, 143 Constitution street
Rietz, Gustave, Continental hotel, 7 and 9 Meusei Ritchie, Alexander, 32 Thirlestane road
lane ] Ritchie, Alex., oflBcer of customs, 15 Goldenacre
Riga Steamship Office, 49 Charlotte street, Leith j terrace
Rigg, Alex., & Co., coalmasters, 10 Bernard Ritchie, Alex., grocer and spirit merchant, 21
street ; Telegraph, ' Manuelrigg, Leith ' ; Tele- ' _ Abbey hill
phone, 4088
Rigg, Alexander S., commission agent, 12 Morn-
ingside drive
Rigg, A. S., 7 Morningside drive ; house, 12
Morning.side drive
Rigg, Robert, coalmaster, 10 Bernard street ;
house, 17 Morningside gardens
Riley, James, joiner, 39 Viewforth
Riley, Peter, 4 Thistle place
Ritchie, Alex. (Smith d: R.), St Martin's, May-
field road
Ritchie, Alex. (Alex. E. <£• Son), 15 Mayfield ter.
Ritchie, Alex. C, 116 Thirlestane road
Ritchie, Alfred Spottiswoode, wholesalestationcr,
Elder street ; house, 6 India street
Ritchie, A. ( If . R. <k Sons), 6 St Margaret's
Ritchie, A., 23 Stirling road
Riley, Samuel, janitor. Dean Public school, Ritchie, Andrew, confectioner, 11 and 13 Cock-
Water of Leith
Riley, Mrs Helen, 16 Viewforth
Rimer, Miss, 36 Grindlay street
Rintoul, Alexander, 106 Lothian road
Rintoul, Alex. B., cabinetmaker, 37 North Young
Street lane ; house, 106 Lothian road
Rintoul, Alex. Vannan Dunlop, 43 Dick place
Rintoul, David, 24 Reid terrace
Rintoul, George, coal merchant, 142 Lothian
road ; house, 6 Hermand terrace
burn street ; house, 44 Minto street
Ritchie, Charles, S.S.C. and N.P. (Ronald <&
R. ), commissioner for the Supreme Courts of
Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and
South Australia, 20 Hill street ; ho., 37 Royal
Ritchie, Charles, bookkeeper, 77 Comiston road
Ritchie, Daniel, 21 Orwell place
Ritchie, David, engineer, 39 Circus lane ; ho.,
126 St Stephen street

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