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Plenderleitli, Mrs AVm., 9 Miirieston crescent
Plenderleith, Misses, dressmakers, 80 South
Clerk street
Plenderleith, Miss, dressmaker, 9 Murieston
Plenderleith, Miss, dressmaker, 25 Dunrobin pi.
Plews, John T., cab hirer, 10 Springwell place
Plimer, Mrs Andrew, 1 Windmill street
Plummer, W. R., 7 Royston terrace
Plummer, Mrs, 15 Greenhill terrace
Plummer, Miss, 32 Queen's crescent
Plynine Co. Ltd., The, manufacturing chemists,
1 Forth street
Pockney, George, drill sei'geant, 12 Bennington
Pole, David, solicitor, 63 Hanover street ;
house, 2 Keir street
Pole, John, shipmaster, 2 Keir street
Pole, Thomas M. A., solicitor, 38 Constitution
street ; house, 28 Henderson row
Police, County, Office, County buildings
Police Offices, Police chambers. Parliament
square, Edinburgh, and 79 Constitution street,
Police Treasurer's Office (City), City
chambers, 10 Royal Exchange
PoUands, George, painter, 11 Henderson street
PoUands, John N, [H.M. Customs), 11 Haw-
thorn Bank place
Pollard, J. & W., C.A., 17 Duke street;
Telegraph, 'Pollard'; Telephane, 29
Pollard, James, C.A. (/. dd- W. P.), 15 Chalmers
Pollard, William, C.A. (J. £ W. P.), 15
PoUard^Urquhart, M. A., M.I.C.E. {Thos. Meih
& Sons), 29 St Andrew sq. ; ho., 16 Lennox st.
Pollock, P., & Co., wholesale stationers, 30
Haddington place
Pollock, Alex., stamp cutter and engraver,
York lane ; house, 398 Morningside road
Pollock, Andrew, dairy and greengrocer, 10 and
12 Edina place
Pollock, Chas., com. agent, 24 Polwarth gardens
Pollock - Gore W. {captoAn and adjutant,
5 V.B. Royal Scots), 28 Warriston crescent
Pollock, James, electrical engineer and telephone !
contractor, 2 Jameson place; also 20 Bigj
Market, Newcastle ; head offices, 196 St'
Vincent street, Glasgow
Pollock, P., 5 Howe street
Pollock, R., 408 Morningside road
Pollock, T. v., 26 St Ronan's terrace
Pollock, Mrs, 12 Gladstone terrace
Pollok, Robert, accountant, 37 Royal Park ter.
PoUok, Mrs, 22 Lomond road
Poison & Falconer, paper-rulers and bookbinders,
104 High street
Poison & Smart, general and fancy drapers, 53
and 71 Kirkgate
Poison, George, 6 Thistle place
Poison, Joseph, invalid attendant, 6 Huntlj^
Poison, William, spirit merchant, 142 Duke
street, Leith ; house, 2 Ryehill place
Poison, Miss Mary A., 21 Braid avenue
Poison, Miss, 37 South Clerk street
Ponton, Gibson, designer and engraver, 34 St
Andrew square
Ponton, Thomas M., clerk of works, 14 MclviUs
Ponton, Mrs Robert, 29 Roseneath terrace
Ponton, Mrs S., funier, 5 York place
Ponton, Mrs, cook, 29 Millar crescent
Ponton, Miss, 11 Fettes row
Ponton, Elizabeth, 49 Albert street
Pool, John, 2 Cheyne street
Pool, Thomas, 11 Merchiston grove
Pool, Mrs John, 34 Buccleuch place
Pool, Miss M., 9 Spottiswoode street
Poole & Co., corporate accountants, 7 North
St Andrew street
Poole, A. Wilson, corporate accountant, 7
North St Andrew street ; house, Dorlin, Cor-
Pooley, Henry, & Son, weighing machine
makers ; chief office and showrooms, 22
Queen street, Glasgow ; works, Albion works.
South Kinning place, Glasgow ; Eastern dis-
trict foreman, W. Inglis, 15 Crighton place,
Poor Rates Office for South Leith, 168 Gt.
Junction street ; Wm. Gray, collector
Poor and School Rates, Edinburgh Parish
Council ; chambers, Castle terrace
Pope, John, 37 West Register street
Porch, Mrs, 4 Back of Vaults
Pordage, Arthur, firemaster, Fire Station,
76-78 Lauriston place
Port, F. {Cadbury Brothers), 10 Shandon street
Porteous' Vegetable Ointment Co., Ill Rose st.
Porteous, A., & Co., leather merchants, 111
Rose street
Porteous, Alex., & Son, curriers, leather mer-
chants, 12, 16, and 18 Niddry street
Porteous, Adam, plumber, 148 Bennington road ;
house, 2 Newhaven road
Porteous, A. {A. P. & Son), 10 Tantallon place
Porteous, Alexander, flesher, 24 Dublin street ;
house, 3 Rodney street
Porteous, Alexander, butcher and poulterer, 33
Ashley terrace ; house, 95 Slateford road
Porteous, Alexander, 68 Montpelier park
Porteous, Alex., jun., ordained surveyor and
valuator, 8 Brandon terrace
Porteous, George, draper, 233 Morningside road ;
house, 18 Millar crescent
Porteous, George C, grocer and wine merchant,
30 Henderson gardens ; ho. , 150 Newhaven rd.
Porteous, James, 37 Bangor road
Porteous, James, 8 Hermitage place
Porteous, James {Thomsoii cfc P.), 29 Grange rd.
Porteous, James, com. trav., 48 Marchmont rd.
Porteous, James, antique dealer, 21 Marshall
street ; house, 104 High street
Porteous, James, temperance hotel, 104 High st.
Porteous, James, dairy, 6 Leven street
Porteous, J. R., commercial traveller, 15 Living-
stone place
Porteous, J. S., 13 Rochester terrace
Porteous, John, 3 Leslie place
Porteous, John, butcher and poulterer, 30
Bruntsfield place ; house, 10 Valleyfield street
Porteous, John, 22 Elm row
Porteous, John, printer, 8 Dundas street
Porteous, John S. {GosUrlc <t Co.), 16 Hillside
Porteous, Peter, 54 Easter road

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