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Mascot Cycle Co. Ltd.; works, Broad wynd,
Leith ; showrooms, 197 Leith walk, and stalls
8 and 9 Waverley Market gallery ; registered
office, 33 Castle street ; John Nisbet, solicitor,
Mason & Haggart, cabinetmakers and joiners, 35
Mason, G. J., & Co., mantle manufacturers, 54
Cockburn street
Mason, Andrew, f)8 Henderson row
Mason, Andrew, 2 East Broughton place
Mason, Archibald ((r. P.O.), 57 Cornhill terrace,
Mason, David, chemist, 104Raeburnpl. ; ho. ,102
Mason, D. M., 58 Cumberland street
Mason, G. L. , 4 Montrose terrace
Mason, H., 13 Grange loan
Mason, Hugh, 25 Ryehill terrace, Leith ,
Mason, James, 20 Deanpark street
Mason, James, S.S.C., 14 Pitt street
Mason, James {Douglas d: M.), 3 Strathearn rd.
Mason, James, jun. {A. Goivan, M., d; Co.),
Ferndale, 27 Park road. Trinity
Mason, J. Gordon, S.S.C. and N. P., commis-
sioner of deeds and oaths for States of Cali-
fornia and Missouri, 51 Hanover st. ; house,
28 Howard pi.
Mason, J. M'Laren, L.D.S.Ed., dental surgeon,
15 Lauriston place
Mason, John, 60 St Leonard's hill
Mason, Jn. , gi'ocer and fruit merchant, 16 Citadel
Mason, R. B. Shaw, 69 Merehiston crescent
Mason, Robert, writer, 40 Henderson row
Mason, T. , 18 Brunton terrace
Mason, Thomas, 8 Dundas street
Mason, Thomas, 26 Teviotdale place
Mason, Thomas, 24 Bothwell street
Mason, Thomas S., 16 Chalmers street
Mason, William, 29 Brunswick road
Mason, William, 43 Dundee terrace
Mason, Mrs Thomas, 21 Baltic street
Mason, Mrs W., 75 Inverleith row
Mason, Mrs, 3 Lochend road, Leith
Mason, Miss, 10 South Fort street
Masonic Club, Scottish, 1a Hill street ; secretary,
William A. Davis, 8 Frederick street
Masonic Lodges. See Masonic Directory
Masons' Operative Association of Scotland, 1
Merchant street
Massey, Alexander, 15 Home street, 19 Union
place, and 68 South Clerk street
Massie, Charles D., grocer and provision
* merchant, 12 Dalziel place
Massie, George, 15 Wellington street
Massie, James, 19 Montpelier park
Massie, James, jun., 6 Inverleith avenue
Massie, Robert, baker and confectioner, 8 Clerk
Massie, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 100 St
Stephen street
Massie, W. H., nurseryman and seedsman, 1
Waterloo place ; ho., Redbraes, Broughton rd.
Massie, William, baker and confectioner, 240
licith walk and 1 South Elgin street ; ho., 36
Pilrig street
Massie, Mrs, 7 Wellington street
Masson k Co., grocers, and wine and spirit mer-
chants, 34 Dock street
Masson, Alexandei', shipmaster, 20 Hillside st.
Masson, David, LL.D. {Emeritus Professor,
University, Edinburgh), 2 Lockharton gardens
Masson, D. Tolmj-, M.A., M.D., 36 Comiston
Masson, James, agent. Union Bank of Scotland
Ltd., Morningsdde branch; house, 195 Brunts-
field place
Masson, John, 46 Dudley avenue
Masson, William F., 6 Pitt street
Masterson, Captain John, 12 Morningside road
Masterson, Thomas, watch maker and jeweller,
2 Forrest hill
Masterton, James, B.A., 10 Royston terrace
Masterton, James, 4 Windsor street
Masterton, James, insurance agent, 148 Leith
walk, Leith
Masterton, Jn. {National Gallery), 28 Rintoul pi.
Masterton, J. L., 45 Cluny gardens
Masterton, John, 3 Leopold place
Masterton, Robert, 12 Sylvan place
Masterton, Thomas, 63 Comely Bank avenue
Masterton, Mrs, 45 Cluny gardens
Mather, Alex., & Son, mill engineers, mill-
wrights, and ironfounders, Orwell works.
Dairy road (late of Fountainbridge) ; Tele-
grapiti, 'Mather'; Telephone, 62 Western
Mather, Adam, confectioner, 126 Duke st., Leith
Mather, Alex., junior (Jf. <& Son), 16Leamington
Mather, And., dairyman, 1 Crown sti'eet, Leith
Mather, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 39
Leven street ; house, 99 Viewfortli
Mather, Edward, wholesale shoe mercer, 11
Leith Street terrace
Mather, Edward, jun., 15 Merehiston crescent
Mather, Edward James, 35 Carlyle place
Mather, E. {A. M. & Son), The Lee, Colinton rd.
Mather, F., 36 St Patrick square
Mather, G., draper, hosier, and shirtmaker, 497
Lawnmarket ; house, 13 Drumdryan street
Mather, James, 44 Merehiston avenue
Mather, J., 1 Balcarres street
Mather, J., 28 Claremont terrace
Mather, John, 10 Forbes street
Mather, John, decorator, 28 Lochrin buildings ;
house, 2 Montpelier
Mather, John, dairyman, Quarryholes house
Mather, Jos., traveller, 18 Frederick street
Mather, Thomas Fellows, 21 Brunton place
Mather, T. R., wine and spirit merchant, 17
Mather, Wm., dairy, 44 Buc.cleuch street; ho.,
36 St Patrick square
Mather, William, butcher, 24 Home street
Mather, Wm., gardener and florist, Ventnor
terrace ; house, 196 Dalkeith road
Mather, Mrs A., 32 East Preston street
Mathers, George F., W.S. {Watson & M.), 47
Frederick street ; house, 23 Manor place
Mathers, Mrs, 23 Manor place
Matheson & Co., watchmakers and jewellers,
71 Shore ; house, 24 East Hermitage place,
MATHESON, A., & CO., Black Silk and
Crape Mercers to the Queen, 39 George
street ; Telegraph, ' Matheson '
Matheson, Crichton, & Co., wholesale tea
merchants, 53 York place
Matheson, Alexander H. , 3 Bridge place

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