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Grey, Mrs, 14 Chalmers crescent
Grieg, J. Arthur, 187 Ferry road
LIMITED, 27 Quality street; Telephone,
4111 ; Telegraph, ' Griendtsveen, Leith'
Grier, Robert B., commission agent, 27 Quality
st. ; ho. , 2 Union place, Trinity
Grier, Mrs, 10 Rosslyn crescent
Grierson, Andrew, 29 Bruntsfield avenue
Grierson, Charles, smith and farrier, 52 Calton
, road ; house, Springwood, Eskbank
Grierson, David {manager, Lever Bros. Ltd.), 5
North bridge ; house, 17 Dick place
Grierson, G. G., advocate, 34 Melville street
Grierson, Grieve D., 25 Angle Park terrace
Grierson, Henry, Graigend park, Liberton
Grierson, James R., 107 Montgomery street
Grierson, P. J. Hamilton, advocate, solicitor of
Inland Revenue, 10 "Waterloo place ; house, 7
Palmerston place
Grierson, Thomas W., commercial traveller, 5
Merchiston grove
Grierson, T. W., commercial traveller, 9
Shandon place
GriBrson, William, 158 Montgomery street
Grierson, Mrs, 72 Northumbeidand street
Grierson, Mrs, 21 Oxford street
Grierson, Miss E. , 8 Montague street
Grierson, Miss, 37 Argyle place
Grieve, James, & Sons,, nurserymen & florists,
Redljraes nursery, Broughton road, and The
Cottage, Pilrig street
Grieve, R., & Co., carpet, floorcloth, bed, and
bedding warehousemen, 83 George street
Grieve, Adam, registered plumber and gasfitter,
30 Argyle place ; Telephone, 859 ; house, 82
Marchmont crescent
Grieve, Alex., blacksmith, 40 Sciennes ; house,
2 Lord Russell place
Grieve, David, 12 Springwell place
Grieve, George, grocer and spirit merchant, 28
Clerk street ; house, 55 South Clerk street
Grieve, George, joiner and bird cage maker, 39
Niddry street
Grieve, George Alison, 16 Tay street
Grieve, George A., 11 Lilyhill terrace
Grieve, George K., 12 Cambridge avenue
Grieve, G. William, 17 Melville terrace
Grieve, Henry W., 127 Lothian road
Grieve, Hugh, 8 Viewforth gardens
Grieve, James, family grocer, 139 Gilmore place,
and 130 Viewforth ; house, 27 Montpelier
Grieve, James, 81 Buccleuch street
Grieve, James, dairy, 7 Yeaman place ; house,
35 Dundee terrace
Grieve, James, diecutter, designer, and engraver,
9 So. St Andrew st. ; ho., 9 Montgomery st.
Grieve, Jas., gardener, Pihig cottage, Pilrig st.
Grieve, James, 22 Glenoxchy terrace
Grieve, James, 28 Rosebank cottages
Grieve, James, 48 Montpelier park
Grieve, James B. , 8 Kirk street
Grieve, J., artist, 29 Queen street
Grieve, J. J. , 1 Barony place
Grieve, John, messenger, 35 St Andi'ew square
Grieve, John, golf club and ball maker, 42 Dairy
Grieve, John {church officer, Biiccleiieh E. U.
Church), 6 Livingstone place
Grieve, John {collector, Scottish Legal Assurance
Society), 2 Thornville terrace
Grieve, John C, teacher of music, 4 Middleby
Grieve, Nathaniel, builder and joiner, Washing-
ton lane, Dairy road ; house, 64 Polwarth
Grieve, Robert, bank agent, National Bank of
Scotland Limited, 34 Leith walk ; house,
9 Claremont park
Grieve, Robert, painter and decorator, 5 Melville
terrace; house, 3 Moncreiff terrace
Grieve, SommerviUe {Innes & G.), 21 Queen's
Grieve, Symington {Innes & 6.), 11 Lauder rd.
Grieve, Thos. {sitperintendent, British League),
3 Belhaven terrace
Grieve, Thomas, 29 Hillside crescent
Grieve, Thomas, 3 East Cromwell street
Grieve, Walter, 33 Bangor road
Grieve, Walter G., artist, 38 York place; house,
35 St Andrew square
Grieve, W., tailor and clothier, 24 Clerk street
Grieve, W. G., 17 Melville terrace
Grieve, William, law clerk, 4 Richmond ter.
Grieve, William, joiner, 19 St John street
Grieve, Mrs James, 7 Wellington street
Grieve, Mrs Wm., 64 Dalkeith road
Grieve, Mrs William, 3 Spottiswoode street
Grieve, Mrs, 25 Comely Bank road
Grieve, Mrs, fruiterer, 217 Easter road
Grieve, Mrs, 55 Great Junction street
Grieve, Mrs, 9 Montgomery street
Grieve, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 27a
India street
Grieve, Misses, 1 Sylvan place
Grieve, Misses, 28 Mardale crescent
Grieve, Miss, lace cleaner and clear - starcher,
10a Clarence street
Grieve, A. S., draper and milliner, IS Argyle pi.
Grieve, Agnes Smith, draper, 366 Morningside
road; house, 4 East Preston street
Grieve, Miss L., certificated ladies' nurse, 7
Wellington street
Bruntsfield place
Grieves, Miss, 6 Chamberlain road
Griffin, M. M., fruiterer and greengrocer, 78
Queen street
Griffin, John M. R., 64 Broughton street
Griffin, William, gardener, 229 Causewayside
Grifiin, Margaret S., draper and dressmaker, 5
Warriston place
Griffith, W. G., 24 Polwarth gardens
Griffiths, Rev. Alfred, M.A. {St Mary's
Cathedral), 9 Ravelston terrace
Griggs, Miss Annie M., School of Cookery and
Housekeeping, 137 George st.; ho., 1 Coatespl.
Grigor, T., 3 Wolseley crescent
Grimmon, William, wine and spirit broker and
agent, 19 Lower Granton road
Grimsdick, Frederick, general draper, 23 Leven
street ; house, 96 Bruntsfield place
Grirashaw, Percy H. {Museum of Science and
Art), 26 Montpelier park
Grim wood, W. A., caretaker, 6 St Andrew sq.
Grindlay, Thomas, 8 Lily terrace
Grindlay, Miss M., 7 Trinity crescent
Grindlay, Miss, 1 East Trinity road

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