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Gregorson, Mrs, 5 Inveiieith row
Gregorson, Miss, 13 Warrender Park crescent
Gregory, Arthur C, 11 Gilmour road
Gregory, Frederick S., L.D.S., 12 Dundas st.
Gregory, John, 9 Roseneath terrace
Gregory, Thos., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 12
Dundas street
Gregory, Miss, 29 Alva street
Greig, David, & Co., builders and house
carpenters, Spittalfield crescent and 22 Ber-
nard terrace; Telephone, 704
Greig, John, & Sons, engineers, ironfounders,
millwrights, and manufacturers of printing,
bookbinding, tobacco, rubber, and other
machinery, Fountainhouse works, 28 and 30
Dundee st. ; Telegraph, ' Greig ' ; Telephone,
72 Western
Greig, J. & "W., woolbrokers, 129 Constitution
street, Leith ; Telegraph, 'Cheviot'; Tele-
phone, 4239
Greig, Alexander, plumber and gasfitter, 10 Mer-
chiston terrace ; house, 72 Morningside road
Greig, Alexander [secretary, Edinburgh Literary
Institute), 24 Clerk street
Greig, Alexander, proprietor of Prince of Wales
Hotel, West Register street
Greig, Alexander, mason, 25 Balfour street
Greig, Alexander, grocer, wine and spirit mer-
cliant, 23 Main street, Newhaven ; house, 27
Trinity crescent
Greig, Alfred, architect, 44 Queen street
Greig, Charles Henry, architect, 86 Comely
Bank avenue
Greig, D., surgeon, F.E.C.S.E. and J. P., 38
Coates gardens
Greig, David (/. O. & Sons), 7 Cluny drive
Greig, David, 5 Goldenacre terrace
Greig, David, 34 Causewayside
Greig, George, 5 Bellevue street
Greig, George, painter, 10 Viewforth ; house, 12
Greig, George J., potato merchant, Scotland
Street station
Greig, Henry, restaurateur, 243a Morningside
road ; house, 4 Steel's place
Greig, Henry, waiter, 16 Grindlay street
Greig, Hugh, baker, 203 Great Junction street ;
house, 205a
Greig, James, 3 Sciennes Hill place
Greig, James, C.A. [Carter, G., & Co.), 5 St
Andrew square ; house, 38 Coates gardens ;
Telephone, 41 West
Greig, James A., 98 Findhorn place
Greig, James Alex., 13 and 14 Greenside place
Greig, James Blyth, 2 Sciennes Hill place
Greig, James P., 71 Dalkeith road
Greig, J. Thomson, 5 Dah-ymple crescent
Greig, J. T. M., C.A., 34 Castle street
Greig, John, 84 Marchmont road
Greig, John, 13 Mayville gardens, Leith
Greig, John, 87 Bruntsfield place
Greig, John, biscuit manufacturer, 5 Anderson
place ; office. Tower place ; house, 13 May-
ville gardens .
Greig, Mashinka A., teacher of French, 130
George street
Greig, Peter (/. d; W. O. ), 38 Netherby road,
Greig, Peter M. , 1 WiUowbrae avenue
Greig, Robert, 17 Sloan street
Greig, Robert, 25 Dundee terrace
Greig, Robert, 39 West Nicolson street
Greig, Robert, coachman, 26 Caledonian cres.
Greig, Robert M. (/. G. & Sons), 22 Viewforth
Greig, Major Robt., Craigmichen, St Alban's road
Greig, Sommerville, W.S., 134 George street;
house, 5 Coates place
Greig, Rev. Thomas, 54 Grange loan
Greig, Thomas, 5 East Trinity road
Greig, William, 26 Grindlay street
Greig, Wm. C, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
40 and 42 Trafalgar lane; ho., Rowanbank,
154 Newhaven road
Greig, Mrs A., 39 Constitution street
Greig, Mrs B. F. , 28 Coltbridge terrace
Greig, Mrs D., 33 Warriston crescent
Greig, Mrs E. R., 4 Craiglea drive
Greig, Mrs James, 7 Scotland street
Greig, Mrs John, 40 Braid road
Greig, Mrs M., greengrocer and confectioner, 77
Haymarket terrace
Greig, Mrs, dairy, 20 Spottiswoode street
Greig, Mrs, 29 Craiglea drive
Greig, Mrs, 1 WiUowbrae avenue
Greig, Miss S., 8 Cobden terrace
Greig, Miss, 16 Men tone terrace
Greig, Miss, 215 Dalkeith road
Greig, Caroline, teacher of music, 122 George st.
Greiner, Charles F., watchmaker and jeweller,
63 Nicolson street ; house, 22 Dalkeith road
Greiner, James, confectioner and tobacconist,
112 Easter road
Greiner, Mrs Frank X. , wine and spirit merchant,
10 Greenside row ; house, 12 Leopold place
Greiner, Madame de, teacher of singing, 4
Castle terrace
Greiner's Commercial Hotel, 3 Broughtou street
Greliche, Mrs E., 62 Tliistle street
Grenville, J. R., hairdresser, 238 Morrison street;
house, 16 Caledonian jjlace
LTD., 73 George st. ; Wm. Roxburgh, res. sec.
Gresham Publishing Co., The, publishers, book-
binders, and booksellers, 1 India buildings,
Victoria street ; J. H. Butcher, district
Gresham, Miss, 5 Steel's place
Gretton, Joseph, 25 Colville place
Grey & Son, M. R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeons,
31 Pleasance, 119 Rose street, and 109
Dundee street ; house, 20 Lauriston place
Grey, Harry, M.B., CM., 14 Chalmers crescent
Grey, John E. ((?. efc So7i), M.R.C.V.S., veter-
inary surgeon, 119 Rose street, 31 Pleasance,
and 109 Dundee street; house, 20 Lauriston
Grey, J. Ogilvie, S.S.C. and N.P., 33 Castle
street ; house, 14 Chalmers crescent
Grey, Walter, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon,
Pirrie street ; house, 108 Ferry road
Grey, William H., architect and surveyor, 59
George street
VOCALIST {diplomie and gold medallist,
Grey, Mrs A. Ogilvie, 13 East Preston street
Grey, Mrs, 60 Castle street

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