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G m
Gordon, E. 0., & Co., pianofortes, liarmonrams,
American organs, violin and pianoforte school
and music sellers, 23 St James' square and 16
Chapel street
Gordon, Falconer, & Fairweather, W.S., 46
George street
Gordon, Adam G., architect {N.B.B.), 41
Regent street, Portobello
Gordon, Alex., S.S.C. and N.P., 58 Queen st. ;
house, Strathearn lodge, 1 Stratliearn place
Gordon, Alexander, 96 Duke sti'eet, Leith
Gordon, Alex., coal merchant, 13 Admiralty st.
Gordon, Alex., 23 Lauriston gardens
Gordon, A. S., W.S., 58 Queen street; house,
1 Strathearn place
Gordon, A. W., solicitor, 59 George street
Gordon, Andrew, solicitor, 3 Thistle court ;
house, Boseisle, Afton terrace
Gordon, Andrew M., 188 Easter road
Gordon, Arch. Alex., C.A., J. P., 128a George
street ; house, 1 Coates gardens
Gordon, Benjamin, 65 Great Junction street
Gordon, Charles, 20 Caledonian crescent
Gordon, Charles, 74 Leamington terrace
Gordon, David, 8 Cumberland street
Gordon, David, bootmaker, 39 N. Junction street
Gordon, D. S. R., 13 St Bernard's crescent
Gordon, E., 133 Great Junction street
Gordon, F. J., M.A., 1 South St James street
Gordon, George, painter, 16 Dewar place
Gordon, George, gardener, 6 Maxwell street
Gordon, George G. , 3 Abbey street
Gordon, James, C. A. {Roncdchon tk G. ), 3a North
St David street
Gordon, James, 4 Deanpark street
Gordon, James, W. S. , 8 East Castle road
Gordon, James, librarian, 95 Ferry road
Gordon, James, stationer, 48 Easter road, Leith
Gordon, James, 5 M 'Weill street
Gordon, James, coal merchant, North Leith
Gordon, James, 33 Bridge street
Gordon, James, butter and egg merchant, 271
Leith walk
Gordon, James, 13 Heriot row
Gordon, James E. , W.S., 58 Queen street
Gordon, J. Dick, baker and confectioner, 53
Elm row ; house, 52
Gordon, J. D., 73 Inverleith row •
Gordon, John, 3 Cochran terrace
Gordon, John, 8 Thirlestane road
Gordon, John, draper and clothier, 95 Bruns-
wick street
Gordon, John, 42 Dudley avenue
Gordon, John B., 13 Merchiston terrace,
Gordon, M. C, 28 Marchmont road
Gordon, M. E., mirsic teacher, 23 St James' s'^.
Gordon, P. A., 76 Inverleith row
Gordon, Rev. Robert, 11 Mayfield gardens
Gordon, Robert, hairdresser, 7 Fowler terrace
Gordon, Robert, gardener, 28 Angle Park ter.
Gordon, Robert J., 81 Montgomery street
Gordon, Thomas, agent ( Union Banh of Scotland
Limited J and agent, North British and Mer-
cantile and Hand-in-Hand Insurance Cos.), 1
Grosvenor street
Gordon, T. J., W.S., 32 Melville street
Gordon, William, commercial traveller, 10
Scone gardens
Gordon, William, 15 Thirlestane road
Gordon, William, 43 Warrender Park terrace ■
Gordon, William, 23 Comely Bank avenue
Gordon, Wm., marine surveyor, 13 Exchange,
35 Constitution street ; house, 89 Ferry road
Gordon, William, inspector of weights and
measures. County buildings ; house, 13 Rose-
neath place
GORDON, W., tin plate, ventilator, smoke
machine, travelling, and charter-box manu-
facturer, 71 Blackfriars street ; house, 61
Clerk street
Gordon, Mrs Byron, 12 Fettes row
Gordon, Mrs James, 30 Royal circus
Gordon, Mrs Thos., 11 Grosvenor crescent
Gordon, Mrs William, 3 Wellington street
Gordon, Mrs W. E., 29 Melville street
Gordon, Mrs, 12 Valleyfield street
Gordon, Mrs, 32 Temple Park crescent
Gordon, Mrs, 50 Minto street
Gordon, Mrs, 21 Hillside crescent
Gordon, Mrs, 1 South Chai-lotte street
Gordon, Misses, of Campbelton, Redbraes house,
Broughton road
Gordon, Misses, 6 Oswald road
Gordon, Misses, 13 Merchiston crescent
Gordon, Miss A.M., 1 Great Stuart street
Gordon, Miss E. , 13 Spottiswoode street
Gordon, Miss E. R., 106 Bruntsfield place
Gordon, Miss J., 55 Viewforth
Gordon, Miss, 37 Queen's crescent
Gordon, Miss, 1 Merchiston Bank gardens
Gordon, Miss, 4 Cluny gardens
Gordon, Miss, 16 Manor place
Gordon, Miss, 1 Lennox street
Gordon, Miss, 50 Montpelier park
Gordon, Jane, tobacconist and stationer, 139
Ferry road
Goi-don, Joan, newsagent, 34 Gordon street
Gorman, John, 39 South Bridge
Gornall, Mrs, 20 Haddington place
Gorrie, David, 20 Orwell place
Gorrie, Henry, grocer, 79 Dairy road, and 175-
Dundee st. ; house, 76 Polwarth gardens
Gorrie, Peter, 1 Drum terrace
Gorrie, Mrs, 10 Caledonian road
Gorrie, Mrs D., 3 Cameron park
Gorrie, Miss, 115 George street
Goring, Henry, 21 Comely Bank street
Gorton, Frank Bernard, maltster, 11 Leopold ph
GOSKIRK, A., & CO., electro -platers, Norton
park, Easter road ; Telephone, 879. ^See
Adv. index
Goskirk, Mrs, 28 Hillside street
Gosley, F. T. , piano tuner, 6 Woodburu ten'ace
Gosman, John, 36 Park road
Gasman, W., bookbinder, 8 W. Newington pi.
' Gospel Messenger ' Office, 2 Bristo place
Gosse, Mrs, stationer and newsagent, 25 Leven st.
Gossip, Misses, private school for young ladies,
also boarding and day schools, Craigmount,
Dick place
Gothard, Mrs Grainger, midwife and sick nurse,
11 West Adam' street
Goudie & Co., waterproof manufacturers and
patentees, 25 Princes st. ; Telegraph, 'Water-
proof ' ; Telephone, 5
Goudie, Gilhert {National Bank Ltd.), 31 Great
King street

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