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Glass, Alexander, newsagent and tobacconist.
176 Albert street
Glass, Alex., gardener, 100 Gilmore place
Glass, David, 2 Brunton place
Glass, David, 58 Comiston road
Glass, George, house painter, 23e Riego street;
house, 10 Brongliaui street
Glass, James, 72 Comiston road
Glass, James M., ventriloquist, 6 S. Oxford st.
Glass, J. M., solicitor, 86 George street
Glass, John, 12 Buccleuch street
Glass, John M'Kay, 30 Comely Bank place
Glass, Robert, 11 Perth street
Glass, Thomas, 15 Murieston crescent
Glass, Wm. S., pharmaceutical chemist, 193
Morningside road ; house, 191
Glass, Mrs, 115 Rose street
Glass, Miss J., 16 Jordan lane
Glass, Miss, dressmaker, 69 Inverleith row
Glasse, Rev. John, D.D., 16 Tantallon place
Glassey, William J., 12 Rossie place
Glassford, Mrs Gordon, 35 Coates gardens
Glasstone, Simon, picture frame maker;, 59 South
Gledhill, Thomas E., tenor vocalist and teacher
of singing, 19 Pitt street
Gledhill, Walter, teacher of music, 35 Brunts-
field place
Gledhill, William B. {from Lewis <£• Co. Lid.,
London), organ builder, 14 Sunbury place,
Belford road
Glegg, Adam T., 12 Morningside gardens
Glegg, A. T., advocate, 16 Northumberland
Glegg, Andrew H., W.S., 24 Charlotte square;
house, 32 Blacket place
Glegg, Arthur, 197 Ferry road
Glegg, David, 14 Clarence street
Glegg, J. H. , 8 Carlton street
Glegg, Robt. {Union Bank Ltd.),lZGxa.wge, \&v.
Glegg, W. D. {Brown ,£■ G.), 65 Braid road
Glegg, Mrs, 12 Blackford road
Glegg, Miss, 8 Carlton street
Glen, D. & G., house furnishers, 25 and 27
Sli and wick place
GLEN, J. &R., bagpipe and musical instrument
makers, N. Bank street. iJ^See Adv. index
Glen, Alexander, 5 Barclay place
Glen, Archibald, .station agent, Caledonian
railway, Granton ; house, Caledonian cottage,
Granton road west
GLEN, DAVID, bagpipe maker and music
publisher, 8 Greenside place ; ho. 5 Brunton
Glen, D. J., 4 Hermand terrace
Glen, E. A., 44 Easter road
Glen, James C. (chui-ch-officer, St Bernard's
E.C), 17 Comely Bank avenue
Glen, J. (/. & B. G.),\i Archibald place
Glen, J. Bruce, teacher, 47 Comely Bank place
Glen, John, assurance superintendent, 10
Marchmont street
Glen, Robert, 32 Dublin street
Glen, Wm., 26 Comely Bank avenue
Glen, William B. {P.E.C.S), 1 New Register
House ; house, 24 Duke street
Glen, Misses J. & M., ladies' and children's oat-
fitters, 10 Comely Bank avenue ; house, 17
Glen, Miss 8 Hillside street
Glen Rothes Distillery, Glenlivet, The Highland
Distilleries Co. Ltd. ; agents, Robertson &
Baxter Ltd., 90 Constitution st. ; Tel. 488
Glcnburn Hydropathic Co. Ltd., Rothesay,
Bute ; 122 George st. ; J. Campbell Dewar,
C. A., secretary
Glencorse, P., baritone vocalist for oratorios,
etc., teacher of singing, 30 Pitt street
Glencorse, Peter, coal merchant, 5 Port Hamilton
Glencorse, Mrs C., 35 Buccleuch place
Glendinning, Alexander, apartments, 83 Hay-
mavket terrace
Glendinning, Andrew, 80 Grove street
Glendinning, Andrew, teacher of dancing, 1
Chalmers crescent
Olendinning, James, cooper, 37 St Patrick sq.
Glendinning, John, juu., 80 Grove street
Glendinning, William, teacher of dancing, 1
Chalmers crescent
Glendinning, Mrs James, 3 Lord Russell place
Glendinning, Mrs, baby linen warehouse, 16
Brandon terrace ; house, 18
Glendinning, Misses, 4 Carlton street
Glendinning, Miss Mary, teacher of dancing, 1
Chalmers crescent
Glendinning, Miss, 18 Dean Park crescent
Glendinning, Georgina, grocer, 12 Cathcart pi.
Glendronach Distillery Company, Glendronach,
by Huntly ; office, 53 George st. ; Telegrams,
' Dronach, Edinburgh ' ; Telephone, 2316
Glenglassaugh Distillery, Banffshire, The High-
land Distilleries Co. Ltd. ; Robertson &
Baxter Ltd., 90 Constitution street, agents
Glenni§, Geo., tobacconist, 234a Leith walk
Glennie, Miss, Crown Eegistry Office, 25
Queensferry street
Gloag, David, headmaster, Stockbridge public
school ; ho., 9 Barnton terrace
Gloag, George, 29 Comely Bank road
Gloag, Joseph, manager. Ship coffee house,
Granton harbour ; house, 1 Forth pi. Granton
Gloag, Rev. Baton J., D.D., 28 Regent terrace
Gloag, Robert, 6 Beavorbank place
Gloag, William Murray, advocate, 6 Heriot row
GLOBE AGENCY, 50a Frederick street ;
George Young ; Telephone, 2239 ; Telegraph,
' Servants, Edinburgh '
Globe Express Limited, 15 South St David st. ;
W. Lindsay, manager
Glover, Andrew {cashier, goods department,
Caledonian Railway), 26 Gardner's crescent
Glover, Charles Gordon, engineer, 11 London st.
Glover, John, 39 Dublin street
Glover, John, S.S.C, 1 Hill street; house, 7
Danube street
Glover, John, jun., W.S. and N.P., 1 Hill
street ; house, 5 St Ninian's terrace
Glover, Robert {G.J^.O.), 45 Montpelier iiark .
Glover, R. D., fruit and iiroduce broker, Con-
stitution place ; ho. Brighton park, Poi tobello
Glover, Thomas C, C.E., contractor, Mount
Grange, 29 Hope terrace
Glover, Mrs, apartments, 13 Walker street
Goalen, James, architect, ordained sur-
veyor, insurance agent, and house factor, etc.,
141 Constitution street; house, Seaforth,
York road
Goar, E., 22 Prince Regent street
Goar, J. W., 22 Prince Regent street

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