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Forrester, John M. , architect, 39 Broiighton
place ; house, 4 Melgund terrace
Forrester, "W., dentist, 23a George square
Forrester, W., studio, 49 Queen street
Forrester, W. M., superintendent, Newington
cemetery, Dalkeith road
Forrester, Mrs Annie, 122 Bennington road
Forrester, Mrs G., 6 Stanley- place
Forrester, Mrs James, 6 Mardale crescent
Forrester, Mrs Jolm, 4 Elgin terrace
Forrester, Mrs, 12 Greeuhill place
Forret, John A., chemist and druggist, 26
Brougham place ; house, 4 Comiston place
Forshaw, Geo., com. travl., 20 James pi., Leith
Forslind & Rex, timber mrchts., 24 Bernard st,
Forsyth & Bertram, joiners and carpenters.
Abbey street
Forsyth & Nisbet, carpenters and joiners. East
William street
Forsyth, H., fruiterer, 151 Gilmore place
Forsyth, William, & Son, ]5ainters, paper-
hangers, and glaziers, 43 Forrest road and 8
Newport street; house, 130 Gilmore place
Forsyth, Wm., k Co., contractors and raihvay
agents, 60 Gorgie road ; house, 20 Gorgie rd.
Forsyth, Alex. , butcher, 9 Baxter's place ;
house, 36 Montgomery street
Forsyth, A., 19 Raeburn place
Forsyth, A. M. {G.P.O.), 62 Montgomery street
Forsyth, Andrew, 7 Parkside terrace
Forsyth, Andrew, 8 Thistle place
Forsyth, Charles, 18 Pilrig street
Forsyth, David, solicitor, 50 George street
Forsyth, David, macer, 19 N.-W. Circus place
Forsyth, D. M., chemist and druggist, 13 Bristo
Forsyth, George, stationmaster, Merchiston
station ; house, Myrtle house. Myrtle terrace
Forsyth, Geo. B., 12 Rossie place
Forsyth, G. D., 40 Lygon road
Forsyth, James, S.S.C, 13 George street; ho.,
25 Leamington terrace
Forsyth, James, 49 Belford road
Forsyth, James B., 4 Dean park street
Forsyth, John, fruiterer and greengTocer, 118
Bruntsfield place
Forsyth, John, 177 Fountainbridge
Forsyth, John, writer, 18 Polwarth crescent
Forsyth, John, 21 Dalmeny street
Forsyth, Rev. John, St Cuthbert's, Slateford rd.
Forsyth, John Duncan, 74 Montgomery street
Forsyth, Joseph B., wine merchant and grocer,
11 Maitland street, Newliaven ; house, 5
Maitlaud place, Trinity
Forsyth, Jos. Taylor, joiner, 40 St Leonard's st.
Forsyth, M., greengrocer, 129 Grove street
Forsyth, R. T., 4 Bonnington terrace
Forsyth, Robert, 10 Rochester terrace
Forsyth, Robt., agent, Commercial Bank of
Scotland Ltd., 31 North Bridge; house, 25
Leamington terrace
Forsyth, Robert S., pastry baker and confec-
tioner, 2 Davie street ; house, 9
Forsyth, Thomas, 80 Dairy road
Forsyth, William, 12 Sylvan place
Forsyth, Wm., 13 Kirk street, Leitli
Forsyth, W. G., 26 Ashville terrace
Forsyth, Mrs Colin, 2 St James' place
Forsyth, Mrs Dav., Auchgeal, 23Ilavelston park
Forsyth, Mrs George, 18 Lonsdale terrace
Forsyth, Mrs W., St Olave's, Granton.road
Forsyth, Mrs, grocer, 7 Grindlay street '
Forsyth, Miss Maria J., 33 Mardale crescent
Forsyth, Miss, 13 West Mayfield
Forsyth, Miss, apartments, 4 Coates place
Forsyth, Agnes G., tobacconist and newsagent,
76 Fountainbridge; house, 15 Lochrin ter.
Forsyth, Elizabeth S., tobacconist and news-
agent, 64 Cumberland street
Forth and Clj'de Sack Hiring Co., Tower place
and 14 Shore, Leith ; Glasgow office, 210
Holm street
Forth Corinthian Yacht Club, 1 Blenheim place
Forth Rubber Co. Limited, waterproof and
indiarubber manufacturers, 6 George street ;'
and Whitehall cres., Dundee ; Telephone No.
Forth Volunteer Infantry Brigade ; headquarters,
Surgeons' hall, Nicolson street
Fortie, John, artist, 16 Gillespie crescent
Fortune, C, coal merchant. Rose Lane station
Fortune, Cornelius, officer of Synod, U. P. College,
Castle terrace
Fortune, George, dairy, 48 Bridge street
Fortune, John, painter, 44 India street ; house,
5 Portgower place
Fortune, John, 5 Comely Bank row
Fortune, John, bootmaker, 11 W. Montgomery
Fortune, P., 5 Drum terrace
Fortune, Rutherford {Mackenzie - & F. ), 85
Mansionhouse road
FORTUNE, TH:0MAS, art florist and seedsman,
17 Queensferry street; house, 39 Comely Bank
St.; Telephone, 2312 ; Telegrajih, 'Fortund**
Fortune, Thos., coal merchant, 36 Dean street .
Fortune, Mrs George, 4 Downfield place
Fortune, Mrs Thomas, 47 Brunswick street
Fortune, Mrs, 2 Maryfield place
Forwell, Henry, baker, confectioner, and
wholesale biscuit manufacturer, 189 Gorgie
road ; factory, Slateford road; house, 3 Moat
Foster, Alex., baker and confectioner, 5 Huntly
street ; house, 15 Barony street
Foster, Andrew, cabinetmaker and joiner {post
office), 71 Morningside road ; bouse, 1
Steel's place
Foster, Archibald, 10 Hauglr street
Foster, C. W. {Boijes d: F.), 128 Viewfortb
Foster, Hugh, 59 Forrest road
Foster, John, bootmaker, 19 Dundas street;
house, 35 Cambridge avenue
Foster, Thomas, 37 Glover street
Foster, William, wholesale drysalter, oil and.
colourman, 94 High st. ; house, 18 St
Leonard's bank
Foster, William, 30 Crighton place
Foster, Mrs W., 30 Crighton place
Foster, Mrs, 26 Thirlestane road ;
Fotheringham, Alexander, 6 Meadowbank
Fotheringham, James, 9 Hugh Miller place
Fotheringham, John, 34 Dudley avenue
Fotheringham, Mrs, 5 Archibald place ■ ,
Fotheringham, Miss E., teacher of music, 5
Archiljald place
Fotheringham, Miss E., dressmaker, 12 Montague;

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