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Falconer, Thomas, foreign sugar agent, 24
Bernard street, Leith ; house, 23 M'Donald rd.
Falconer, T. M., com. agent, 20 George street ;
house, 10 Eankeillor street
Falconer, Walter, 149 Buccleuch street
Falconer, W. , 9 Orwell terrace
Falconer, William, â– wine merchant and grocer,
53 Broughton st. ; house, 29 Hillside street
Falconer, William {auctioneer, Smith's Auction
Rooms), 79 Gfeorge street ; Telegraph, ' Ham-
mer'; Telephone, 381; house, 14 Leopold pi.
Falconer, William, baker and confectioner, 14
Parsonsgreen terrace ; h. 19 Bothwell street
Falconer, Wm., brewer, 21 S. Back Canongate
Falconer, Wm., coal merchant, 1 Grahame street,
Falconer, Rev. William M., M.A,., Garonne
house, 21 West Maj'field
Falconer, Mrs Allan, 15 Moston terrace
Falconer, Mrs A. E. , 8 Cumin place
Falconer, Mrs Jane, 25 Wellington street
Falconer, Mrs J. S. , 6 St Bernard's crescent
Falconer, Mrs, 13 Cluny place
Falconer, Mrs, 9 Leopold place
Falconer, Misses, 37 J^ile grove
Falconer, Miss H., draper, 27 W. Nicolson st.
Falconer, Miss, 15 Buccleuch place
Falconer, Miss, 38 Broughton street
Falconer, Miss, dressmaker, 69 Warrender Park
Falconpr, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Pilrig place
Falkirk Iron Co. Warehouse, 22 Picardy place ;
Telephone, 1298 ; Telegraph, ' Castings'
Falkner, Miss, 35 Mardale crescent
Falknor, James, 150 Brunton gardens
Falla, Alexander, 124 Lauriston place
Falla, Miss, 6 Maxwell street
Fallas, John, 1 9 Warrender Park crescent
'Fancier's Review, The,' 12 Queen street; Jas.
Jarrow, editor
Far-and-Sare Golf Club Co., 124 Duke street,
Fargie, William, 186 Bonnington road
Fargie, Mrs Janet, 8 Hillside street
Fargie, Mrs Rosa, 99 and 114 Viewforth
Farish, David, 6 Bonnington road
Farmer, A. Douglas (secretary, Eastern
Divisional Council), 9a Castle st. ; house, 8
Learmonth gardens
Farmer, John, wine and spirit merchant, 31
Duke street, Leith
Farmer, John C, 13 Cambridge gardens
Farmer, Philip, wine and spirit merchant, 260
and 262 Leith walk ; house, 3 Hermitage pi.
Farmer, Robert, com. traveller, Hazeldean,
Willowbrae avenue
Farmer, Thos., pastry cook, 48 E. Crosscanseway
Farmer, William, spirit merchant, 18 and 20
Salamander street
Farmer, Miss L, 9 Woodburn terrace
Farmers & Duncan Ltd., booksellers and lib-
rarians, 10 Antigua street, 71 Nicolson street,
and 3 Bristo port
Farmers' Association, butchers, 143 West port,
9 AVest Richmond st. , and 8 Crighton place
Farmers' Supply Association of Scotland Ltd. ;
Hugh Lindsay, secretary, 15 Assembly street
Farmers' Trust Co. Ltd. ; G. Monro Thomson,
W.S., agent, 123 George street
Farnington, Mrs, 44 Montpelier park
Farqnhar, Alex., station master, Caledonian
Railway station, Granton road ; house, 9 Bow-
hill terrace
Farquhar, D. P., 99 Henderson row
Farqnhar, H., fruiterer, 197 Gt. Junction street
Farquhar, James, mason, 3 Robertson avenue
Farquhar, John, 13 Hillside crescent
Farquhar, John G., 181 Ferry road
Farquhar, Lindsay, 12 Antigua street
Farquhar, Wm., 38 Bedford street
Farquhar, Mrs, 7 Hermitage place
Farquhar, Miss, dressmaker, 19 Rodney street
Farquharson, Andrew, hairdresser, 139 Foun-
Farquharson, A. G., tobacconist, 130 Gorgie
road ; house, 3 Stanhope ])lace
Farquharson, Arch. C, cabinetmaker, 8 Port
Hamilton ; house, 66 Grove street
Farquharson, D., hairdresser, 188 Dairy road ;
house. 29 Springwell place
Farquharson, David A., M.B., 29 George
Farquharson, F. W., Southside news agency, 99
Nicol-son street ; house, 207 Dalkeith road
Farquharson, Rev. James, D.D., 47 Mardale cres.
Farquharson, James, 33 Grassmarket
Farquharson, James C, 13 Graham street
Farquharson, J. Malcolm, M. B. CM., physician,
2 Coates place
Farquharson, Robert, 2 Monmouth terrace
Farquharson, Robert, insurance agent, 243
Leitli walk
Farquharson, Thos. K., F.S.LA., A.S.A.A.,
100 Thirlestane road
Farquharson, W. A., S.S.C, 4 Hope street;
house, 4 Western terrrace, Murrayfield
Farquharson, W. W., secretary and treasurer of
the Representative Church Council of the
Episcopal Church in Scotland, 13 Queen
street ; house, 5 Inverleith terrace
Farquharson, William, 19 Keir street
Farquharson, Mrs, 53 Viewforth
Farquharson, Mrs, laundry, 13 Graham street
Farquharson, Miss, apartments, 19 Torphichen
Farquharson, Miss, 15 St Catherine's place
Farquharson, Miss, 1 Clerk street
Farroll, Thomas, 28 Panmure place
Fasson, Mrs, 28 Palmerston place
Fasson, Miss, 1 Mayiield terrace
Faulds, Jas., city missionary, 44 Alva place
Faulkner, James, 196 Morrison street
Fawcett, Joseph, 5 Easter road
Fea, Mrs, 3 Union street, Leith
Fearns, Mrs George, 10 MeadoAvbank;
Feaver, J. R., 67 Craiglea drive
Fegan, Daniel J., spirit merchant, 26 Dock st. :
house, 119 Leith walk
Fegan, James, wine and spirit merchant, 12
Citadel street ; house, 119 Leith walk
Felix & Dartigues, china merchants, 29 Frede-
rick street
Fellowes, Mrs Charles, 1 Belgrave crescent
Fender, David, hosier, hatter, and shirt tailor,
46 Shandwick place ; house, 34 Leamington
Fender, Mrs, 69 Montgomery street
Fendick, Robert J., 42 Dudley gardens

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