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Dunn, David G., church officer, 12 Palmerstonpl.
Dunn, David H., hairdresser, 6 Ingliston street
Dunn, D. {G.P.O.), 3 Argyle Fark terrace
Dunn, E., grocer and wine merchant, 138
Dumbiedykes road ; house, 12 Newington rd.
Dimn, George, M.A., LL.D. {JI. M. inspector
of schools), 3 Greenliill place
Dunn, George, slioe maker, 1 Millar crescent
DUNN, JAMES B., music seller and band
provider, 7 and 9 Arcade, 105 Princes street,
and 30 Morningside Road (branch) ; branch,
High street, Leven, Fife
Dunn, Jas., bookseller, 14 Bristo place ; house,
35 Marchmont crescent
Dunn, James, violinist, 10 Lauriston gardens
Dunn, James, 9 Murieston crescent
Dunn, James, carver and gilder, 58 Lady
Lawson street ; house, 62
Dunn, James A. (J. &J.A.D.), 35 Fountainhall
.Dunn, James B., architect (Z). & Findlay), 11
Belgrave place
Dunn, J. W., 34 Dick place
Dunn, John, music teacher, 22 Wellington st.
Dunn, John (•/. & J. A. D.), Cargill terrace
Dunn, John, 205 Easter road, Leith
Dunn, John {I.R.O.), 45 Marchmont road
Dunn, John H., warehouseman, 24 Haj^ ter.
Dunn, Joseph, 43 St Patrick square
Dunn, L. A. , L. D. S. , R. C. S. E. , 12 Newington rd.
Dunn, Robert William, chemist, 186 Dairy rd. ;
house, 23 Polwarth gardens
Dunn, Samuel, purveyor of tea, groceries, and
provisions, 218 Newhaven road ; house, 1
Craighall crescent
Dunn, Thomas, 31 Nelson street
Dunn, Thomas, 14 Roxburgh street
Dunn, William, boot and shoe maker, 3
Morningside drive
Dunn, Mrs John, 53 India place
Dunn, Mrs William, 23 Polwarth gardens
Dunn, Mrs, 32 Sciennes road
Dunn, Mrs, 74 Madeira street
Dunn, Mrs, 1 Nottingham terrace
Dunn; Miss J. H. A., milliner and dressmaker,
23 Broughton place
Dunn, Miss R. M.,, teacher, St George's Epis.
school, 55 Elder street ; ho. 23 Broughton pi.
Dunne, John, 11 Keir street
Dunne, W., 7 London street
Dunnet, Donald, 17 Bread street
Dunnet, James, apartments, 2 Coates crescent
Dunnet, William, 18 Marchmont road
Dunnet, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 61
Queen street ; house, 22 India street
•Dunnett, Alexander S., 59 Gornhill terrace
Dunnett, John, 16 Both well street
Dunnett, Mrs A., 59 Gornhill terrace
Dunnett, Mrs, 1 Greenliill terrace
Dunney, Michael, glass and china riveter, 56
Blackfriars street
■ DunniclifFe, F., 15 Halmyre street
Duns, Charles, 161 Rose street
" Duns, James, upholsterer, 27 East London street
,Duns, John, D.D., professor, New College ; ho.
5 Greenhill place
Duns, John, gardener, 92 Bi-untsfield jilace
Dunse, John, slater, 1a. Hope street, Leith;
Jaouse, 54 Charlotte street, Leith
Dunse, William, confectioner, 2 East London st.
Dunse, Mrs, stationer and newsagent, 50
London street
Dunse, Isa., 91 Ferrj' road
Dunsire, David, 9 Elmwood terrace
Dunsire, Watson, joiner and cabinetmaker,
31 Montagu terrace ; house, 32
Dunsmure, Andrew, fruit and potato merchant,
43 High Riggs
Dunsmure, Hy., fruiterer, 15 South Richmondst.
Dunsmure, J., M.D., P.R.G.S.E., 53 Queen st.
Dunsmui'e, J., 27 Cornel}' Bank street
Dunsmure, Wm., fruiterer and greengrocer, 25
Home street ; house, 15 Tarvit street
Dunvillc & Co. Ltd., Royal Irish Distilleries;
Belfast agent, S. Gilliland, Ivy lodge, Eskbank
Durable Printers' Roller Co. Ltd. ; J. Ferguson,
agent, 13 North Bank street
Durand, Mrs A., 11 Thirlestane road
Durham, A., whisky broker, 44 Constitution st. ;
house, 117 Trinity road
Durie, R. & J., Ltd., coalmasters, Edinburgh ;
Telephone, 619. Depot, Rose lane ; col-
lieries, Elphinstone, Tranent ; Telephone,
4 Ti'anent
Durie, George, 2 Cherrybank, 211 Newhaven rd.
Durie, George, 9 Canon street
Durie, Peter, superintendent, slaughter houses,
119 Fountaitibridge
Durie, Mrs David, 4 Elm place
Durie, Mrs John, 54 Albany street
Durie, Mrs, 1 Queensferry gardens
Durie, Misses, 107 Dalkeith road
Durkin, P. J., 20 Rankeillor street
Durran, Rev. Jas. [Queen st. F.C.), 10 Drum-
sheugh place
Durran t, Frank G., ladies' tailor, 4 Castle street
Durward, James Stewart, L.D.S., 16 George
square; house, 127 May field road
Durward, Robert, 8 Heriot place
Durward, Mrs, 127 Marchmont road
Dussel, Charles 0., tailor and clothier, 3 Wenwss
place ; house, 8 Danube street
Duthie, Alexander, 23 Roseneath place
Duthie, George B., 10 Waverley park
Duthie, John, 34 Bruntsfield place
Duthie, J. F., 16 Montague terrace
Duthie, Miss, 16 Montague terrace
Duvall, William {major, Royal Artillery), 8
Stanhope place
Dyce, George, grocer and wine merchant, 28
Balfour street
Dyce, George, 5 Bristo street
Dyce, John, 59 E. London street
Dyce, W. R., 1 Lauriston terrace
Dj'ce, Mrs J. N., 15 Saxe-Cobourg place
Dyce, Mrs, laundress, 74 Gilmour place
Dyce, Miss J. {Beglster for Sen-ants), 13
Frederick street
Dye, Alfred, 68 Marchmont crescent
Dye, Anthony, tailor, 27 South Bridge ; house,
101 Brunswick street
Dye, Mrs James, 10 College street
Dj'er, John A., fruiterer, 6 Rodney street
Dyer, Miss, 12 South Gray street
Dykes, Rev. A. B., M.A., 10 Hart street
Dykes, EdAvard. dental surgeon, 1 22 Lauriston pi.
Dykes, W. Shedden, W.S., 7 York place
Dykes, Mrs Pellew, 8 Albert terrace

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