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Duncan, Mrs Ellen, 28 London street
Dnncan, Mrs E., 1 Shandon street
Duncan, Mrs F., cook, 59 Thistle street
Duncan, Mrs George, 22 "Wellington street
Duncan, Mrs G. S., 57 Morningside park
Duncan, Mrs J. G., 16 Dalkeith road
Duncan, Mrs J. M. , 37 Palmerston place
Duncan, Mrs Jolin, 57 Ferry road
Duncan, Mrs M., cook, 2 Gardner's crescent
Duncan, Mrs T., 2 Murdoch terrace
Duncan, Mrs "Walter, 130 Marchniont road
Duncan, Mrs "W., 14 Albany street, Leith
Duncan, Mrs, 14 Roseneatli place
Duncan, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Caledonian place
Duncan, Mrs, smalhvares, 11 Mary's place
Duncan, Mrs, 142 Brunton gardens
Duncan, Mrs, 10 East Norton place
Duncan, Mrs, 125 Morrison street
Duncan, Mrs, apartments, 26 Nelson street
Duncan, IMrs, 5 Leslie place
Duncan, C. & M., milliners and dressmakers, 74
South Clerk street
Duncan, Misses, 19 Clarendon crescent
Duncan, Misses M. & M., Scotch wool and fancy
warehouse, 28 Queensferry street
Duncan, Miss Grace, dressmakei', 45 "William st.
Duncan, Miss, 5 Gladstone terrace
Duncan, Miss, 3 Barnton terrace
Duncan, Miss, 4 Abbotsford park
Duncan, Miss, 1 Lochrin terrace
Duncan, Miss, 30 Primrose terrace
Duncan, Grace, 13 Merchiston terrace
Duncan, Margaret, confectioner, 205 High street
Duncans, Messrs, butchers and poulterers, 39
Roseburn terrace ; house, 1 Russell road
Duucanson, J. J. Kirk, M.D., CM., F.R.C.P.,
F. R.S.Ed., lecturer on diseases of the ear,
nose, and throat, 22 Drumsheugh gardens
Duucanson, John, 29 Sciennes
Duncanson, Mrs Walter, 7 London row
Duucanson, Mrs, 24 Inverleith row
Duncanson, Miss C, china merchant, 8 Hay-
market terrace
Dundas & "Wilson, C. S., 16 St Andrew square ;
Telegraph, 'Dundas' ; Telephone, 111
Dundas, David, advocate, 11 Drumsheugh
Dundas, John D., 21 Carlyle place
Dundas, Ralph, C.S., 16 St Andrew square;
house, 28 Drumsheugh gardens
Dundas, R. Nevill, W.S., 16 St Andrew square;
house, 40 Coates gardens
Dundas, Wm. A. , fruiterer, 3 Dundas street
Dundas, "\¥m. John, C.S., 16 St Andrew square;
house, 11 Drumsheugh gardens
Dundas, Mrs, 29 Braid road
Dundas, Misses, 5 Eglinton crescent
Dundas, Misses, 20 Palmerston place
Dundas, Miss, of Dundas, 3 Drumsheugh gardens
'DUNDEE ADVERTISER' (leading daily paper
north of the Forth), 249 High street, Edin-
burgh ; head office, 7 Bank street, Dundee ;
John Leng & Co., publishers
Dundee Equitable Boot DepSt, 74 Nicolson
street, 5 Home street, and 257a Leith walk
'Dundee Evening Telegraph, The' (largest cir-
culation north of the Forth, 249 High st. ; head
office, 7 Bank St., Dundee ; John Leng & Co.,
Dunderdale, Cyril H., manager for Scotland,
Norwich and London Accident Lisurance
Association, 38 York pi.; ho., Pittendreech,
Dunderdale, Harold, 2 Greenbank road
Dunedin Steamship Company Limited, 41
Constitution street
DUNLOP, COLIN, & CO., coal masters, 189
Morrison street (Telephone, 74 "West), 3 York
place, 25 Raeburn pi., 7 "W. Nicolson st. and
Morningside mineral depot. '^^c&Adv. index
DUNLOP, G. B., & CO. LTD., cycle merchants,
38 and 40 Hanover street ; and 213 New City
road, Glasgow
Dunlop, A., 9 Orwell terrace
Dunlop, Charles E., 51 Mardale crescent
Dunlop, David M., jun. , 2 East Savile road
Dunlop, D. M., hatter, 3 North Bridge ; hous€j
Rowallan, 13 Craigmillar park
Dunlop, E., 9 Orwell terrace
Dunlop, George, "W.S., 20 Castle street ; houses
32 Abercromby place
Dimlop, George, 3 Learmonth gardens
Dunlop, George B., cycle manufacturer, 6 Perth
Dunlop, G. H. Melville, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 20
Abercromb}^ place
Dunlop, Hamilton {captain, B.N.), 25 Murray-
field avenue
Dunlop, James C, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 24
Stafford street
Dunlop, Rev. J. Mercer, Ashbrook house. Ferry
Dunlop, John, slater and plasterer, 140 Canon-
gate ; house, 3 Lome terrace
Dunlop, John, 79 M 'Donald road
Dunlop, John, 18 "Warrender Park terrace
Dunlop, John Campbell, hosier, 10a W. Mait-
land street ; house, 12 Haymarket terrace
Dunlop, Malcolm M'G., clerk, 3 Cambridge st. .
Dunlop, Peter, 26 "Watson crescent
Dunlop, Robert M., 56 Stirling road
Dunlop, Thomas, saddler, M 'Donald road
Dunlop, "Wm., dairy, 60 Morningside rd. ; ho. 52
Dunlop, "William, 21 Bryson road
Dunlop, AVilliam Bar, 20 Greenhill place
Dunlop, "W. B., 7 Carlton street
Dunlop, "W. "Wallace, M.A., headmaster, Daniel
Stewart's College ; house, 8 Ravelston ten'ace-.
Dunlop, Mrs Colin H., 26 Alva street
Dunlop, Mrs Helen, 30 Button place
Dunlop, Mi's John Ker, 17 Rutland square
Dunlop, Mrs J., 1 "West Maitland street
Dunlop, Mrs, 159 Dalkeith road
Dunlop, Mrs, 114 Lauriston place
Dunlop, Mrs, 139 Dalkeith road
Dunlop, Miss C, 6 Great Stuart street
Dunlop, Miss Sophia C, 17 Cluny drive
Dunlop, Miss, 5 Barclay place
Dunlop, Miss, 53 Great King street
Dunlop, Miss (Craigton), 32 Alva street
Dunn & Findlay, architects, 35 Frederick street
Dunn, J. & J. A., metal merchants and iron-
mongers, 15 Blair street
Dunn, John, & Son, wholesale paper hanojngs
merchants, 16 Picardy place; John M'Crie,
manager ; Telegraph, ' Dunn ' ; Telephone,
Dunn, David, 5 Gibson terrace

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