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Dvmean, Flockliart, PoweU, & Co., chemists and
druggists, 23 Bernard street and 53 Ferry
road ; niglit bell, 53 Ferry road
Duncan, George, & Son Limited, bookbinders,
14 Clyde street ; house, 8 St Bernard's row
Duncan, H. &K., contractors, Canning street
DUNCAN, JAMES, & SON, builders and
joiners, 127 Grove street. ^i^See Adv. index
DUNCAN, JAMES, & SON, slaters, 53
Buccleuch street ; yard, 48 ; house, 16 West
Newington place. Telephone, 6073. ^See
.^.dv ziiclccc
DUNCAN, THOMAS, & CO., bootmakers, 55
Princes street
Duncan, W. & M. , wholesale confectioners, 86
Leitli St., and Regent works, Beaverhall road
Duncan, Adam, 17 West Preston street
Duncan, Alex., agent, National Bank Ltd., 179
High st. ; house, Mountstuart, Esslemont rd.
Duncan, Alex. {Scottish Union and National
Insurance Co.), 37 Buckingham terrace
Duncan, Alexander, railway contractor, Har-
mony villa, Eden lane
Duncan, Alexander (■/. A. Bertram & Co.,
Leith), Lochview, Marchhall road
Duncan, Alexander, 9 Bowhill terrace
Duncan, Alexander [church officer, St MicliaeV s),
Slateford road
Duncan, Alexander {G.P.O.), 12 Hillside street
Duncan, A., dispensing chemist, 209 Easter rd. ;
house, 5 Tait street
Duncan, A., 15 Cobden terrace
Duncan, A. N. , 11 West Claremont street
Duncan, Andrew, 1 4 Montagiie street
Duncan, Archibald, draper, 139 Lothian road ;
house, 45 Polwarth gardens
Duncan, David, advocate, 8 Drumsheugh gardens
Duncan, David, writer, 31 Warrender Park ter.
Duncan, David, 23 Primrose terrace
Duncan, David M., builder, 21 Primrose terrace
Duncan, D. S., 5 Lockharton terrace
Duncan, E. J., 1a Inverleith row
Duncan, George, 17 South St James' street
Duncan, George, 10 Allan stree*;
Duncan, George, sen. (of G. D. d- Son), book-
binder, 8 St Bernard's row
Duncan, George H., 5 Poplar lane
Duncan, G. A., 158 Montgomery street
DUNCAN, Gr. S., printers' furnisher and
wood letter cutter. Jeffrey street, and 81
High street ; house, 30 Bruntsfield gardens
Duncan, Harry, 23 East London sti'eet
Duncan, Henry, 10 Elder street
Duncan, Henry, 7 Gardner's crescent
Duncan, Rev. Henry, 22 Blantyre terrace
Duncan, H. Macduff, 2 Greenhill gardens
Duncan, James (/. D. d; Son), 5 Greenbank ter.
Duncan, James, builder, 13 Duncan street ;
house, 196 Dalkeith road
Duncan, James, drysalter, 6 South Richmond
street ; house, 29 Richmond place
Duncan, James, jun. (./. D. ^fciS'cm), 131 Grove street
Duncan, James (/. D.tt- Son), 16 W. Newington
Duncan, James, manufacturing jeweller, 4
Bank street ; house, 15 East Mayfield
Duncan, James, hairdresser and perfumer, 43
South Clerk street; hoirse, 12 Milleriield jtl.
Duncan, James P., 3 Cobden road
Duncan, James S., joiner, cabinetmaker, and
upholsterer, 2 and 3 Thirlestane lane ; ho. 3
Duncan, J., contractor, horse dealer, and cab
proprietor. Black's entry, Comely bank
Duncan, J. Barker, W.S.,'J.P. {D. & Black), 10
Murrayfield avenue
Duncan, J. M., 76 Marchniont crescent
Duncan, John, reporter, 12 St Giles street ; ho.
22 Melville terrace
Duncan, John, blacksmith, E. & D. W. T.,
Drumpark, Easter road
Duncan, John, engineer, 46 Marchniont cres.
Duncan, John, wool merchant, 200 Bonnington
road; house, Dunearn, Granton road
Duncan, John, agent, National Bank of Scotland
Limited, Haymarket branch, 1 Palmerston
place ; house, 8 Lynedoch place
Duncan, John, 43 Warrender Park tei'race
Duncan, John A. H., M.D., 32 Morningside
Dancan, M., confectioner, 6 Leith street
Duncan, Peter, joiner, 9 Meadowbank avenue
Duncan, Peter, 32 Montgomery street
Duncan, Peter, 19 South St James' street
Duncan, Peter S., 10 Marchniont street
Duncan, P., potato merchant, 34 Lutton place
Duncan, Robert, 176 Morrison street
Duncan, Robert H., 12 Oxford street
Duncan, Robert J., sugar broker, 10 Bernard st.
Duncan, Robert M. , 42/1 Dumbiedykes road
Duncan, Robert T., printer, 19 Argyle place
Duncan, E., com. trav., 42 Marchmont road
Duncan, R. A., butcher, 3.\ Bayton terrace
Duncan, R. A., 25 Wellington street
Duncan, R. H., 15 Ryehill terrace
Duncan, Samuel, tailor and army clothier, 39
Frederick street ; house, 12 Jordan lane
Duncan, Thomas, manufacturer, factor, and
commission agent, 69 Merchiston crescent
Duncan, Thomas, 62 Craigraillar park
Duncan, Thomas, glass and china merchant,
194 Gorgie road
Duncan, William, solicitor, 36 Charlotte street,
Leith ; house, 16 Primrose street, Leith
Duncan, William, dairyman, 4 Warriston place
Duncan, William, janitor, George Heriot's
school ; house, 1 Heriot place
Duncan, William, baker, 5 Caledonian place
Duncan, Wm., S.S.C. and N.P., 18 York place
Duncan, William, newsagent, 257a Cowgate
Duncan, William, baker, 68 Dairy road
Duncan, William, confectioner, 86 Leith street
and Beaverhall road
Duncan, William, gardener and florist, 31
Comely Bank road
Duncan, Wm., auctioneer and valuator, 10 Mel-
bourne place; ho. Cecilia villa, 45 Sciennes rd.
Duncan, William, 32 Morningside drive
Duncan, William, joiner, 3 Grange loan
Duncan, William, 61 Lothian road
Duncan, William 10 East Preston street
Duncan, William, 215 Bruntsfield place
Duncan, William, 5 Gifford park
Duncan, William, 9 Livingstone place
Duncan, William, lecturer on pharmacy. Royal
Public Dispensary, 21 West Richmond street
Duncan, Wm. B., mason, 198 Dalkeith road
Duncan, Mrs A., 9 Woodburn terrace
Duncan, Mrs D., 14 Dalkeith road

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